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Toddler Hurt His Leg

After over 4 hours in the ER yesterday I still don't know why my 22 month old boy can't/won't put weight on his right leg. He woke up Monday morning and when I normally put him down to walk, he fell. His right leg, hip or foot is hurt. At the ER they took 6 x-rays from his hip to his foot and nothing is broken. They took blood and ran some tests and found nothing. I have been told to give him Motrin to help with any inflammation and pain and watch him for 3 days. He keeps his right leg bent at the knee and hip. He doesn't talk yet, so he can't tell me which part hurts. I have no idea what to do and thought I'd ask in case anyone of you have dealt with something like this. Also, he was playing Sunday outside and did not fall or hurt himself.

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My little one is moving around again. It was apparently a virus that inflames the hip joint. Looking back, I think I would do it all the same. There wasn't a way I could tell that it was "just a virus." They took x-rays for obvious reasons since he wouldn't walk or put weight on the leg. They took blood because there is an infection that hurts the white blood count and can be VERY serious. Since my husband was out of town, I was frantic and none of my friends had ever experienced this. I want to thank all of you who gave such great suggestions and encouragement. Many of you recommended that I keep calling to find answers and I did. I called my pediatrician, a friend who is a pediatrician and the ER called me. If you experience a similar situation, the virus will last around 4 days, with the last day being significantly better. He wanted to sit a lot and he slept well. He did not like to be moved. We had some pjs all-day days to keep from moving his hip and leg unnecessarily and he wasn't fond of diaper changes. Motrin was really all I could do to help the pain, low fever and internal inflammation. Thank you so much.

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I have had a charlie horse that 3 days later I still could barely put any weight on my leg to walk- So maybe a charlie horse? My mother says I got them real bad most of my childhood and that when I was small and not able to talk hardly at all I would cry and hold my leg - and baby it (not walk on it) for at least a day. No one ever knew what it was till I was older and better able to communicate. Any way just a thought!

I want to say its growing pains. My son had growing pains as a toddler as well. He would cry or just go around leaping on leg for days to weeks. This happened a lot. Before I next guess it I would say make an appointment with his doctor and he can let you know right away if its growing pains or something is wrong with the leg , hip, joints.

I would recommend you get him to a Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist right away... when my son was 4 or 5, he started having problems with his leg and hip...it took a while to diagnose but he was finally diagnosed with Legg Calve Perthes when he was in kindergarten. It is hard to diagnose til it is to a certain point (prior to it finally getting to the point where it could be seen on xrays, we were told growing pains and to give motrin) but once it is progressed enough (and by then the pain is bad), they are put in a brace for a while... my son was in the brace for 4 years... feel free to call me if you would like to know more info about what the disease is, the symptoms, treatment, etc. He is now 18 and his hip is completely normal and has been since middle school. My # is ###-###-####... I would be glad to talk with you... I know how scary and frustrating it can be... been there, done that! T.

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My daughter got a toddler fracture at about the same age. It is a spiral fracture and doesn't show up on x-rays. They suspected a toddler fracture, so they did an MRI and it showed up right away. A lot of times they don't do anything to treat it, and in our case it just healed itself up. If we had known they weren't going to cast it or anything we wouldn't have done the MRI because she had to be sedated and it was traumatic for us. I would specifically ask about a toddler fracture and see what they say. Your doctor might recommend an ortho doc.

Toddler fractures are very common. My husband saw our daughter get hurt. She was trying to kick a ball and twisted her leg as she missed it and fell. It didn't seem like a hard fall, but apparently it was just the angle when she fell. A lot of times parents don't even see how they get these fractures, it doesn't take a lot apparently.

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I haven't dealt with anything like that before but it's concerning for sure. If it continues I would seek out another opinion. Hope he gets better really soon let us know how he's doing.

When my son was three he fell off the bed and hurt his arm. When we went to the ER, the dr. took x-rays also and told us that nothing was wrong. He would still not put any weight on it and still favored it so before we left, I asked the dr. to look again. He found, after looking more closely, a buckle fracture in his wrist. It looked like a small fold in his bones. PLEASE have someone look more closely at the x-rays. If I had not been pushy, we would have never known. You KNOW something is wrong. Don't stop because one expert says there is nothing!! Keep pushing. You are your child's only advocate!

Has he had a virus recently? The first two years, my son, would get post viral swelling (usally appears 2 wks after virus). You didn't mention swelling, but sometimes my son's was mild. It would also cause him to favor the leg and not walk on it. I was told that post viral swelling is not very common, but after xrays and bloodwork, our pediatrician consulted w/ an orthopedic dr and decided that's what was going on.

Good luck and keep pushing for answers. Our pediatrician was great w/ working with our concerns.

My little boy hurt his leg when he was about that age. He was in play gym at Braum's with another little boy and from I was able to figure out was that (because he wasn't talking yet either) the little boy pushed him down the slide. According to the doctor, he probably hyperextended his leg. He was not able to walk on the leg and the doctor ended up putting a custom-made "cast" or "boot" on him. He wasn't able to walk without it for about a week. Hope this helps.

I want to say its growing pains. My son had growing pains as a toddler as well. He would cry or just go around leaping on leg for days to weeks. This happened a lot. Before I next guess it I would say make an appointment with his doctor and he can let you know right away if its growing pains or something is wrong with the leg , hip, joints.

Take him and the x-rays to his pediatrician.

In 3 days I would take him back for repeat xrays if he is not better.. Keep an eye on where he may be swollen so they can narrow in where to xray again. My son was 2 and not quite talking when he broke his right tibia, called a toddler fracture. He is fine today. I hope he gets better soon.

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