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Throwing a Baby "Sprinkle"

Hey moms! my best friend is pregnant with her 2nd child... this time around she is having a boy.. a friend of mine threw a "sprinkle" pretty much a mini shower with just close friends... i just have a few questions please help me out here!

1) do i need to have favors? if so what are some cute cheap ideas?

2) how do i make this a cheap shower? i am for sure just going to cook, but is there a good time of day to have this so i don't have to necessary supply a full meal?

3) do i need games?

4) i see a lot of places selling raffle tickets for baby showers, is that tacky? i guess what you do is sell the raffle tickets and the money goes towards baby diapers? i would obviously raffle something small off for the winner..

5) the party is going to be end of may is it ok to plan for an outdoor party or should i just plan to have it indoors??

Please help! i am the only one hosting the party and i feel clueless and i do not want to spend a ton of money!

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wow thank you so much for all the ideas! i am still a bit unsure how i will be going about this but you guys ahve me awesome ideas!

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My neighbor just had a sprinkle this past weekend. All we did was enjoy a brunch style breakfast and chat. The organizer suggested that any gift be a gift card to Target and if we wanted to bring other items that it was fine. It was only a handful of ladies and it was super nice and simple. I wouldn't bother with games or favors.

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I just threw a "sprinkle" this past Sunday. A friend of mine (not a super close one, though) is having her first baby and there are 4 other big showers for her. A couple ladies in my neighbor and myself took her out for a Sunday brunch. We did not do favors, games, etc. She has had enough of that with the other showers. We paid for her brunch between the 3 of us (as well as paying our own) and we each got her a gift. I got her the basics: lotion, baby bath, thermometer, wipes, etc. and a small purse size photo album. The other two ladies went in on an outfit for the baby. It was so nice to sit at brunch, just the 5 of us (my 10 year old daughter joined us), treat the mom-to-be to a nice meal and give her a few nice gifts. She was VERY appreciative and said it was wonderful to have a relaxing, low-key "sprinkle" where she got fed yummy food! Simple really is best and remember: a "sprinkle" is not a shower. I am sure she will appreciate whatever it is that you decide to do--just leave the games, favors, etc. for the first-time moms having their big showers! Hope this helps.

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To save money, I would do an afternoon"tea" outside. Just do tea and some little cookies, get some spring flowers for the table and you're set. As far as games and favors, I think those things are unnecessary - but I have never liked that kind of stuff. Have fun.

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1) I think the best favors are the edible ones. As one poster said, we don't really save or cherish the clutter of favors! A cluster of chocolates or candies in a little netting bag or a candle are fine. You can get little candles cheap at the dollar store, and the netting is inexpensive at Michaels. Look for their 40% off coupon!

2) I think tea and sandwiches are fine. For showers I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut the white bread in heart shapes. Then I had a meat and cheese tray, some condiments, some fresh fruit and some chips.

3) I think games can be fun depending on the crowd.

4) I don't like showers where you have to spend MORE money or bring extra gifts. The idea is each guest should "shower" the mom-to-be with whatever they think is appropriate. Squeezing them to spend more cash can be rude.

5) I would plan it for indoor/outdoor. If it rains you could certainly stay inside, but if it's nice sitting on the patio can be fun.

Good Luck!

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I'll offer my perspective, which may be different than others.

I had a surprise "sprinkle" with my second pregnancy. And by surprise, I meant that it was my usual group of friends simply getting together like we always do (about once every other month), and they surprised me with a wonderful gift. We all brought appetizers (as we always do) and nothing different was done. We sat around and talked. It wasn't until the end of the afternoon, when they presented me with the gift, that I realized it had been arranged in my baby's "honor."

I would have been EXTREMELY uncomfortable with anything shower-like. I had my traditional shower with my first child and would have been horrified if my friends went out of their way to do something splashy for me again. The surprise of a gift was extremely touching -- and I felt that my new baby was being welcomed with loving hearts. I say, keep it very simple and stay away from all the traditional shower games and events (raffles, etc.)

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Keep it simple.

From my perspective if I got invited to a sprinkle and someone served me simple sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres, I was able to enjoy the company of friends and celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby, and I didn't walk out of there with a favor (thank God - I'm anti-favor anyhow), I'd be just fine! You really can't beat good times with good friends. I'd rather hang out all afternoon and have a blast with my friends and walk home empty-handed than be asked for money and given a tacky dollar store favor because the hostess wants to be 'cheap'. (to clarify...I do not mean to imply that you're being cheap; I just get annoyed when people think they have to have favors and go get whatever piece of junk is on sale in the clearance bin. If you're having a favor for the sake of having a favor then skip it - how many of us keep and cherish these favors forever anyway? Maybe I'm in the minority, who knows!)

