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Tips for Using Nebulizer with Infant

Hi! My son is 8 months old and has been diagnosed with restrictive airway disease (asthma). We are having to use a nebulizer every 4-6 hours right now, eventually will only have to use it once per day. However, it is very traumatic for him and for me when giving the treatments. He screams and cries, squirms and tries to get away from it. He will even hit and scratch. So far, it doesn't appear that he is getting used to it. Any tips for how we can make this go smoother?

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Thanks for all the great advice! Well, things are going a lot smoother now. I let him play with the mask on a couple times, then I put the mask on and acted real silly to get him to laugh. Since then, treatments are a breeze. In fact, sometimes he even falls asleep during them! Also, we did try soy formula but it made him very sick to his stomach - so the doctor put him on Nutramigen for the next month so we will see how that goes!

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My son has had to use a nebulizer since he was 4 months old. He is now 3. It does get easier as they get used to it. I don't know if there is a magical trick or not. Whenever he screams and cries just think of it this way - the deeper he screams and cries the better off he is because he is getting more medication in to his lungs.

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Hi there. I live in a country where they prescribe Nebulizer for a lot of treatments. Colds, congestion, etc. So my 8 month old has had to use them before. It traumatized her at first too, so what I did was first sat with her on my lap with a toy or a book to help distract her, but the main thing I did was I did not use the mask over her face. Instead I took the mask part off and just held the tube blowing the medicine under her nose and mouth. That helps a lot. She is still not a great fan of it, but she doesn't struggle now unless it takes to long and she just gets tired of sitting there. Hope that helps.

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Your baby may be old enough for an inhaler with a spacer. Ask your doctor. Our pediatrician is very young, so she uses lots of new techniques. It is so much faster and less traumatic. You stick the inhaler into the rubber end of the spacer, baby puts mouth on mouthpiece, or you can attach a little mask, and then puff. He just breathes a few breathes, and done.

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Oh, you poor mommy! I am in your court on this one. My two sons (10,7) have asthma and were diagnosed at 3 months and 8 months. I cannot tell you the hours that we have spent in the ER and at home with that damn nebulizer. We still use it regularly but now that they are big it is easy. I just remember when I had one of my sons in the ER and he was fighting the little mask and squirming and pinching me,and I was crying. A nurse came in and could see my distress. She told me that she knew what I was going through but that if I thought about it, the m ore he cried and threw a fit, the more deeply he breathed in the meds. That has just always stuck with me. It is more traumatic for you and honestly your baby gets more medication when he is screaming and crying because he inhales more deeply. And, I promise you, they don't remember it! My doctor tells me ALL the time that my boys are so lucky to have been born at a time when the meds are so terrific. He told me that if my boys had been born even 30 years ago they would be hospitalized about 10 times a year! I hope he feels better soon!

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My daughter had to start taking nebulizer treatments last fall when she was diagnosed with asthma. She was only 9 months old. We tried putting on her favorite tv show on and only played it during her treatments. She tended to watch the show more than scream. I will say it gets better, by this year she will sit and hold it herself while watching Dora. No screaming and I don't even have to hold it for her. i think she likes feeling like she's in charge of the medicine.

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My son has had to use a nebulizer since he was 4 months old. He is now 3. It does get easier as they get used to it. I don't know if there is a magical trick or not. Whenever he screams and cries just think of it this way - the deeper he screams and cries the better off he is because he is getting more medication in to his lungs.

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Hi. We had to use the nebulizer with our baby when he was 5 months old and it is stressful. Our pediatrician said he didn't have to wear the mask and the effect would be the same if we held the mask near his mouth/nose. After playing around, I realized I could buckle him in his carseat (infant carrier) and then clip the nebulizer onto the side with a chip-clip. I pulled the carseat hood over him, put a blanket over that (to enclose the sides, but he could still see out)and created a "tent" for the nebulizer. Since we didn't have to forcefully hold him, he was a lot more relaxed and got to the point where he enjoyed the treatements. I would do this on our kitchen island, where he could still see me. Good luck!

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Been there-done that! What worked for us-my husband and I took turns-we would sing and act really silly. We did the pilot to co-pilot routine using stuffed animals or pretending we were using the nebulizer. We also got a styrofoam cup and poked a hole in the bottom for the mouthpiece because it fit over his mouth better. Take away the noise factor and minimize the fear of the unknown-it should go easier.
Good luck!

Been there, done that. Spacers are good if he is pulling off the mask (you don't have to have it in his mouth if he won't take it, just close). Don't wake him up for any treatments that are to be during the night or during naps, sometimes they sleep through and it is easier then waking them up. And even if they wake up, they are usually groggy enough to make it through the treatment before they get overwhelmingly fussy. For daytime grab a nice flashy toy he can play with in your lap, read a story, or put something bright on the TV. If he is distracted it will go easier. Also, try to get him during more "calm" moments. Good luck.

Check with the local stores and find a nebulizer that's more "child-friendly". My friend had one that looked like an elephant and the mask was at the end of his nose. Another one I've seen looks like a rubber duck. Maybe this will make it a little easier.

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