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Updated on February 08, 2009
S. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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I would really like to get my 2 year old son involved in something outside of the home during the week, but don't want to spend $100 month... That's really not in the budget! So, if you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks! S.

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If you happen to be in South City the Carondolet YMCA has a fit n fun class for 2-5 year old and an open gym time as well.


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I am an educator in the area w/a Studio in Webster Groves (newborns to 7 years) & UCity (1 1/2 to 7 years).

Kindermusik is focused on the entire development of a child using music, singing, instruments and movement w/the caregivers involved, and materials to use at home for continued learning.

There is a tuition fee and a materials fee that is for an entire 15 lesson semester (and tuition is prorated for a late start by most educators). You can also preview on class for free (provided by most educators).

My tuition($180)/materials ($55) for a 2 year-old in my Studio is $246 total for a 15 week semester (and less if starting late). And I take monthly payments on tuition.

Good luck in finding something that fits you and your son! ~L.



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Are you involved with Parents as Teachers? They have lots of free activities. There is also the library-they have story times and other activities. The YMCA has toddler classes (usually swimming and gymnastics)-if you're a member, they're pretty inexpensive.



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Hi S., I'm not sure where you are located but I take my two sons (almost 3 and 6 months) to a mom and childrens really fun church group/bible study every week at my church. There is no charge for this hour long activity and my sons get to interact with other kids and have a littl ebible lesson one week and then play the next week while the Moms have there "bible study" I use the term "bible study" loosly b/c we don't actually study THE BIBLE, its more like group discussions about different "Mom" topics. I really enjoy it b.c I get adult interaction with other Moms that have kids my age and my two sons enjoy it b/c they get to hang out with friends. ANyway, its not really "church-ish", so if you are interested let me know and I'll let you know where it is.



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Have you tried the Magic House - they have fun classes (art, science and music) once a week and with admission to the class you get free admission to the magic house. I think it costs $15 for the both of you - if you get a memebership it will the cost in half. It's a lot of fun if you have never been there! The library and Parents as Teachers are great too. If you are in the St Peters area the Barnes and Nobles has a child book reading every Wed at 10:30 or 11:00 (can't remember the time)and on Sat too. Good Luck!



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You can check out for playgroups in your area. I belong to a playgroup in the North County/St. Charles area, if you happen to be in this area let me know and I can email you more information.



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I think all St. Louis Co library branches have at least one regular storytime per week (I can speak for Flo Valley and Jamestown branches being excellent - they read, dance, sing and do a fun craft). In N. Co. our school district has a program called LINK that you go to once a week on Thurs. or Fri., the kids get to play for an an hour and a half and there is a topic parents can go listen to in another room if you would like - it's a nice way for you and your son to meet people and it is always fun for the kids to play with new toys and friends! There are several MOMS clubs around (just google MOMs clubs, they are a national organization) that do regular activities. There are also MOPS groups (Mothers Of Preschoolers - but is for any ages) that meet regularly around St. Louis. In Florissant there is a place called Olympiad, it's a gymnastics training center and on Mons and Tues from 11:30-12:20 for $5/family they have "Busy Bee" time where toddlers can come play in the gym (lots of fun stuff like the trampoline, mats, rope swing, etc). Some good sources of information sometimes are the people working in children's resale shops.

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