About the games - ask the guest of honor. It's her shower. Personally, I love games as do all of my friends. My sister-in-law threw my wedding shower for me and proclaims all games as 'stupid' therefore we did not play any. I and my guests we a little bit disappointed and bored (because we were looking forward to them). It didn't ruin the shower, but it was a bit annoying because the shower became all about my sister-in-law and what she wanted to do. Talk to your friend and ask her what she wants.

Personally, I'd skip the raffle unless it is something you and your friends are used to doing. The guests are already bringing a gift; don't squeeze them for more!

I think Maggie is right on with the idea of an afternoon tea - that sounds like a good time to me!

The best way to proceed is to ask the guest of honor what she wants in her shower and then proceed from there. After all, it is a party in her honor.

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My neighbor just had a sprinkle this past weekend. All we did was enjoy a brunch style breakfast and chat. The organizer suggested that any gift be a gift card to Target and if we wanted to bring other items that it was fine. It was only a handful of ladies and it was super nice and simple. I wouldn't bother with games or favors.

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Hi J.,

The hosts for my shower set up a build-your-own salad bar, with a couple types of lettuce/spinach and probably a dozen toppings (bunch of veggies, diced turkey/ham, hard boiled eggs, croutons, real bacon bits, several cheeses) & dressings. It was a hit! It probably took some time to prep/chop everything, but they said it was easy and there were no big pots & pans to clean up. If it's really just very close friends, you could even ask your girlfriends to help by brining something to add to the bar. I have seen something similar with a baked potato bar. But, I also like the afternoon tea idea a lot, maybe with strawberry shortcake or something similar.

But if you're going to have a meal, games, favors, gifts, a raffle, etc., it sounds like a full blown shower to me! I like another person's idea of taking the guest of honor out for a meal and everyone pitches in for her meal; just give your little gifts there, and no one has to stress or clean up!

Whatever you do, enjoy!

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I have never heard of selling raffle tickets, and to be honest, I do think it is kinda tacky. People spend their money on the gift and don't expect to show up with cash for a raffle at a shower or "sprinkle". I have also never heard of that term before. We had a "meet the baby open house" party with my second because my first was a boy and people only brought little girl outfits and met her. It was great and I don't think people mind a shower that is themed for a different gender because you are not looking for all the other baby items.

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I went to a baby shower and it was so nice, only one game. They listed twenty famous mothers and you had to name their child, the listed, Michelle Obama, Carol Brady....I don't know the age of the people coming, but I am sure you can think of twenty famous women. From party favors they gave out two cookies in a bag with the recipe tied to it. I thought that was cute, because at so many showers you get things you either throw out or give away. I wouldn't do the raffle tickets that seems very tacky. I think a party outdoors is fine as long as you have it in your plan to move indoors if it is too cold or rainy. I don't think you need to do a full meal. If you want to just serve appetizers plan the shower between 10-12, 1-3, 3-5, that way the guest will know that there will not be a meal served. Then you can do veggies, fruit, cheese and crackers, maybe a meat dish. Look at different party websites, you can always find cute ideas from there. If you have a Dollar Tree store close by you, you can find cute decorations for a dollar there. I found the same one there I paid $8.00 for at a party store. Also, you can find coupons for most of the party stores on-line. Just type in the party store you want to use and coupon after it and it will pull up the coupon. Factory Card and Party Outlet usually has a 20% coupon off and that includes sale and clearance stuff. FC&P usually has the plates, napkins, cups, etc... on sale for about 40% off around holidays. Then you can use the 20% coupon too. Sorry this is so long.

Good luck.


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Hi J..
What a cute idea! I never heard of a "sprinkle"! Anyway, here's what I would do...
I dont think raffle tickets is a good idea. I think its a bit tacky. I would either have a dinner, or do it even later and just serve desserts and drinks. I had one for my sister an dfriend for their second babies. Only 6 of us, ate a homemade dinner, opened a few gifts and that was it. I had gone to worlds finest choc outlet and gto candy bars that said its a boy/girl. they were only $1.

I love the book idea too. Although, if this is her 2nd, she may have plenty of board books. You could also do saomething funny on the e-vite, like "your ticket in is a box of diapers". this way noone will bring a gift and your friend will get tons of diapers.

Good luck and have fun.

