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This Pregnancy Is Different So Far

Hello Mamas,
My husband and I are so blessed to be expecting our third child in early July. Mamasource was so helpful to me in giving me advice regarding when I might be ovulating and so I have another question for all of you moms out there. For those of you who have more than one child, particularly both a boy and a girl, I am wondering if your pregnancies were noticably different. With both of my girls, I had morning sickness from about 6 weeks on, but this time, at 8 weeks, I still feel fine (and I am NOT complaining about that!) I am just curious if others experienced differences in each pregnancy. I had very similar pregnancies before and suspected with my second that I was having a girl since everything was so similar to the first pregnancy where we had a girl. I have heard that pregnancies with boys can be different than pregnancies with girls and I just wondered what everyone's experiences were. Thanks so much!

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I had two girls before I had my boy. Although my pregnancies were each unique, the ones with my girls had many similarities. Compared to them, the pregnancy with my boy was completely different. My biggest differences were in the effects on my skin and hair.

I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

I have 3 girls and my Preg. with my 3rd was so differnt that I was convinced she was a boy. When I delivered a baby girl I was shocked...happy but shocked!

I have three boys and all three pregnancies were different, not just a little but very different!!! I was throwing up with one for 6 months and then gained a ton of weight. The next one I was only nauseas for a couple of weeks and only gained weight in the tummy (looked a basketball), then the third I was exhausted for 2 months and only a little nauseas and only gained 12 lbs. So all very different even though they were all boys!!!

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Yes, my pregnancies were very different with daughter and my sons. I think it must be the hormone levels. With my daughter, I didn't want my husband to touch me. But with my sons, I was much more amorous! I also had evening queasy stomach and didn't like the smell of dinner cooking-yuck.
Best of luck,

R. -

I knew you'd get a ton of response to this. I have two boys and two girls - and four identical pregnancies. From the very first signs to the super swollen ankles at the end, I knew exactly what to expect at each stage. Didn't even buy an at- home pregnancy test for the last two. Just made an OB appointment and said "bring on the peanut butter!"

Congrats and good luck! L.

Congratulations!! I have three children and one on the way! My oldest is 8 years old, a boy. With him I had morning sickness EVERY day for the first three and a half months straight!! It was torture! And not just once a day, no, but up to about five times a day!! Everything I ate, smelled or even looked at, would make me vomit! I was so glad to get over that! My 7 year old daughter was a bit different. I had more nausea than anything. I had morning sickness, to where I actually vomited maybe twice through the whole pregnancy! With my third child, a 5 year old girl, I felt fantastic through the whole pregnancy! No vomiting, nausea, nothing!
Now with my current pregnancy, I am 16 weeks (due May 8, 2009 two days before Mother's Day), and it has been a toss up. For the first 8 weeks (sorry) I felt great. Approximately, 8-12 weeks, I literally just wanted to die! I was non-stop to the bathroom. I couldn't eat anything without it coming back up! That fase started to fade (thank GOD), and now I feel fine.

Good luck in your pregnancy, and have a load of fun when that baby comes!!

Hello Mama!

I was prego with twins and never a minute of sickness or anything else. I just couldn't eat alot, put I did pee a lot (!) due to the pressure (even early on!!). Every pregnancy is different and I would just relish in the fact that you are blessed with a new one on the way. Easy to say "no worries!". I only have boys, and just the twins...did I just say "just the twins????". They have been so delightful from the time they were in my belly, until now :)

I don't think this has helped you much but CONGRATS!!!!!!

I have three boys and all three pregnancies were different, not just a little but very different!!! I was throwing up with one for 6 months and then gained a ton of weight. The next one I was only nauseas for a couple of weeks and only gained weight in the tummy (looked a basketball), then the third I was exhausted for 2 months and only a little nauseas and only gained 12 lbs. So all very different even though they were all boys!!!

I know that people say that boys and girls feel different, but don't get your hopes up that it will be a different sex. I had 2 girls and with the first one I was sick all day for the first three months. With the second I was only sick one weekend. I thought for sure the second was a boy because of the change, but it was another girl. Just a different experience.

i have two girls and we did not find out what we were having with both of them. my second pregnacy was so different from my first we were convinced it would be a boy. but it was a girl. someone once told me that because your body is different now and you are a different age that is why the pregnancy was different. they say you carry boys different than girls but in my case that didn't work either becasue every one thought i was having a boy with my first becasue of the way i carry.

Thank you SO much for writing this!! I am also 8 weeks and finding it hard to believe Im really pregnant because I have no symptoms at all this time around. With my daughter I couldnt stand the meat section at the grocery store, was very nasaus, and the other regular symptoms. This time NOTHING. Its very reassuring to read about other mama's that had no symptoms and everything turned out just fine :)

Congratulations on your upcoming little one :)

I had two boys with no morning sickness and felt wonderful pretty much till the last month of course. My sister in law had a girl and was pretty sick for about 2 months. I know I felt the same both pregnancies. Best of luck to you on your soon to be baby boy, just kidding, but you never know!!!

