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Tipping for a Massage?

I'm going to get a massage for the first time in a few years. The person who does it is the owner. How much do I tip...or do I?


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Thank you so much for all the responses! I had an INCREDIBLE massage and felt confident that I was tipping appropriately. Thanks also for the great advice to have a variety of bills ready so that I could be prepared for any amount of tip.

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I always tip 20% no matter what it's for. The only time this changes is if the service was bad. At that point, I only give 10%. If the massage is $60, you should be tipping $12. I give $20 for anywhere real close to $100.

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I am a massage and acupressure therapist--I don't expect tips but appreciate them! I charge 55.00 for an hour and clients often give me an extra 5 or 10. but I know some of them are greatly effected by the economy and getting a massage is already a lot for them so i am not offended if they don't tip--I do let clients know that the best thing they can do if they really like my sessions is to refer their friends and family!

I hope your massage is awesome! Please tip! I'm a certified massage therapist, and I practiced regularly for 8 years. I'm doing other things now, but I still give massages sometimes to make a little extra money. It's thoughtful to make sure when you go that you have the correct change for a tip. My favorite way to get a tip is when the person just leaves it in the room. I suggest you take $15 in fives and five ones and that way you can leave whatever you feel is appropriate. Since your therapist is the shop owner, she has probably based her rates on getting overhead covered, plus some value for her time. Because massage therapy is a tipping industry, she may even be assuming a tip will be given, and has that in mind when she sets her price.

Enjoy your massage! :)

Unlike servers in a restaurant, they do get a much better compensation. In the past I have tipped anywhere from 5 - 10% of the total bill for salon services.

I always tip 20% no matter what it's for. The only time this changes is if the service was bad. At that point, I only give 10%. If the massage is $60, you should be tipping $12. I give $20 for anywhere real close to $100.

Here's something that may affect your decision. Check your health insurance to see whether they cover massage (at least partially), some insurance providers do. If you tell your pcp that you have back ache and ask they will refer you and that'll keep down costs of regular massage sessions. Then tipping may be more affordable:)

I have a massage therapist I trade with and I give her and her family homeopathic treatments. I don't tip her. However, the gentleman I see for Tuina massage, I do tip out of courtesy and because the job he does is extraordenary! I recommend you tip according to how happy you are. They have to rent space in the facility where they work and they get to keep their tips. I try to tip as well as I can afford when I am very happy.

First of all - tipping is based on good service. If you are pleased with the massage - 15% is the norm for tipping. Believe me - it will be worth it - massages are great!

L. C.
Columbus, OH

I usually tip 15-20%.

Good morning K. you will love the massage. My husband and I get a massage every two weeks. When I tried to give the lady a tip she said no, we live in such a small town and that does make a difference. Our son used to do massages in California where he lives and he most always got a twenty dollar tip. But that is the difference between Los Angles and Indiana.

I go with if it is a great massage give them a tip to say thanks even if they are the owner. I usually go with 20% if it is good and 10-15 if not so good. If it is a really good massage and the owner is giving me a great deal then sometimes I will give more.

Owners generally don't expect tips but it is basically the same as you would tip your hairdresser.

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