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Toddler Pulling on Testicles

My 15 month old son has started pulling on his testicles...hard. He grags the skins and pulls, then lets go. When it first was happening, I thought maybe he had an itch, but now whenever he is getting his diaper changed or is in the bath, he pulls on them. He's pulled so hard on them a few times that they've started bleeding. I don't know if he's just doing it now out of habit, he doesn't cry when he does it, it doesn't seem that he's in any pain, but the fact that he'll continually pull on them to where they've started bleeding concerns me.

They haven't really dropped yet either.....but that I'm not too concerned with, the pediatrician says they should by the time he's 2.

What can I do next?

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I would try just some adult antifungal cream on them. OR you can even use some of that Monistat cream that comes with the Monistat med for women. I know it sounds strange but it is usually yeast and gives boys a "jock itch" much like women get yeast infections. Change his diaper more often and use some antifungal cream, is my recommendation. My son had the same thing and it worked. Good luck.

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*Adding this: I'm wondering if he perhaps has a yeast infection? My son did that a couple times, when he had this. It'll look like a diaper rash.. but with different demarcations. Check with your Pediatrician.

My son does the exact same thing, whenever he is naked.
And he thinks its funny and he goes running around the house, naked, doing it. He thought it was funny, until his fingernails actually nicked his skin... then it hurt. Like a paper-cut would. Ouch.
So, he sorta learned from that, and is more careful now.

Boys, like to grab/pull/itch/stretch their privates.
I think it's partly self exploration and part them just being boys... even men "itch" themselves... not that it's attractive... LOL

If a boy is not circumsized... this grabbing/pulling on themselves actually is a NORMAL thing which "helps" the skin to naturally stretch/grow with them and then helps the skin to 'retract' later... so it's sort of a natural thing for them to do. For us, my Hubby said let my son do that... because it will help his skin to retract later... he even read about this online... and it helps them to get used to themselves & their own body... and later when you need to teach them to clean themselves etc.

But yes, if you have concerns ask your Pediatrician.

All the best,

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i think hes just exploring his body. though it is a little bad that he makes himself bleed. try your best to keep the area clean and the parts that tear covered with an ointment. i would also call his dr and get a suggestion on what to do. good luck!

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My son did this really bad for a while. He still does it he is almost 2, but it doesn't seem as bad as it was when he was younger. He seemed to do it more when he was rashy. Although the testicles never had signs of a rash on them, other than his red scratchy bloody marks that he made. I did have to battle constant rashes with him. As it turned out I believe he is allergic to Luvs diapers. When I use those diapers he pulls on his testicles more and gets really red and gets spots of rash all over the diaper area. Unfortunately I think it is just part of the territory for the most part. Try a different diaper brand, see if that helps. Good luck.

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I have never heard of this, hope you get some good advice. My first thought was that maybe the skin was dry and itchy, or possibley from soap your useing. Well good luck, sandy

Does he get eczema? A friends son was doing that same thing and the doctor told her it was eczema. Check for a red rash, he may be itchy.

I think it's more a "hey, I got junk" thing. Both my boys did it. and as long as there isn't poop on the bag, no biggie.

I would call his doctors office and ask them. With the bleeding and all. Ouch.

Try putting gloves on his hands at diaper change time!

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