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Toddler Hallucinations

My 3yr old daughter had a fever yesterday. I believe the fever was due to a cold. Prior to bed time she was provided children's acetaminophen. About a hour and half later she was screaming ants were in her bed. Ichecked it out and nothing was there. I calmed her and thought maybe she was dreaming. In the middle of the night she came to my room and got in the bed which I allowed because she wasn't feeling well. While in bed I noticed she was talking alot, but it was as though she was having a conversation. She got quiet and eventually yelled very loudly for her sister. The thing that bothered me was during this time she was not sleep. I became a little nervous so I turned toward her and a few minutes last she yelled, " mom it's bugs on your head." SO I continued to monitor her and begin to look at her eyes. It seemed she was really not aware of what was going on until I would speak to her. Her eyes were opening and closing as if she was fighting her sleep. And every time they actaully closed her arms would jerk slightly and she would say something out of the ordinary. She also made a couple of weird facial expressions. (this is all while she was awake)Finally i turned on the light. She was herself for a minute but begin the same routine distant stare, blinking eyes, moving a little funny, and talking out of the ordinary. After about twenty minutes she asked for some milk and crakers. I provided the snack and drink and we went and sat in the living room as I prepared to go to E.R. It took me about thirty minutes but she fell asleep without incident on the couch. Her dad monitored her the remainder of the night and she appeared fine. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this, or know what may have brought on the hallucinations. Me and her father thought it may have been the medication, but she has had it before

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Thanks the information really eased my mind. The fever returned Monday and we went to the Dr. My daughter had bronchitis. The doctor really didn't say anything about the hallucinations but if they return to bring her back in. I must admit this was one of life lessons I was not prepared for.

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You didn't say if you used the dye free tylenol or flavored. My grson would have reactions similar if we used flavored/ colored meds.
Normally, hallucinations in cases like this are from escalating temps or medication reactions.

I agree that it was probably night terrors. A lot of toddlers experience them. It is a little frightening for M. though. I remember one night my daughter was crying and trying to pick something up off the floor. She just said she couldn't get them all. One other time, I was trying to console her and she said 'I want my Mommy'. When I said I was right here, she looked right at me and said, 'No you're not, I want my Mommy!' Now as we look back, some of those were pretty funny ( though not at the time). They only lasted a couple of months. My grandson did the same thing.

I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 4. When I was little and through my high school years everytime I had an ear infection with fever (which I had often)- I hallucinated. It became comical for my sisters but I didn't like it at all. I have only hallucinated one time since being an adult and it was when I had an ear infection. I'm not saying this is what's wrong with her but if so I hope this helps.

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i don't know if this will help or not but it seems like every time i give my 2 year old tylenol, she wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Last time she was looking at the wall very strangely. After i turned on the light and talked to her fr a minute she's okay. One tie too she kept yelling out for me and when i would try to comfort her she would kick and scream louder and harder. I know that when she does it freaks me out. I've started giving her motrin and it seems to be better. Hope this helps.

I am not sure but I used to have hallucinations when I was younger of snakes in the bed... and my mom told me it's because i ate too much candy... and i guess she was right because they only came after i had eaten candy all day!

You have probably received this response by now but most likely they hallucinations were caused by her fever. That's very common. However, there can be many other causes for the symptoms you listed such as seizures, which come in many varieties. Just to be on the safe side I would contact your Pedi first thing tomorrow morning. Esp. if she has had these before and even more so if they were absent of a fever. Good luck and hope she feels better soon.

Both of my sons have hallucinated when their fever spiked. They will both talk crazy when their fever is really high. Were you able to get her fever down? If her fever will not break, I would call your dr. Ususally someone is on call that can advise you. Ours usually tells us to take them to Cooks ER. I know there is a 24 hour Cooks in the mid-cities off of Precinct Line if you are closer to them. It looks like they are closed, but there is a doorbell to ring after 11:00.
I hope she is better soon. That is always scary.

It may have been a night terror...it is like sleep walking but they seem awake, talk, etc., but are not truly awake. My son did this the first time when he had a fever. After that he would do it on occasion for a long time...and finally outgrew it. He would say that we needed to hide, that someone was after us and to trust him, or that he had jumped out of a plane and his parachute had not opened, etc. He would answer questions and everything. And no memory of it the next morning. Strange and scary and not condusive to a good night's sleep! Good luck.

My granddaughter has "night terrors". Sounds like the same thing. The doctor says that the best thing to do is just not to let them hurt themselves. They will not remember it the next morning. My granddaughter is six and she is still having them, but not as often.

Was her fever very high?

Hi, I would take her to your pediatrician and ask her about it or what you need to do.

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