I have a girl and a boy already and both of the pregnancy were about the same with them as far as nausea. I was mildly sick with both, only throwing up a few times. It was quite manageable. I'm also pregnant again, due the end of February, and it's a boy again. This pregnancy has been the best as far as nausea!! I was sick a little off and on, but nothing even like the first mild two. I've never thrown up. Maybe our bodies are just getting use to the changes... :) Enjoy it and best wishes!!

Wishful thinking-for a boy huh? lol I have two girls and the pregnancies were like night and day. I had myself convinced it was a boy b/c it was so different. My MIL had 3 boys and said each was a different pregnancy. So I am not sure that there is a connection.

CONGRATULATIONS! I have a girl and a boy and both were totally different. I felt great carrying my daughter, but my son was a whole other story. My daughter was easy from begining to end. My labor with her was only 6 hours and 24 minutes and she was 2 days early. She was my first. My son I Had back labor with from the day before till the day he was born and very irregular. I had him right on his due date. I was always nauses carrying him but never actually threw up. There was none of that with my daughter. I also noticed I carried each one differently. My daughter I carried up high and my son was low and seem to lay from side to side. Hope some of this helps, but it sounds like there is alot of mixed responses out there so don't get your hopes up. I do hope you have a boy though. Good luck to you.

I have two kids....totally different pregnancies...

with my son...I craved food...fish, veggies, salty things...even drank olive juice once! haha
i was only sick if i didn't eat...which i figured out pretty early...i had preterm labor with him...and it was everything we could do to keep him in...i ended up delivering him 2 weeks early.

with my daughter...i craved sweets!! (not like me at all) i needed dessert after everything! haha I was sick for 24 straight weeks...every...single....day!!!! my friends at work even had an office pool every morning on what time i'd throw up! haha And she...was OVERDUE!

so yes....different...definitely!

Congrats! =) My first pregnancy was with my son - a little morning sickness but not horrible. With my daughter, I had morning sickness for 7.5 months. I definitely believe you feel different with different genders. Good luck with everything! =)

Congratulations! I have 2 girls (did not know the sex beforehand) and both pregnancies were very different. My first - no morning sickness, felt great the whole time, constantly hungry and gained 32 pounds. Second - not morning sickness but just a lack of taste for food, gained 23 pounds. Carried both completely different. I thought for sure my second was a boy! Good luck!

My first child was a boy, and I had no real morning sickness to speak of. My second was a girl and I was VERY sick! The pregnancies were definitely different right from the start! Congratultions on your third blessing! God Bless!

I had two girls before I had my boy. Although my pregnancies were each unique, the ones with my girls had many similarities. Compared to them, the pregnancy with my boy was completely different. My biggest differences were in the effects on my skin and hair.

I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Good morning R.! Yes! I have had 4 boys and all 4 were different. The first I only had 2 episodes of extreme nausea and it looked like I had a beach ball in front, you couldn't even tell I was pregnant from behind. the second, I didn't show until I was 6 months and overnight he rolled out of my back. It felt like all of my stomach muscles were ripped. The third everyone thought (even nurses) that I was having twins and the fourth, it looked like I could deliver any moment when I was only 5 months (and he was the least weight gain of them all). Heartburn with #2. Cravings were very different with them all. Hope this helps, L. S.

You never know! I had 3 girls and they were all different. Congratulations and all the best to you!

Well ask your hubby! :) LOL My huby said I was a total nut job with my first two boys and with this one he said I am completely normal....so I am hoping for a girl!!! As far as how I feel and what I am eating.... all 3 have been completely different. Congrats and good luck. :)


My pregnancies I don't recall any major differences. Deliveries were all 3 different. First took forever. Almost 24 hours and then delivered with a suction bell (overseas). Second was overseas too, but a smaller baby and I breathed my way through it. #3 was ultimately a C section.

I hear you on the different symptoms, I am 7 months with my second daughter (two ultrasounds say she is another girl). I am having a hard time believing it could be another girl though, with my first I had NO morning sickness, with this one I had it bad until 20 weeks. With my first I had gained 50lbs by the time she was born 9 weeks premature, with this one I am 30 weeks, and have gained 18 lbs so far. Two completely different pregnancys, yet both are girls. They say every pregnancy like every child is different.
but hey, maybe you are having a boy. I guess you'll have to wait 10 weeks and find out. that would be a lot of fun to have girls and a boy. Good luck with your pregnancy.

Congratulations on your third bundle of joy. My second pregnancy was totally different than my first all the way through. I didn't have morning sickness, but I had other warning signs that told me I was pregnant about a week before any home test could tell me. We were sure it was a boy, because they were so different. When we had the ultrasound we found out "he" was another "she", still unconvinced we had them recheck it when I had a second ultrasound the day they induced us - still a "she". It never changed. I think that each pregnancy can be different, regardless of the gender of the baby.


