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To Get a Flu Shot or Not for My 19 Month Old

Hi everyone!

My daughter is 19 months old and we go for her 18 month check up on Monday. I know the question is going to be posed on whether or not to give her a flu shot. Last year I opted to not - I didnt think there was any need for it. Since then we have switched ped's but wanted to hear from other parents who have decided or not decided and why they did. My husband and I are on the fence about it so any help would be appreciated!!!!


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Since I got an overwhelming amount of responses I figured I would let everyone know that I DID go ahead and get the flu shot for my daughter. After talking it over with her ped (who was also my ped as well) I felt more comfortable with it. She wil get her second round of it next month since this is the first time she has received it.

Thanks for everyones help!

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Maybe too late but no, there is no way I would give my little one a flu shot. They are full of toxins and stuff that has no place in a little person's body. More good information can be found at www.nvic.org.

Good luck!

Dear M. -

One of my children has some chronic medical issues. She really needed a flu shot early on, but I was concerned about the risks of the shot vs getting the flu. I did what several folks here have suggested...I got her siblings and myself vaccinated. Now that she is older, I get ALL vaccinated, but for those first few tricky years that she was home, getting the 'others' vaccinated did the trick!

Good luck whatever you decide!

I would definitely get her the flu shot, unless if she is allergic to eggs or has any other condition where it would be dangerous. The flu can be very dangerous for a child!

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I'll just share my experience. My son is 7 and becuase he had asthma as a baby we did get him the flu. Last year my husband got the flu....it was horrible. It was the first time I'd seen the flu. I don't ever want my kids to go through it so I'm getting my kids vacanated. Good luck and I'm sure any decision you make will be right for your family.

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I have two children, my boy is 5 and my girl is 2. They both have had their flew shots. I believe your daughter would get half now and then the other half in so many months. I am not against because it does help the kids from getting sick. I haven't heard any negative reasons for not getting one. Do a search if are unsure on what to do. Ask the DR.questions. I don't think they would give something to a child that young if they didn't need it. Good Luck on your decision. My two year old hasn't had hers yet this year and I don't know when it will be offered as we are active duty. I did have half given to her last year and I for got to take her back for the other half. Good Luck I hope some of my info. has helped.

My pediatrition strongly recommends it for all children, feels it is extremely important. I just had my 10 month old and 21 month old vaccinated and am working on getting my almost 3 year old done. We have never had any major side effects, the most was a little crankiness the next day. My husband does not like our kids having so many shots, but when he and I got sick last year it was nice not to have to take care of three sick babies, thankfully they did not get sick. I would encourage you to have her vaccinated.

Maybe too late but no, there is no way I would give my little one a flu shot. They are full of toxins and stuff that has no place in a little person's body. More good information can be found at www.nvic.org.

Good luck!

I personally get the flu shot and also get one for my daughter. I got the flu last year and in case you have never had it-it is miserable and can be deadly. I had a fever of 104, chills, aches, throwing up (from the fever), cold symptoms. You name it I had it. I did catch it quickly enough to get tamiflu and get my daughter and husband on it so they did not get the flu. I was also told that if I had not gotten the flu shot my symptoms would have been much more severe and lasted a lot longer (I was only bed ridden for about 3 days). My answer would be yes give your child the shot!! Also since I see that you work you should also consider if you and your husband have the time to take off a week or so if your child gets the flu b/c it is serious and will require the child to be kept at home for quite awhile. I know the shot will not guarantee that you child will not get it but it won't be as severe.

Mercury I would not, but there is a shot they can order that is Mercury free.
One of my children I didn't do shots until they would not let me sign a waver for school, then after his shots and a few years later came down with diabetes which we do not have in our family! Those shot can destroy the immune system then you ahve big problems. allergies etc.
Thanks my opinion!
God Bless

I had my 14 month old daughter get one less than 2 weeks ago. She suffers from chronic ear infections (even through the summer she had them) so I wanted to ward off as many illnesses as I could this winter. She goes to an ENT specialist in 2 more weeks because she currently has water on her ears with no apparent cause.

There is no history of complications with the flu shot on either side of her family but admit being hesitant cause of her young age. She had no side effects however she was given a prescription for an amoxycillin for her ears before leaving which she began taking that same day which the doctor also believed could negate any side effect while not counteracting the purpose for getting the vaccine.

You just have to consider your child's exposure to illnesses and how often she is sick currently as well as whether there is a history of side-effects in her family associated with the vaccine. It is encouraged for children who attend large day cares such as my daughters.

Last year my son was too young, so my boyfriend and I got it instead. This year all three of us will be getting it. As healthy adults we tend to forget how serious the flu really is, but it can be so dangerous for a child. Of course, if your daughter has an egg allergy, it's a moot point, but aside from that, I think it's totally worth it.

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