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hi J.,
My suggestion is throw it around 2 in the afternoon and then just have "snacky" foods. I don't think you need to have favors I think most of the time people don't end up keeping them anyhow. But if you want to you could do something like a packet of seeds such as babys breath or forget me nots. I have found that a lot of people do not like the games but I think it depends on the crowd of people If you know the group and they like the games then play games.
At my shower rather than selling raffle tickets my host had everyone bring a package of diapers of differing sizes and that entered their name in for a the door prize. For me that was great I had diapers for six months. The door prize doesn't have to be that big either. Being the party is in May I would do a plant like a tulips or pansys. Depending on the time of day I would think you could host the party outside. I might have a back up spot just in case its to chilly or it decides to rain.
I hope this was helpful and good luck!!! I think you all will have lots of fun!!!

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If I were you... I would ask the Mom to be (unless it's a suprise) if it is ok with her to have a book baby shower. Meaning she only get books for her baby instead of other gifts. I would actually love a shower like this! Books are so expensive and little kids love to be read to!!! Also I would have it around 2ish so no lunch or dinner is required. So just light snacks and a punch would do..good luck!

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A sprinkle, in my opinion, is a small-scale version of a shower. Thus, a sprinkle does not or should not include many of the things you have listed (favors, games, raffle tickets). Since your budget is small (and this is a second child) a low-key sprinkle is a great idea.

If you want to keep it as a sprinkle then invite a few guests, keep the menu simple (sandwiches, salads, dessert), and make it more of a social gathering that celebrates the mom. I also think the idea of going out to lunch where each guest chips in for the mom's meal and then the mom opens the presents is a great idea too. You'll only have to pay for your meal, a fraction of hers, and the gift you select.

If you want it to be a bigger deal, then technically you're throwing a 'shower'. Which do you and the soon-to-be new mom want to do - sprinkle or shower?

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hi J., wow! you got alot of ideas, that great. i was interested in your request because i just recently put one up like that. i am actually throwing my sister a baby shower next weekend. the akward thing about her is that she lives in tx and is coming home for a 1 week visit. and she told me all of this on sunday, so you could imagine how frazzled i was, and still am. we were going to do the shower in may ( she is due in july) but her hubby is in the army and plans changed really quick. so what i am doing for her is very simple, very casual and comfortable. we are doing it in the early evening at 6pm and serving a few of her favorites and then coffee, tea, and just a couple finger foods.
i am also baking her favorite cake and decorating it and making almost everything. and i am just going to a dollar store to get baby plates, and napkins and just a few decorations.
basically have you ever been to a candle party, or a pampered chef party or any home based party like that? that is how i am doing it. no games, she doesnt want that. i did ask the guest to bring either a new or recycled baby or childrens book and to write something memorable in it for her to see when she is so far from home.
i know i went on for a long time, but maybe it will help in some ways or just put some more or different ideas in your head. good luck w/it all.

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The idea of a "sprinkle" is such a cute idea!

1) I know some of your other posts are anti-favors! Personally, I like them because I enjoy seeing how other people create parties and welcome their guests. If it's a small group - a small potted plant, and a cute note, even with a paper umbrella in it and something about "thanks for coming to my sprinkle" or "something about Blooming in Spring..." Little chocolates are cute and you can melt and mold to save money - if you know how to do it. Creating a label on your computer w/ a scanned, baby picture of the Guest of Honor is very cute, even a picture, somewhere displaying the baby picture of the parent's-to-be would be cute. That label can be put on the chocolate box or other small gift. It can also be put on a bottle of sparkling grape juice, for a nice centerpiece, and given as one of the prizes or as a door prize, at the end of the event.

2) Serve a simple menu on a convenient afternoon. Set out some peanuts or small cheese tray - don't hold off lunch too long. For lunch, serve up some small tea sandwiches with fruit or salad, punch, fruit and cookie tray/small desserts or one nice cake. Other main dish ideas: Chicken waldorf salad on a bed of lettuce w/ rolls & fruit... or quiche and salad... etc.. It's elegant when you can arrange the food on each plate, especially something like the quiche or Chicken Waldorf salad, but, buffet works fine too. Outdoors would be lovely, especially at the end of May.

3) Sure... a couple games... a couple prizes. My niece had a couple fun trivia games (i.e. match the celebrity with one of their own babies... do you know Gwyneth Paltrow's or Gwen Stefani's or even Madonna's kid's names??? There are some goofy names out there!) You can even make up a trivia game about your friend - "How well do you know the Guest of honor... Questions like... "Childhood favorite toy", what she wanted to be when she grew up? (One of the parties that I hosted, the Guest of Honor wanted to be a Rock Star. If your Guest-of-Honor is into it.. the answers can be very funny!).. Good icebreaker! Just an FYI.... Someone may suggest the "candy bar/diaper game".... Some are a fan of it - I think it's a little gross!

4) Raffle tickets??? I don't know. Baby pools can be fun but the Guest of Honor doesn't really benefit from the money. She'll benefit from the gifts, though.

Have fun. It's a nice thing that you are doing.

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