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Thinking of Switching to Cloth Diapers

Hi Moms,
I have a wonderful nine month old son. I am a SAHM with a husband who usually has a crazy busy schedule so alot of the time it is just my little man and me. I am thinking about switching to cloth diapers because of the environmental aspects as well as the cost savings. I am trying to do research but there is so much out there that I feel like I am getting lost in it all! Does anyone know anything about cloth diapers (which ones are best(I found a brand call Rainforest babies?), what do I need to get started, etc?). Thank you so much!

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I started when my first son was about the same age.
I love One-size pocket diapers like bumGenius, Happy Hienies, and WonderWorks.
You can get lots of good info on diaperswappers.com and diaperpin.com

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Just wanted to pass along some recent research on this topic:
the increase of water (our natural resource) used to clean cloth diapers is an equal "evil" to our environment as to the diapers you are putting in the landfill.

No opinion from me one way or another....just wanted you to be aware...

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Hi J.,
While I appreciate the desire to be more environmentally-correct, allow me to give you another perspective. I'm not trying to change your mind, since this is a personal decision.
As a mom who started out with cloth diapers, thinking they were better for the baby and the earth,I found that disposables are much better at keeping babies dry. Even with liners inside the cloth diapers, they just don't compare to the comfort level of disposables.
While you might chafe at those diapers going out in the trash, consider all of the environmentally unfriendly things that go into washing cloth diapers - the water, gas, electricity, the detergent, etc, and your own energy. The cost savings aren't that great when you factor everything in.
Good luck with whichever choice you make!

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You'll love it J.!! I changed over at the later part of my first son's diapering days. My youngest, with the exception of church and grandparents, is in cloth diapers all the time! You do save a lot.

Every Mama will tell you something different. I find you gotta try it out for yourself. My personal faves on diapers are fuzzi bunz, and bumgenius. If you buy them, be sure to get extra inserts for naps and night time. I usually use one of the regular, and two doublers for my kiddo at night ( only one for naps). But he's a heavy wetter. G Diapers aren't bad, but I woundn't recommend them for nighttime use. We had horrible leaks with that. I doubled up the inserts and still had a wet child in the morning. If anything, on the go use or very teachable grandparents. The previous review said there was no washing, just flushing, eh.. poop smears and ya still have to wash the lining in the diaper. There not bad, just if you want bang for your buck... pocket diapers are very nice.
I use washcloths for wipes and some warm water, even some baby shampooo for REALLY bad messes. Cheap and cheerful. Make sure you have a diaper pail, or a covered trash can and line it with a laundry bag. I always carry an extra couple of diapers in the diaper bag and I recycle plastic grocery store bags rather than invest in a "wet bag". Again, cheap and cheerful, and it works well for us. Hope you have a wonderful experience with it. I love knowing I'm saving cash and the environment all at the same time! What can I say, it is the Mommy multi-tasker in me! ;)

Good for you! Way back when my kids were that age, I also opted for cloth diapers (can you believe that for 35 years we've been dumping disposable diapers in landfills??? My oldest is 35) I was a stay at home mom back then and it just made sense to me and I've always felt it was a really good choice. My 32 year old daughter would commend and thank you - she's an environmental engineer. I don't know anything about different brands, but I'm sure any good quality would work (back in the day there weren't many to choose from). Basically you need diapers, pins, plastic pants and whatever you decide to use to wash them with. It's pretty basic and simple. Again - Good for YOU!!


I LOVE my cloth diapers. I use a combination of different pocket diapers though mostly BumGenius 3.0's. I have included two links (the ones on top) that are great locations for learning about and buying your cloth. The last three are just a small number of sites that talk about the benefits of cloth diapers (these are more for those few people here that actually think that disposables are better for the environment than cloth..lol). There are many, many more.

Hi J.! I cloth diapered my son and I loved it! I used chinese prefolds and a variety of wraps including prowraps, bummis and bumpkins (and others I can't remember). I also used fleece liners that I just made myself. All you need to do is get a yard or so of any kind of fleece and cut it into strips about the same width and length of the folded diaper. I never did get to try the fuzzy bunz but I've heard a lot of great things about them. Contrary to what others may say, I did not find cloth diapering to be a lot of work or anything of the sort. My son was cloth diapered and never got a rash, was never chaffed or anything. The little boy I watched who was two weeks younger than my son and who used disposable diapers was constantly rash-ridden (watching him from age 6 weeks to 3 years old). Anyway, happy diapering!!!! :)

God's blessings,

I started when my first son was about the same age.
I love One-size pocket diapers like bumGenius, Happy Hienies, and WonderWorks.
You can get lots of good info on diaperswappers.com and diaperpin.com

i used cloth diapers with my two kids! Good for you for taking the intiative! Put the diaper pail near a door outside if you can, kitchen/garage door or the patio door. Learn the different folding methods, your child will never out grow these diapers! I remember adding up the cost, and one full year of cloth diapering my child= $27.00. Once the investment of the diaper themselves are made, all you need are replacement "bubble pants", bleach and hot water!!!

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