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Toddler Wakes up Soaking Wet!

I am really perplexed by this seemingly simple issue. From time to time, my son wakes up in the morning and the pant waistband or bottom of his PJ shirt is damp. Well, the last two nights he has woken up soaking wet. By soaking wet I mean that his pajama bottoms are soaked and his shirt is quite wet. His sheet is wet, his blanket is wet. He is just coming up on 2 years of age and he wear Pampers Stay Dry when he goes to bed. I bumped him up to size 6 at night thinking that a bigger size would help - but the problem is consistently getting worse. He finishes dinner around 6:30pm and goes to bed at 8:00pm. He doesn't drink a significant amount of liquids at dinner. Any suggestions to help stop this leakage would be greatly appreciated!!

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Thank you to everyone for your sound advice! You came through for me and I so appreciate it. You had way more/better suggestions than my pediatrician!! I went with the cheapest and simplest suggestion first ... to make sure his penis was pointing down and to tuck the top of his diaper under in front before velcroing. Shazam - that did the trick!! We have dryer mornings in our house now, thanks to my Mamasource network!!!

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Hi M.,

Try getting "Diaper Doublers". The only place you can get them is Dominicks, they are the Safeway brand. They are liners you insert in the diaper (basically they look like old fashioned maxipads). I have a 20 month old who has been soaking through everything at night since he was about 9 months old. I have been using the doublers and I switched to Huggies Nightime Diapers. I was using the Pampers Stay Dry at night and they just didn't work out...even with the diaper doubler. My son still leaks through on occasion but not every night like it once was. Good luck!!


When my boys were in the age of diapers (I have 3 boys) We always used huggies overnights. They are the best thing going. I never had a problem with them.

My little guy had the same problem around that age! Huggies Overnights work really well!

Before we found those, though, we did change him before we went to bed. He usually went down between 7 - 8 and then my husband & I went to bed between 10-11. His diaper was always wet. He usually slept right through it but if you have a light sleeper, that could be tough.

Try the Huggies! Save some laundry! :) Good luck.

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Hi M.,
I'm a preschool teacher.. I just wanted to mention.. and not to cause alarm.. its just one of my students was just diagnosed with diabetes. He is 3 years old. She said he often would soak diapers at night but she said he was also a big drinker too. You had said your child doesn't drink that much. It just might be something to mention to your pediatrician. Maybe they might want to check him out for a urinary tract infection or diabetes or something.. I don't know.. I don't want to worry you as I don't have any medical sort of background.. just wanted to pass this info on to you.
Good luck and let me know how he is doing!!

My son had this problem too. However, it had nothing to do with his diaper. He became diabetic. (www.jdrf.org) Frequent urination is one of the many symptoms you will see. Is he wetting his diaper significantly during the day? Is he drinking fluids during the day as if he is so dehydrated he can't get it in quick enough? If so, it's worth calling your pediatrician. If not, it probably is a diaper related issue. Good Luck.

I keep having this problem too! Moving him up to size 6 diapers didn't help at all and the Huggies Overnights help most of the time, but sometimes he is still wet in the morning. The Huggies Overnights smell awful like chemicals so I don't really like using them, but they haven't given my son a rash so I still use them until I can find a better option.

When my boys were in the age of diapers (I have 3 boys) We always used huggies overnights. They are the best thing going. I never had a problem with them.

We had this problem too. Huggies night time diapers work well. We also have used Pampers cruisers. They now come in a size 7! Just saw them at Target.

M., some boys wet more over-night, especially if they tend to sleep hard at periods during the night. What you're going to have to do, is switch diaper brands for night-time. Go with the Huggies Overnights. Target should carry them, although sometimes they drop the largest size (which is size 5) and you have to move up to Huggies Night-time pull-ups. Either way, these diapers or pull-ups are so much stronger and more absorbant. With both of my boys, I use them. Regular diapers or pull-ups just don't have the durability to hold up to toddler boys at night.

Good luck.

Here's the link: http://www.huggieshappybaby.com/products/index.aspx?diapers

I agree with the other responses. I used to use pampers but switched to Huggies when my son started experiencing the same problem. Huggies seem to have more absorbancy.

I use Huggies overnights. They work well for my daughter.

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