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Toddler with a Constant Runny Nose

Hi Moms,

My 2-1/2 year old son has had a runny nose for the last 4 days--constantly. It's a clear mucus and he has no fever and seems to be doing ok with his appetite and energy level. His nose is constantly running and I'm constantly wiping--it's getting very frustrating for both he and I. I know there is alot of advice against giving a child over the counter medicines, I haven't given him any yet for that reason because I'm not sure what will and what won't work. So, I'm wondering what else I give him or do to stop his nose from running. If you know of any over the counter medicines that work effectively, please let me know. I want to try to beat this on my own before calling the doctor. He's been drinking juices and using a vaporizer, but that little nose just keeps on running! Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

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I would try some Benadryl maybe at bedtime if you aren't against trying some meds....it will probably do the trick!

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Personally, if my kid just has a runny nose for 4 days I don't really consider going to the doctor an option. His body is doing a good job fighting off whatever it is. I just make sure he gets lots of fluids and give him some cell salts or aconite (homeopathic cold remedy) as well as zinc and echinacea supplements for kids. This seems to help reduce the duration of the cold. Just look at it like you are helping him build a strong immune system with every little cootie that he successfully fights off naturally i.e. without antibiotics. If it is allergies and you want to avoid OTC drugs, there are some great homeopathic remedies you can pick up at the Health Mart on Grand River in Brighton. I'm sure they have some at Vitamin Company and that other health store on Main Street in Brighton.

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Saline, saline, saline....you can buy little noses brand in the baby aisle and then refill the bottle with your own (just search for a recipe on the internet). I use it all the time for my munchkins! Yes, it turned out that one of them needed tonsils and adenoids out (just done on 3/21) but until the other is old enough, I use a lot of saline and Triaminic. I never saw any results from the other brands, but I really think it's dependent on the child...they all respond differently.

My daughter's nose constantly ran when she was a toddler. It turned out that she had oversized adenoids and they had to be removed. The adenoids stopped the natural draining and the only way for her nose to drain was out. She also snored when she slept. We had the adenoids removed and everything cleared up.

Sounds like it might be allergies to me. As much as it is a bother to you, I wouldn't give him anything. My allergies have flaired up again this past week and I have noticed that when mine flare up, my daughter's nose also runs more (almost constant it seems sometimes). It doesn't bother her near as much as it bothers me.

I have also noticed that when she cuts her molars that her nose also runs quite a bit more than ususal. Does he have his 2 year old molars yet? My daughter is also 2 1/2 and just cut hers a month or so ago.

ok gonna sound strange BUT are ya sure he didnt stick anything up his nose???????

yes a foreign object stuck up his nose will cause it to run.....not only did 2 of my boys do it. My mother informed me I did too!

My daughter who will be 3 in May had a runny nose like that for about a week back in November. She got her new molars then it stopped. Has he got his 2 year molars yet? Maybe they are coming in. To slow down the running I gave her over the counter allergy meds like benadryl.

I would try some Benadryl maybe at bedtime if you aren't against trying some meds....it will probably do the trick!

My son is 1 and has been on Zyrtec (children's grape flavored syrup, over the counter) since about 9 mo. Ask your doctor about it. He takes it once a day and it keeps him from being stuffy or having a runny nose. Ir's really effective. He has allergies and because of RSV may develop asthma too. He also takes Singular once a day but that is more for his lungs and wheezing.

It sounds like he is developing some allergies. Homeopathics can help if you want to take a natural route (as does massage/reflexology) or you can go the "medical" route and see what the doctor suggests.

My son and I develop this around the time the seasons change... Yes, I realize snow may still be on the ground in areas, but trust me... My joints (from the arthritis) can feel it is here. I just rub my feet and my son's and it works every time! :)

Good Luck!

Look up in there, he may have a stuffed something up there, a trip to the doc can clear that up too.
I would talk to your doc about trying some claritn(sp) over the counter allergy meds, it doesn't make them sleepy.
I take it starting April 1- the first good frost daily, my Almost 3 year old does too. She also takes Rx singular for allergies and asthma, year round.
All call to the doc can't hurt...

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