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My 2 year old son is obsessed with lights and doors. It is all he ever cares about when he is not being consumed by one of his toys or a show. He wants to open and close doors for hours, any door, even my fridge. And we had to get him a stepping stool so he could turn the light on and off all day. Is this normal behavior? or should i be concerned? The doctor says he is very smart and that he is advanced but im still concerned... help!

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Haha yes this is normal. Nice to see we're not alone, my daughter screams her head off when she passes a light switch and can't reach it!

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Totally normal. Toddlers are like little mental patients - they walk around mumbling to themselves, having conversations with imaginary things, and doing odd behaviors. He is fine. Enjoy it. (make sure he can't pinch fingers or shock himself.)

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I understand your concern. My mind would go immediately to "OMG, my child is OCD!" But realistically, my kids become "obsessed" with things because they are fascinated and want to know more. For example, when one of my daughters went through a "boobies" phase, I finally sat her down and had a length discussion about boobies, what they are for, why women have them, when she will get hers, etc., and she was finally satisifed. Her obsession passed. My other daughter had a toilet obsession so my Dad finally brought her in the bathroom and showed her all the mechanics of the toilet, even how to fix it if it overflows, how to shut the water off, etc., and she stopped obsessing!

I think really intelligent or advanced kids (like my older daughter) tend to be a bit more "OCD" (not literally) than other kids, because they have such a desire to learn about things they don't understand.

Show him how lights work. Show him how doors work. Have Dad or Grandpa show him how to take the door apart and put it back together. Show him how to unscrew a lightbulb, screw it back in. Make sure that he knows it's not safe to do when the light is plugged in, etc. I bet that will make his obsession pass.

If not, then you may be looking at something more serious, but... I doubt it.

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cause and effect ... it's fun!

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Thanks for you post, it gave me a good chuckle when I think about the funny stuff my kids have been obsessed with. I don't think there's a thing wrong with it, it's natural for kids to be curious with the goings on around them, think about how many times a day you yourself turn on a light or open a door, he's small and maybe can't reach these things so it becomes fascinating! Enjoy.

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Haha yes this is normal. Nice to see we're not alone, my daughter screams her head off when she passes a light switch and can't reach it!

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Eventually it will turn into an obsession with taking apart e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!!!

My son is 20 months and also is obsessed with lights. His favorite word is "on" and points to every light for me to turn it on! He calls me 'mama" but if I ask him "what's my name" sometimes, he'll say "on"...lol! I wouldn't be concerned at this point - it's probably a phase and will pass and then you'll have some funny stories to tell him later!

Sounds normal to me.
We have a light switch right by the front door with a small end table under it...and its next to a huge window. She learned to climb the end table and flip the switches. She also learned that one switch made the lights go on and off inside and she noticed through the window the same thing was happening outside with teh porch light.
This started when she was around 18/19 months, and now at 2 she leaves them alone. She thought it was the funniest thing.
Now her new obsession....imitating me folding clothes. Carries a pile of her clothes from one room to the next, lays them out on top of each other, tries to fold them. So she has her own little pile for play and the rest can stay folded.
Hope this helps.

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