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Tiny Blisters on My Fingers

Lately I've been geting these tiny little blisters on my fingers. First it started out on my ring finger, so I thought it was maybe because of my ring, but they are down farther than where my ring is. It's little groups of tiny blisters, and it's only on my left hand. Today I've noticed it on 3 fingers, again only on my left hand. Has anyone ever had this? They don't hurt until I pop them. This is really weird!!

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I get them all the time, they itch some times, some times they dont. They are little water blisters. If I increase my water intake they dont seem to come as often.

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My first question in do the blisters look like they have water in them and are the really small? If so it is severe dry skin, I suffer from it. It's like exzema, just put lotion on all the time, it will get better. The best lotion I have found for it is Eucerin.

I read through the responses and didn't see anyone call it this: "Dishydrodic excema" is what the derm called mine. I had tiny blisters on one foot and then started getting them on my fingers as well. He did have a prescription ointment that cleared it all up. Hope this helps!

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I get them all the time, they itch some times, some times they dont. They are little water blisters. If I increase my water intake they dont seem to come as often.

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I get them when it gets cold they are called water blisters they come and go but if they look like warts you may want to go into see your dr.

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I would have them cultured by a doc. They could be a herpes infection (called herpetic whitlow). You can get them from fever blisters (cold sores) among other ways. They can be itchy, and might itch/burn/tingle before the blister arises. They tend to hurt after the blister breaks open. It's usually a 3-7 day cycle before they dry up and disappear. It used to be very common in dentists before they started wearing gloves, since they always were in contact with peoples' mouths.
I had a young girl at our office who, we think, got it from a bowling ball! Theory is, someone who had touched a cold sore or "other" sore used the ball just before her, and she came in contact with some of the fluid. Eww. (it would be very unlikely, but she also had a small cut on that finger, possibly allowing any virus in.)
Anyway, just a thought.

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You have what is called Contact Dermititus, caused by something you are touching that irritates your skin. In my case it is some dish soaps or tomatoes.
See your Dr he will give you cream to treat the spots
Good Luck

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This sounds like a viral thing -- try some Tea Tree oil on them -- might want to check it out with doc just to determine if it's viral -- I've had them; my dentist in NC has them.

My husband gets the same sort of thing, especially with the itching, and his doctor told him that it is called scabees, which can be very contagious. I say "can be" because I have never gotten them when he breaks out, and neither have our children, thank goodness! But, other members of his family are affected by outbreaks. My husband has to see the doctor during an outbreak to get a prescription and he has to wear the cream at night when going to bed with gloves on.

Wow! I thought I was the only one to ever have that. Are you sitting down? I went to the doctor and he told me it was a strain of herpes. I could no longer wear my wedding rings b/c it irritated it and made it break out. I hadn't wore my rings since '03. With not wearing the rings it has never come back. There is medicine that you would have to take daily to keep it gone to wear your rings. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. My email is ____@____.com if you would like to talk about it.

Ask your doctor about psoriasis. Do you have any of the blisters on your feet or what may just look like dry skin on the heel or sides? Do you have any additional stress in you life right now? Things to consider. See the following website: http://www.psoriasis.org/about/psoriasis/sites/hands_feet...
About 2 years ago, I had the very same thing happen out of the blue or so I thought. I started getting blishers on my hands...they two didn't hurt until they popped and then after time consumed a large portion of my hands and feet! Hands were definately the worst. My doctor sent me to a dermatologist and I was diagnosed with psoriasis most likely caused by an increase in stress and some with post partum. I had recently found out my husband was unfaithful, my son was 3 months old and I had separted from his father and began divorce proceedings...it was to say the least, a definate increase in stress. When the stress came down, the blisters healed and when the stress came back...so did the sores! I didn't have much luck with the lotions and medications they prescribed, but keeping my hands out of dishwater and harsh soaps did help with the dryness a bit. My doctor says that the condition will never really go away, but we can control the flare ups and so far so good...things are much better. Talk with your doctor!

I wonder have you had a banaid on that hand recently.I get them from plastic bandaids even after I took it off a couple days.

