Tiny White Hairs (Almost like Threads) in Breast

Updated on June 08, 2011
A.G. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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I've noticed these small white hairs in my breast (more so under the nipple) that when I pull them they simply come out. If I pull on the small hair itself after pulling it out it turns into several more really small pieces sometimes, and other times the little hair will simply break in half after I have pulled it. It seems to be thicker than a normal hair around the breast. Also it seems almost every time I pull one out there is a normal hair in place of the white thig I pull out! I looked it up online and found this link http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=2007081323391... of another women that noticed the same thing. Even if you yourself haven't noticed will you look and see if you have these? I have a few on the sides of my breast but like I said they are mainly found on my breast under the nipple (not on it). If anyone has any idea what these are I would love to hear!! Thanks!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have those two! glad to hear that it is not a medical concerns...but i do realy hate them. Im not even sure when i started to notice them...think it was after my first daughter( breastfed) but might have been before as well. I breastfed both my daughters. I have noticed them along my stretch marks yet..but I will keep my eye out for them. I hope someone can find some info on what causes these fine feather like hairs, Im just wondering if it is a lack of a vitamin or something...or is it more common in big breasted mothers. Would be nice to find some info thats for sure...just glad to see that Im not alone. =)


answers from Pittsburgh on

i am only 19 and i have them... ive had them for about a year and a half... i was afraid it might have to do with cancer... so im going to the doctor asap to see what they are...
im really carefull with my breasts cause there is alot of breast cancer on both sides of my family...

concerned young adult:(

i have no children and never been pregnant and so far everyone who has it on here has either had a kid or multiple kids... i am wondering if my body thinks its prego... or did think...

im scared that something like this could be caused by cancer



answers from Tucson on

I have had them since having my boys 14 yrs ago. They are normal and I would not worry about it. A little annoying sometimes especially if they get dark. Pluck them leave them whatever, but they are not anything to be concerned about medically.



answers from Phoenix on

Wow! That website link was completely unhelpful! :) I know exactly what you are describing and I went there hoping to find an explanation. What you described was easy enough to understand. In fact, I would almost describe them as feather-like. I get them also on my belly near my stretch marks. They have been there for years and years. I am pretty sure this is normal, though I am surprised there is not more information available about this. I am interested to see how many other women have this.



answers from Los Angeles on

I was wondering the same thing! I have these tiny white feather looking hair they pull out of the skin painlessly but they are for sure attached into the skin! I literally thought I was growing feathers! But they are so tiny and it's not like normal hair that grows on your body... I seem to have them growing out of the stretch marks on my breads I do have a 3 year old and I did breast feed her for a year. Does that have anything to do with this? I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this. But I also heard that people who are malnourished can start downing? Getting small white feather like hair? I tried to look it up but haven't been successful. Am I mal nourished? Or why is this happening to me? If anyone finds out more info please pass it along



answers from Albuquerque on

I only really noticed I had these after having my first child. I wonder if it has anything to do with women who breastfeed, or just mothers in general?? I breastfed for a year, and now I have an 8 week old that I plan to breasfeed the same amount of time. I'm almost positive it is nothing bad, I'm just as curious as you though. If I start looking for one then I am pulling them out forever! LOL



answers from Phoenix on

Hi A.,
I've had them every since I can remember, even before having my son. I don't think its a medical concern, but I've never really thought about researching or asking what it is. I just assumed I wasn't the only one.LOL.. I try to just ignore them, their blonde, so not to noticable. Because once I start pulling, I'm pulling for hours. Let me know if you find out what it is or why it is. Have a good day! Your not alone....


answers from Phoenix on

I have them too! I have wondered what they were. I would love to learn more.


answers from Colorado Springs on

I have the same thing and as I've had 2 kids and a breast reduction I was very concerned... I feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only one! I was worried I had cancer or something.


answers from Phoenix on

I feel better now, I'm not the only one!



answers from Phoenix on

They are most likely absolutely normal growth of "peach fuzz" and hormonally related, but still, just in the interests of being totally thorough, pull one and examine it under a microscope. If it looks like it's actually a bunch of fiberglass-like filaments woven together, it's Morgellon's Disease which is a very big problem (Google "Morgellons Breast" to see an example on YouTube). If it's a hair, you're just fine.

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