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Toddler Bed Vs. Twin Bed

My little guy is out growing his crib and is excited about the big boy bed. My question to moms is: toddler bed vs. regular bed? How quickly do they outgrow the toddler bed? The only bedding for toddler beds I have seen are characters (bob the builder, wiggles, UGH!!). This is as big of a transition for me as it is for him I think!

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We used the toddler bed to start with but honestly I think a twin bed would of been just as good. You can find beds that are lower to the ground if that is an issue. They make bed rails you can put on a twin bed. We switched to twin bed and my son loved it and he had more room to move around. And I agree UGH to the character bedding. :-)

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We have one of those cribs that converts and we just went ahead and converted it to a full size bed. The toddler bed seems like such a waste of money when you will have to replace it soon, especially if your little one is as tall as ours!

Just a suggestion. My twin boys went to big boy beds about 10 weeks ago. We went to IKEA and bought wonderful little beds that "grow" as they do. Right now the beds are toddler sized but when my boys need it, we can pull the bed out to a bigger size. One day it can be twin sized when we need it. It's hard to describe but IKEA makes these 3 part mattresses. When the bed is in toddler size the two end pieces lay against the head board and foot board for added padding. When you pull the bed out, the pads lay down flat. Anyway, this system is working great for us, just thought I'd share it with you. If you want a pic of their beds, I'll send it to you (I took one to show the grandmothers in AL).

We got a cheap plastic sleigh bed from Wlamart ($30) and it used her crib mattress. SHe stayed in her toddler bed until just about 4 months ago. She turned 4 in Feb and actually if it wasnt for someone giving us a twin bed she would still be in it until age 5-6 like I had planned. I liked the toddler bed b/c it still had a small sleigh railing on it and was close to the ground and I didnt worry about a long fall of it. Now she is in her twin and its totally fine and she feels safe and so do I. I suggest a twin and not a full b/c they are still so small and it gives more play room in their bedrooms too. I fit in her bed just fine when we read at night and she could fit a friend in there if they stayed the night to. I dont see the point in investing in a full. Id rather wait until they are much older lie almost moving out age and get them a queen bed b.c thats what they will need anyway and a twin will easily hold them until that point in there lives...held my brother and I just fine as teenagers.Good Luck!

I have a suggestion about where to look for bedding based on sets I've seen and liked. I like the Zanzibar toddler bedding at Babies R Us, looks just like the crib bedding and doesn't have awful characters on it! There are also a couple of different prints at Bed Bath and Beyond (at least online) that I saw and liked. I'm not sure what all they carry in the store, but they have a section on their website that has kid bedding.

As for the bed, I bought a 4-in-1 crib and have decided to go to a full size bed for my son and put up railings. I know some people who have done that with their kids and it seems to be working just as well as a toddler or twin bed. Just a thought!

Hi A.,

My 2 1/2 year old just moved out of the crib. I wasn't quite ready for it yet, so I just bought a used Little Tikes toddler race car bed for about $60. I wasn't planning on getting a toddler bed, but my son really likes his bed and I think he'll be in it for about a year, then a twin bed. It's been a good transition so far, so I'm happy with the toddler bed.

Good luck! You're right - this is a big transition for mom. Let us know how it goes!


For us it was a cost issue. Putting our daughter in a toddler bed at age two meant that we spent $60 on a toddler bed frame. Her crib mattress, cute sheets and quilt fit perfectly.It is now broken down into three small pieces for the next one. We had another year and a half before we had to invest in a bed, full size mattress and sheets and quilt. It bought us time and she loved it. It was basically her crib without the bars, easy transition!

If you have a crib that will convert to a toddler bed than by all means do it. However our crib did not so we went straight from a crib to a twin sized bed without any problems. My oldest daughter was pretty petite for her age and she never had a problem getting in or out of it at 18 months old. It really just depends if you are willing to spend money for a bed he will only use a few years. We were at a friends home the other day & my still petite 3 year old got in the toddler bed..... and I am very glad I didn't get one because it didn't look like it would have been comfortable in it.

Also - I hate character stuff too so I feel your pain!

I will give you my two cents for what it is worth...If you go to a toddler bed and thena twin bed and then a full size bed in the next couple of years - you are spending a FORTUNE! You have the beds, the matresses, and the bedding! We did something different. We bought a full size cherry sleigh bed (I found a great one on sale for less than $200) and I went out and bought really cute bedding that has plaids and ginghams etc. that would work for a toddler or a 10 year old. I got it from Pottery Barn so I paid a bit for it, but I figure if I don't have to replace for a while I could do that! Then I accessorized his room in trains. That way his room still feels like a little boys room, but when he gets older I can just change the accessories - much more cost effective! I have friends who bought a toddler bed and then had to buy a twin or full size bed in less than a year. Invest in some bed rails and a nice matress that will last them through college! Good luck and have fun decorating!

I let my son pick out his Thomas theme (after all it is his room), but i do understand about not pushing the character stuff too far. That is why I got the Thomas sheets and toss pillows my son wanted, but I used a solid throw for the comforter. Perfect size!! I did denim curtains. I think you should be able to find a happy medium with the decor and be able to use them later for other things. My son turned 4 in May and we are about to upgrade him to a larger bed.
Hope this helps! liz

We used the toddler bed to start with but honestly I think a twin bed would of been just as good. You can find beds that are lower to the ground if that is an issue. They make bed rails you can put on a twin bed. We switched to twin bed and my son loved it and he had more room to move around. And I agree UGH to the character bedding. :-)

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