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Tiny Blisters on My Fingers

Lately I've been geting these tiny little blisters on my fingers. First it started out on my ring finger, so I thought it was maybe because of my ring, but they are down farther than where my ring is. It's little groups of tiny blisters, and it's only on my left hand. Today I've noticed it on 3 fingers, again only on my left hand. Has anyone ever had this? They don't hurt until I pop them. This is really weird!!

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I get them all the time, they itch some times, some times they dont. They are little water blisters. If I increase my water intake they dont seem to come as often.

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My first question in do the blisters look like they have water in them and are the really small? If so it is severe dry skin, I suffer from it. It's like exzema, just put lotion on all the time, it will get better. The best lotion I have found for it is Eucerin.

I read through the responses and didn't see anyone call it this: "Dishydrodic excema" is what the derm called mine. I had tiny blisters on one foot and then started getting them on my fingers as well. He did have a prescription ointment that cleared it all up. Hope this helps!

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I get them all the time, they itch some times, some times they dont. They are little water blisters. If I increase my water intake they dont seem to come as often.

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I get them when it gets cold they are called water blisters they come and go but if they look like warts you may want to go into see your dr.

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I would have them cultured by a doc. They could be a herpes infection (called herpetic whitlow). You can get them from fever blisters (cold sores) among other ways. They can be itchy, and might itch/burn/tingle before the blister arises. They tend to hurt after the blister breaks open. It's usually a 3-7 day cycle before they dry up and disappear. It used to be very common in dentists before they started wearing gloves, since they always were in contact with peoples' mouths.
I had a young girl at our office who, we think, got it from a bowling ball! Theory is, someone who had touched a cold sore or "other" sore used the ball just before her, and she came in contact with some of the fluid. Eww. (it would be very unlikely, but she also had a small cut on that finger, possibly allowing any virus in.)
Anyway, just a thought.

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You have what is called Contact Dermititus, caused by something you are touching that irritates your skin. In my case it is some dish soaps or tomatoes.
See your Dr he will give you cream to treat the spots
Good Luck

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This sounds like a viral thing -- try some Tea Tree oil on them -- might want to check it out with doc just to determine if it's viral -- I've had them; my dentist in NC has them.

My husband gets the same sort of thing, especially with the itching, and his doctor told him that it is called scabees, which can be very contagious. I say "can be" because I have never gotten them when he breaks out, and neither have our children, thank goodness! But, other members of his family are affected by outbreaks. My husband has to see the doctor during an outbreak to get a prescription and he has to wear the cream at night when going to bed with gloves on.

Wow! I thought I was the only one to ever have that. Are you sitting down? I went to the doctor and he told me it was a strain of herpes. I could no longer wear my wedding rings b/c it irritated it and made it break out. I hadn't wore my rings since '03. With not wearing the rings it has never come back. There is medicine that you would have to take daily to keep it gone to wear your rings. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. My email is ____@____.com if you would like to talk about it.

Ask your doctor about psoriasis. Do you have any of the blisters on your feet or what may just look like dry skin on the heel or sides? Do you have any additional stress in you life right now? Things to consider. See the following website: http://www.psoriasis.org/about/psoriasis/sites/hands_feet...
About 2 years ago, I had the very same thing happen out of the blue or so I thought. I started getting blishers on my hands...they two didn't hurt until they popped and then after time consumed a large portion of my hands and feet! Hands were definately the worst. My doctor sent me to a dermatologist and I was diagnosed with psoriasis most likely caused by an increase in stress and some with post partum. I had recently found out my husband was unfaithful, my son was 3 months old and I had separted from his father and began divorce proceedings...it was to say the least, a definate increase in stress. When the stress came down, the blisters healed and when the stress came back...so did the sores! I didn't have much luck with the lotions and medications they prescribed, but keeping my hands out of dishwater and harsh soaps did help with the dryness a bit. My doctor says that the condition will never really go away, but we can control the flare ups and so far so good...things are much better. Talk with your doctor!

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