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Toddler Car Seat

Hi everyone, we recently switched our one year old over to a convertible car seat. We got a really, nice (expensive) one from my SIL. Here's my question, my hubby and I share the responsibility of picking up and dropping of our son at daycare. For instance, Jay will drop off and I'll pick up. I'm so confused about what to do about the car seat. With the infant car seat, it was easy to take out of the car and switch to another car. Well, that's not the case with the convertible car seat, it's large and in charge and difficult to maneuver around. Do I have to buy two car seats??? That just seems ridiculous. Help!

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I had a similar situation with my daughter only it was with my parents. I have a seat in my car that is easy enough to switch if I need to, my parents have one in their car and my sitter has one in hers. I would say that yes it is silly but you have to weigh the options. what is more worht it spending some money on another carseat ( they do end up using them for almost 6 years ) or do you hassle with switching. Also carseats can get fancy and expensive, but something more basic might not be outrageous.

it would be sooo much easier if you just went to a consignment shop a bought a good used one for the other car. the prices are great and in really good condition.

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Get a second car seat. We had 6 - one for each of my 2 children in my car, my husband's and my mother's cars. If you think about how often you use it, it is worth the money. I also think that every time it is taken out and put back in a car, there is a chance to do it wrong, and put the child at risk. Once I have it in the car, installed correctly, It doesn't come out. Also, the child will be in the convertible seat for a long time. It's not like you'll be buying 2 new seats every year. My kids are 2 and 4 and still in the same seats we got after the infant seat.

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Buy two carseats. You would be surprised how many people do not install them properly ( call your local police staion and ask for them to set an appointment for yours to be checked- they say people really never put them in tight enough- and sometimes totally wrong). You have too many chances to make a mistake cahnging them out everyday. You will be able to do that again once he is only in a booster- but you have many years before that. Be safe.

When we switch our son to a convertible I went out and bought a really nice one then I went back to work and now my husband I switch also. I always drop him off in the morning and my husband almost always picks him up. We were in the same situation though, it was a huge pain to get that thing in and out of the cars. I went out and bought a cheaper one for my husbands vehicle, something safe but not as big and comfortable as the one in my car. 95% of the time we go places in my car vs. the Tahoe. The only time he is in the Tahoe (my husbands vehicle) is daycare to home. It works for us.

My husband and I bought two car seats because it's too much of a pain to move the big toddler one. The first one we bought was a bit more expensive than the second one we bought, but I actually prefer the second one for every day trips because of how easy and small it is.

I know it's a pain to get a second seat, but I would suggest looking around if you have the funds to do so. It'll definitely be worth it in the long run, since the pain of moving around a toddler car seat is such a process. Plus, you and your husband will be equipped to take your son around just in case of any unforeseen event where the car seat isn't in the right car.

But if purchasing another car seat isn't an option, just make sure you know exactly how to use the car seat so putting it in and out of a car is second nature. It's really not too bad once you get used to it. Just make sure that you are putting it in correctly and securely each time, which I think takes the longest sometimes.

I hope my rambling helps. Good luck!

We had the same problem. So I went to a used kid's store and bought one there. It was in good shape and the county was able to inspect it to make sure that there wasn't any damage to it. (they did it for free!). So much better than transfering car seat back and forth and worrying if it got installed correctly for this trip. Good luck.

J., I have one that you can have for free. My daughter just went into a booster seat and we are done having babies. It is just sitting in my garage. It is is good condition. I live in Farmington. You can come and get it if you want it. My e-mail is ____@____.com me know if you want it.


I hate to say this, but welcome to the toddler years. Frr safety and installation reasons, I feel that your only option is to have two car seat, one in each car. It really isn't as ridiculous as you may think. The constant transfer from one car to the next poses the potential for improper installation, when it is done in a hurry and that is a safety concern. We have two toddlers, and two cars. So, we have 4 car seats.

sad to say, 2 seats is the way to go. we have 3 little ones and 6 seats. sometimes you can get them from craigs list. we are nearly ready to switch to boosters but not quite. when that happens i will have 3 britax seats and 1 cosco seat to recycle. good luck,

We have the same responsibilities. We bought two car seats. It become a huge pain to have to move it from car to car. Watch for the graco comfortsport to go on sale (right now they are on clearance at Target). Its a great carseat and we got ours for $60.00.

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