You've gotten a varied response! I don't know what you have, but if it is something that persists or gets worse, I have an idea. My mom had these blisters/rashes on her hands for YEARS! After seeing many doctors with no relief, she realized it was systemmic; internal yeast problem/ candida albicans. She took a vitamin combo: D-Yeast and Nutra Mune made by Nutrapathic. Sometimes you can find it in a health food store, or call them at 800-747-1601. Maybe its heredity, but I get them sometimes too. I only get a few bumps, and they go away on their own. I hope yours do too! Good luck!

Do they itch? If so, you may have hand eczema. I started getting these tiny blisters on my hands and fingers...worse in the cooler weather...and they itched badly. They only way to get them to stop itching was to pop the blisters with a sterilized needle and use an alcohol-based hand cleaner. OOOh but then they burn! But it dries up the blisters and the itching stops, until my next breakout. My hands also turn pretty red and tender and my fingertips dry out and peel. I have seen a dermatologist, who prescribed a cortisone cream (didn't help). A friend of mine has the same problem, and she deals with it the same way I do. I also use a hand eczema cream (Eucerin) to help prevent my breakouts. Good luck.

I read through the responses and didn't see anyone call it this: "Dishydrodic excema" is what the derm called mine. I had tiny blisters on one foot and then started getting them on my fingers as well. He did have a prescription ointment that cleared it all up. Hope this helps!

My friend had these and went to the doc. It was a rarer type of eczema.

Did I see anyone suggesting shingles? If you've ever had chicken pox you can get them.http://www.emedicinehealth.com/shingles/article_em.htm
They usually start on one side and can be very painful, but without an actual picture of the blister/rash I think it's hard to tell what it is. For a more accurate diagnosis you should go to a dermatologist.

Meanwhile, don't pop the blisters, in virtually every scenario of what could be causing them, that is how things will get spread to other areas.

Don't pop them. If you have popped them, is the liquid kind of sticky. I've had the same thing on my fingers for years. It is a nerve condition. When I get nervous or worried about something they start to pop up. The dermatologist gave me a steroid crem to use when they pop up. Sometimes they get red and hurt, but mostly are just there. If you pop them they tend to cause more, but not always. The steroid cream helped to dry them out if they got to raised. Usually they would just go away on their own. If it is the same, then go to your doctor or dermatologist and get a prescription cream for it. Good luck and God Bless.
P.S. If it is the same that I have then it isn't contagious to anyone else in your family. I've had them for 11 years and my kids don't have them, nor does my husband.

Hello K.,
I have the exact same thing. At least I believe it to be the exact same thing. It started shortly after I had my 2&1/2 yr old son. It started under my ring finger, which totally sucks because I havn't worn my wedding ring for at least a year. Then it slowly spread up that finger, down to the top of my palm, over to other finger. Now that it has been almost 2yrs dealing with it, I hav it appear on 3 fingers on my right hand and 3 fingers on my left hand. Oddly never on my pinkies. Sometimes on my thumb around the base of the nail. About a yr ago I went to the Walgreens Take Care Clinic. They told me they thought it was a rare form of ecsema. They gave me a steroid ointment to apply during breakouts. They also told me to take Benadryl at night to control the itching. I got to the point where it would itch madly at night and would wake up itching. They said it was from dry skin. Well needless to say I really don't know. Anytime I use any, and I mean any lotion more bubbles will appear by the next few hours. It's almost like the moisture also causes the bubbles. The steroid ointment does help dry up the bubbles, but then my skin is terribly dry. I have removed fabric softener from my families laundry and use drier balls and static balls. I also use fragrance free detergent. The other things that I do is where gloves when washing the dishes or house cleaning with chemicals. Honestly this is just so any sores that I do have don't burn or dry out even more. It has not spread to anyone else in my family. So I would not say it is contagious at all. I have used Tea Tree Oil the best on the market Melaleuca and there Renew Intensive Skin Lotion. Which is fanominal but not for this. I have tried antifungal creams, hydrocortisone which if you can handle the itching will help a little once it takes effect. I recently thought it was an allergic reaction to chicken, because anytime I would handle chicken the sores would itch very badly. Even sores that hadn't appeared yet or had healed over. I removed all poultry from my diet and had relief for approximatley a week and it all came back. I don't know if they are stress induced they may be. Honestly in this economy if you are not dealing with any stress then you are incredibly blessed. I wish I could give you a cure all. I havn't scene a cure all yet. Hopefully you will find something. I would say if you can afford it and get the time to do it go to the Doctor. I wouldn't just let them give you a steroid cream or ointment and call it a day though. You will end up going back with the same thing I'm sure. Oh and if they do give you the choice between the ointment or cream chose the ointment. The ointment soaks in better and doesn't require as much as the cream. I feel your pain. Good Luck!! My thoughts are definitely with you and your hands.

