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Toddler Hates Diaper Wipes

So, my 2 year old son really, really hates wipes or diaper cream. He's never had any sign of infection or something else that would be painful, but he is incredibly unhappy when we use a wipe to clean him or put cream on him. He's relatively compliant with the diaper change otherwise, although he has started to be less patient with it, and he will say he's not poopy when he is (he likes to just keep doing what he's doing, and not take time for a diaper change).

Any body else encountered this? Did you ever figure out why your child fought the wipes/cream? Did a wipe warmer help? Thanks, wise mamas!

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Thanks for the comments, all! Glad to hear the similar experiences. We are working on introducing the potty concept, which will certainly help. I will try some suggestions to see what might work better. It'll be a lovely day when diapers are a thing of the past!

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Sounds like he is ready to be potty trained. Tell him if he starts using the potty you won't need yucky wet wipes or diaper cream.

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I use my own home made wipes so that there is no chemicals in them. They work well especially if they have a rash.

M.- SAHM and WAHM and loving it!

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Try a wipe for sensitive skin. It might be that the ingredients in the wipes are hurting his bottom. You can always wet a paper towel with just water to use too.

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Sounds like he is ready to be potty trained. Tell him if he starts using the potty you won't need yucky wet wipes or diaper cream.

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My niece, who has this uncanny ability to remember things from when she was much younger, always says that the wipes would sting her every time she sees me changing my daughter. And I remember when she was a diapered baby and she didn't like them much either. Maybe thats what the problem is. And then he just doesn't want to be touched again when it comes time for cream. I know when my daughter has gotten a rash for some reason she'll freak out with the wipes. I have to just use a soft wash cloth with water. Then she's fine. I'm not sure what is on the wipes themselves but I would try just water and a cloth and see what happens. Can't see how it would hurt except for the extra laundry. :-)

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I use my own home made wipes so that there is no chemicals in them. They work well especially if they have a rash.

M.- SAHM and WAHM and loving it!

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Creams are generally unnecessary, especially if you change him often.

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Have you tried starting potty training with him?? Perhaps he is ready to wear big boy underwear. I had success with my son a few weeks ago potty training and we have picked out Thomas train underwear for him to wear. I also picked up some training boy color underwear at Target. I work so, am not home enough to do it on a daily basis. Hope that helps.

I don't know if you've ever tried one on sensitive areas but most wipes sting a little. It's probably getting time for potty training but I'd also switch to the Lansinoh wipes-I've never had a problem with them and have super sensitive skin.

I would just try using unscented warmed wipes.

Your son may hate the wipes and the cream because it is cold to his skin. If you can heat it up a little that might help. I noticed that with my son when I put lotion on after a bath. When I started to rub the lotion in my hand to heat up a little, he didn't mind so much. Maybe you can pull out the wipes warmer (if you had one when he was baby) and see if that helps.

I agree that most wipes, even the sensitive, unscented ones sting a bit. I rinse ours out before using them (I will rinse the entire pack before putting them into the container. You could also switch to just using moist paper towels (I used to use Viva towels), a little added oil (I use a spay bottle) will help with sticky poop.
Cream is only useful if a rash is present, and yes, that is just uncomfortable.

Have you tried changing wipes or diaper cream? We use the 7th generation wipes which seem pretty mild. The only "cream" we use is vaseline, and just when there is a bit of a rash.

Our 2 year old was fighting his diaper changes for a while (and crying during some), largely because his butt was sore. We kept explaining that if he lets us know quickly that he has pooped (or better yet, if he tells us he's going to poop and can get to the potty!), his butt won't be so "ouchy". It seems to be working... he usually lets us know when he needs a diaper change, and doesn't end up crying during changes any more.

Good luck!

My son loves his wipe warmer. We didn't use it during the summer months, but now that it is getting colder he was complaining the wipes are too cold. As far as the creams - all 3 of my kids screamed when I put Desetin (spelling?) on them. My son will let me put on Bag Balm (yes the stuff in the green can for cows)or Butt Paste - the Butt Paste works well for preventing any issues due to poo staying in there a little too long (my son does the same thing :o). Hope this helps.

My son was like this too. For him, it was the wetness that he hates. He also hates lotion. The only suggestions I have are to warm them first, and to make it fun. I used to compromise with my son. I'd promise him only one wipe, and he'd agree.


Today I'm a parent coach, but I use to be a nanny, and I worked most with toddlers. A few things are going on right now.

First, he is becoming more aware of things that feel good and not. The creams and so forth don't feel good on his skin.

Next, his skin is changing, and becoming more sensitive to diapers, urine, creams etc.

Additionally, at the age of 2+ children are starting to need control over thier bodies, so when they poop in a diaper, they're not in control, so they get upset. Your son's denial is him trying to control.

Lastly, these are the first signs of wanting to potty train. Most boys potty train later than girls, closer to 3 years old. I would start introducing the ideas to your son. If you notice him needing to poop, take him to the bathroom and let him poop on the potty.

I also suggest us use a padded seat over the toilet seat, not a "potty seat". I've used both and a padded seat on the toilet is the easiest FOR YOU!!

As for the creams & wipes, if there isn't a rash, don't use the cream. I'd also suggest you try a different wipe brand. The wipes may irritate or sting his changing skin.

Good Luck!

R. Magby

It sounds like your little guy just doesn't like his bottom to get cold. I purchased a wipe warmer for around $20-$30 at Babies R Us and it lasted the entire time he was in diapers.

You can also warm up the ointment a little by smooshing it a bit in your fingers before you apply it to his tush.

It maybe because they are cold. Try putting one in a ziploc and warning it with hot water or microwave. Be careful in the microwave, they get hot quick.

We use water and baby washclothes for our 3 month old. We keep a bottle of water on the changing table and do baby laundry every day or two anyway, so this saves money on wipes. Might be worth a try and better for his skin anyway.

Thats my daughter to a TEE! Shes almost 2.5. We are working on potty training her. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

Hi K., in my daycare for some reason all the babies loved when I used warm water and unscented wet wipes. I also had the parents to bring in their own wash cloths. I know this may sound like a lot of work but once you pick up a routine you will be surprise how simple and desirable it is. I invested in little plastic containers to put the warm water in and a natural soap to use on my babies if needed.
The only problem I had was keeping them from falling asleep
sometimes. I recommend this and maybe rubbing the cream in your hands before placing it on him, this will warm it some. Much blessings with your little one

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