Congrats on your pregnancy. Both my pregnancies were different. The first one I was not sick much during the first six weeks. I had a boy. My second pregnancy I was sick all the time for almost 5 months. Everyone thought I was having a girl(due to the intense morning sickness and the way I was carrying the baby) but to our surprise I had another baby boy. J.

Hi R.-I had two very different pregnancies and they were both girls! I thought for sure my second would be a boy, since the pg was so different from the first. I never had any morning sickness with either, in fact my pregs were totally boring! But I carried differently, and experienced some carpal tunnel with #2, and had pufts syndrome with #1 (very itchy areas crop up). So-you will not know until its birthday (or ultrasound day)! My girls are 19 mos apart. #1 was 7.3-but I was huge-tons of amniotic fluid!, #2 was 9.8-and I only gained about 18 lbs (must have been busy with #1). They both were overdue-#1 by 6 days with an induction, and #2 14 days on the button. Good luck to you!

I have found that not only is pregnancy with boys and girls different hormonally for me, each pregnancy is different in its self no matter what you are having.
As we age/ mature our bodies react to different things different ways. After your 1st, 2nd, etc pregnancy your body is sensetive to different things. I felt a ton lot more soreness in my hips with my 3rd than with my 1st. More achy in the back with my 2nd than my 3rd. Mainly physical things... And chasing the other kids did nothing for keeping me rested. :-)
As for MS... never had it boys or girls. My mom says that her only pregnancy that she didn't crave anything was with my one and only brother... All the other 4 she was craving watermelons and tomatoes... With my brother mom couldn't SMELL food without upchucking... :-)

I have two boys, and both my pregnancies were pretty much alike, except that I felt more nauseous with the first one. I didn't throw up or anything, but just felt nauseous. I had people tell me that if the baby has lots of hair, then that is what causes you to feel more nauseous. I don't know how true that is, but in my case, my oldest was born with lots of hair & my little one not so much. I also had more pressure near my ribs with my oldest.
I enjoyed both my pregnancies though, I loved it when the baby kicked inside.
Are you going to find out if you are carrying a boy or girl? or are you going to wait so you could be surprised? When I was pregnant, I didn't really want to find out, but when the doctor did the ultrasound, I asked if he could tell if it was a boy or girl, and he looked & told me that he could..........so I kind of knew that I was having boys both times. My husband and I were blessed with two beautiful boys, and I am very thankful for that.
My kids are great!!!

Each of my three pregnancies was different with one girl and two boys. Each time had different stresses, I got older and I had more kids to take care of, besides hormonal differences and how long you had to recover from the last pregnancy. Each child is totally different, so each pregnancy won't be the same either. Actually my most similar pregnancies were the first and last and one was a girl and one was a boy.

I have two boys and both pregnancies were very different. With my first I had no morning sickness at all and was a very easy pregnancy. My second I was sick for the first four months and then right about that time the horrible lower back pain started and never stopped until he was born. I also had gestational diabetes with my second but not my first. I was convinced my second was going to be a girl but here I am with two little boys! I don't think your pregnancy has anything to do with gender but more with hormones and changes in your body. Congratulations and best of luck to you!

I have heard that different sexes mean different symptoms, but my girlfriend had this and her 3rd was another boy. Her experience told me not to count on it, but it is fun to dream about. Congratulations!

I have 3 girls and my Preg. with my 3rd was so differnt that I was convinced she was a boy. When I delivered a baby girl I was shocked...happy but shocked!

Like you I am pregnant with #3 and have 2 girls already. For me I was not sick with either of my girls and with this one I was sick for the first 11 weeks and it started almost instantly (it didn't wait until 6 weeks like all the books say). So lots of people have been telling me, "oh you must be having a boy". We find out in 2 weeks what we are having so I guess we'll see if it is true about the differences if we actually are having a boy.
Good luck with your pregnancy and enjoy your little miracle.

First of all, congrants on your pregnancy. I am 25 weeks along with my second boy and this one has been different. With my first I was sick so bad that I was hopitalized twice for dehydration. With this one, very very little to no morning sickness. From what I hear, each pregnancy is different. This one also doesn't kick as much as my first. my little man was a terrorist inside me starting at 16 weeks pregnant (and he's still this way at 4 years old). This one, he hardly kicks except at night a little.

R. your pregnancy is normal. I have two boys 2 and 4 and my pregnancy with each was totally different and they have completely different personalities now. Enjoy the pregnancy and the different experiences.

I have heard people say that they 'think' that some women have more morning sickness with girls because of the hormones that are being released. Now don't tell me Im wrong...I don't believe that, I've just heard it. Whether there is any validity to it, I don't know!

I think you could have a hundred pregnancies (ugh) and they could all be different.


I also had morning sickness with my girls and not as much with my boys. Is that an indicator of the baby's sex? I don't know.I think that each pregnancy is different, just as each child is different. It's nothing to worry about. Maybe it's something to celebrate!

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