First check with the doc. It could be so many things. I will share, though, that my aunt had these for years and never could figure it out...then it turned out she was allergic to Downy fabric softner. How odd!

Make sure to increase your water intake, decrease your acidity intake ie. acidic fruits/ and drinks, tomatoes, orange juice and ALL sugary drinks...SODA, especially diet... just for awhile. For whatever reason your body is responding mostlikely to an over dose of sugar/carbs in your system. I used to get those also every now and then. Would always clear things up in a day or atlease a week at the most, depending on how much I was needing to pass through my system. But water is huge in the process to eliminate unwanted stuff in your system. Your body is usually the expression of what is going on , on the inside too, so be sure to take some time out this week for YOU.

You are having an allergic reation to something, since it doesnt sound like you got then working with your hands. That is one of the ways I knew I have eaten bleached flour which I am allergic to, when there is too much in your system that is how your body reacts. Start a diary and keep track of everything and when you get them, start taking out things and you will figure out what the allergy is. This is what my dermotologist said to do to figure out because I didn't want to do the standard allegry test because I knew it was something I was eating after doing the journal. Good Luck!!

My first question in do the blisters look like they have water in them and are the really small? If so it is severe dry skin, I suffer from it. It's like exzema, just put lotion on all the time, it will get better. The best lotion I have found for it is Eucerin.

This is an alternative view and it is probably not what you have. You can at least rule it out very easily. I get tiny blisters on my hand when I do yardwork. In this case it is caused by contact with a plant most likely poison ivy. Most of the time I do not have recollection of coming in contact with the plant.

Go see your doctor. He/she will know what it is instantly. I've had it and unfortunately, cannot remember what it is called. It is not contagious but does itch like no tomorrow. The blisters will pop on their own and your hands (my feet did it, too) will peel. I remember keeping them lotioned but didn't use any prescription type creams. It will run its course (eventually) and go away. Mine took about 2-3 months.

Don't get too freaked out about it. It really does go away. Good luck!

I too get these annoying, weird little blisters. I started out with them only on my right hand, one particular finger, then later on another. Then started a about a year ago with them on my left hand. Out doesn't affect all my fingers. But they start out itching then a blister appears.

It appears to be a form of eczema or psoriasis. I Haven't actually been to a dermatologist for treatment just showed my hands to an acquaintances husband who is a dermatologist. Wish I knew the treatment.

This is possibly a very serious and HIGHLY contagious (can be spead easily from one person to the other, even when using the same towels)disease called Hand, Foot and Mouth disease???? Go to a doctor for treatment!!!!!

P.S. Do NOT pop the blisters.

It sounds like a fungus commonly referred to as "barkeepers rot" I know it sounds way grosser than it really is. It is usually from having your hands in water alot. It is common among bartenders, hence the name. It usually goes away on it's own, but in some cases medicine is required. If it is spreading you may want to consider medical treatment.

Don't pop them!!! This could be a staph infection and everytime you pop them you are spreading it to your other fingers. I would go and get it checked out my your doctor, so they can culture it.

Good Morning K., I know what you are talking about. I get them at times also when I have my hands in a lot of water and my hands get irritated with cleaning liquids. Under my rings are the worse places. I have had to remove my rings when the blisters open to help it heal. If I don't pop them its OK they go away on their own, but at times mine itch really bad.

I have been married 37 yrs and Never & I mean Never removed my rings. Well He's not going anywhere and neither am I, so I remove my rings when cleaning or mixing meat loaf, bread dough etc. Washing my hand well and putting on a good lotion or cream. I also use a cortisone cream when the blisters show up.

God Bless and Hope I helped a little
K. Nana of 5

The last time I had what you are describing, my chidren ended up with Hand Foot and Mouth desease. It was not bad for me, but the kids really had a hard time with it. Good luck!

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