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Tiny Ants in Kitchen Around Sink Area

We have a few tiny ants that hang out around the kitchen sink. This is the only area I have ever seen then, and despite keeping things ultra clean in there, I cannot seem to get rid of the ants. Does anyone have suggestions for something that works that is safe to use near the kitchen sink & counter tops?

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I know this may sound really weird, but my mother was having the same problem, and we put Malt O Meal the cereal on the outside of the house near the kitchen and the sink area. It stopped the ants.

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I KNOW I KNOW!!! I had this happen to me too! We left for vacation and came home to tons of ants around the sink/cabinet area just going about their business in MY kitchen! What worked for us (I cant remember the name) but they came in like a pack of 6 arch shaped black compartments with poison inside (you can see the poison through a little clear vial thing). We got them at wal mart but the ants go inside, eat the delicious poison and bring it back to big mama ant and it kills them all. It takes a few days but they havent been back since and its been about 6 months. My grandma used them too and they worked for her.

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We get these every once and a while around our kitchen window. I know it sounds silly but it seems to work everytime. I just spray Dawn liquid foaming soap where I see them, let it sit over night and the next morning, they are either dead or gone. It seems to get rid of them. Strange but it works for us.

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Lowe's and True Value Hardware stores carry Terro Ant Bait traps that have clear liquid poison in them. Put these out where you find them, and you won't see them again. My mom had these kinds of ants and tried everything, even professional extermination services, for years until she got this stuff. I just had some around my jet tub in my bathroom. I used this and I haven't seen one alive since. If you are concerned about kids getting into the trap (spilling it or ingesting it) put it out at night and remove it first thing in the morning. Write yourself notes so you won't forget to remove it. You probably will only have to do it one or two nights. I can't say enough good about this stuff. It only cost about $6-7 dollars for 6 or so traps. So far, I have only used one and my ant problem is solved. Holly

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We had problems with ants in our kitchen and other parts of the house. It did not matter how much I cleaned, they were always back. I finally called a pest control company since I knew it was out of my league. One thing they told me was that ants thrive on water as well as food crumbs, etc. So, it's important to keep your sink area as dry as possible. Check under your sink to make sure you don't have any leaks too. The pest control company sprayed inside and outside our house with a chitin inhibitor (prevents insects/ants from making the hard component of their outer shells thus making them vulnerable to the elements and ulitmately leading to their demise). The ants were gone within 48 hours and have not returned in the last 4 months. Because there are many varieties of ants you should definitely have it evaluated by a professional to make sure you get the proper remedy. Good luck!

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We get those pesky sugar ants too from time to time. My husband will spray some Ortho Home Defense along their path making sure to spray the spot that they seem to be coming in at as well. He will also spray the outside perimeter of the house.

terro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May be sugar ants? Try sticky traps with fruit.

Those would be sugar ants and they are hard to get rid of. I get them from time to time myself. I just spray Raid around the sink and underneath then let it set for a few days before cleaning it off. Sometimes those pests will appear somewhere else so just keep watching and get things sealed up.

They are more of a bother than anything.


I use the little ant bait things. I put one on each side of the sink and in each corner of the window (above the sink).
I also use spray outside my kitchen on the foundation and around the window with home defense spray.

I have found baby powder to be somewhat effective. Although nothing (even the professionals) were completely successful. I have also used Raid/HotShot ant killer. It worked, but made my family sick (allergic reaction). Good luck!

I know this may sound really weird, but my mother was having the same problem, and we put Malt O Meal the cereal on the outside of the house near the kitchen and the sink area. It stopped the ants.

Hi C.,

It sounds like you have sugar ants. I have had sugar ants in my kitchen before. The best advise that I can give you is to remove all sweet items from and/or around your counter top, and call an exterminator. They had an ointment like substance that they can put around you counter and other kitchen areas, and prevent the ants from coming back.

Hope this help you.

Good luck!

We had the same problem at one time. We bought something call Ant Bait from Raid. You put one under your sink or were ever you need it. I remember coming home one day after a raining day and our sink was covered with ants. So we put that Ant Bait under our sink and cabinets and the ants were gone within a day or so. Haven't seen any ants since. Hope this will help

I know this is a late late response, and I hope the original ant problem has been solved. I wanted to add my own answer to this request, in case anyone else researched it. I had the same small ants by my kitchen sink. I had read somewhere that Borax and Brown sugar makes a very effective ant bait. I happen to use Borax in my laundry so I had some on hand. I winged it and mixed about 1 tsp of Borax and 1 tsp of Brown sugar and enough water to make a paste. I put the paste on a piece of foil near the problem area. The little ants had a feast, and I let them come and go for the day because I wanted them to take it back to their nest. And then they disappeared. And I haven't seen them since. This treatment cost a few pennies. Yeah!!! Hope this helps someone else!

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