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Thinking of Getting a Yorkie Poo with a 16 Month Old?

Hi there,
I am thinking of getting a small dog and really think the Yorkie Poos are soooo cute! I have an individual that is willing to sell her yorkie poo puppy that is 10 wks because the puppy and her older yorkie do not get along. She says the puppy is great with her 3 children ranging from 13 to 20months. I have a 16 month old and he LOVES my parent's three maltese puppies. He is usually very gentle with them also. We have a cat that mostly lives outside, but she comes in to sleep and eat. When she is inside he is very sweet and gentle with her, but she isn't very tolerable and just runs away. I was wondering if anyone had experience with Yorkie Poos and theirs have been with their children. I know all dogs are different, but we can't find any other breed that we haved liked as much!

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We made the mistake of getting a large breed puppy, but he just grew so fast, and got to big. We had to give him away to a family with older kids. I think that at yorkiepoo is perfect! yorkies also come really tiny, and in my opinion are too small for small children!!! But a lot of yorkies are 7-12 lbs. My mother watches my 2 yr old while i work and ever since my son was born that dog loves that baby! He will come get you when he wakes up from a nap and is crying, as soon as my son and i walk in the door she wants to just give him kisses all over his face. My son will even throw the ball and play fetch with the dog. I think its a great size, they are hard to potty train, but its like a kid, you have to dicipline and you cant half way do it, you have to be consistant! Good luck!

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We have a four pound yorkie. Our son is 18 months. She was pissed for a while after he was born. But she's over it now. She has nipped at him, but he has deserved it. I just try and teach him to be gentle, but when he's not she knows, and she gets away from him. They are fine together, you just got to keep an eye on them both. Good Luck!!

We have two yorkies, one who weighs 5 lbs and one who weighs 3.5 lbs. We have a 22 month old girl. We adore our dogs but they are currently living with my parents because we were scared that our daughter would hurt one of the dogs. Small yorkies CAN be very fragile. Although most of the time, my daughter is great with the dogs sometimes she gets rough. Just to let you know too, these dogs are extremely difficult to potty train and require a ton of attention and training. Make sure you read lots about the bread before getting one! Overall, I adore yorkies and would recommend them to anyone but I would really caution anyone with small children due to the danger it could pose the dog! Good luck! FYI- Be weary of breeders...alot of them will tell you what you want to hear so that you will purchase their dog!

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and we just got a doberman puppie who is 7 weeks old. If I had to do it again I would DEFINETLY wait on getting a puppie with a small child. It is ALOT of work watching both of them and she is really ruff she already hurt his leg (he is fine now) but I would wait if I where you.

I agree with everything already said, but also keep in mind that puppies that age are teething and still have their needle sharp milk teeth, and love to chew and nip, because they are playing. Puppies that small and toddlers that young require constant supervision together. Trying to housebreak a puppy that age will require alot of work as well. I would wait until the toddler was at least 3 before getting a young puppy. If you are sure you want a dog now, look at getting an older puppy, at least 6 months, becasue at that age they become much easier to train, and usually have lost all those super sharp teeth!! Shelters and rescues are good as well, but make sure if you decide to adopt a dog you adopt one that has a KNOWN HISTORY! (usually dropped off by owners) While I am all for rescuing dogs, I have seen too many that have unreliable tempernmants (which you don't know until one day something triggers them and they get aggressive), and I would not do that with a small child in the house. Also, if you go to petfinders.com, beware of any listing where they sell many many breeds, as there is a good chance they are a puppy mill.
Just my 2 cents!
Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

I say go for it! We got a teacup yorkie who was only 2 lbs when we got him. I have 4 children and the youngest was a little over 2 when we got him. He loves the kids and the kids think he has to go everywhere we go. My 5 year old did drop him out of her lap onto the kitchen floor the 1st week we got him and it stunned him but he was okay after taking him to the ER to make sure. You just have to watch the little ones, like having a new born baby and a toddler - you don't ever leave the 2 alone together. A yorkiepoo is considered a designer dog and should be a great pet with both temperments being really sweet. I say just watch over the puppy (put it in a kennel or a play pen) when you can't watch your toddler and the puppy at the same time - it can work. I did it with 4 kids you can do it with 1.

Our 7lb Yorkie was two years old when I took my infant granddaughter to raise. I can tell you that if you go on adoption sites that they discourage getting a small dog with a baby in the house, but we managed somehow. My granddaughter is now four years old and just now the Yorkie is willing to sleep and play with her, but I really have to watch the teasing and I am on her all the time these days about leaving little toys on the floor. Forget wooden toys. It's funny, usually the dog knows whose toys are whose, but every now and then the dog cannot resist.
On the plus side, our Yorkie would awaken me any time the baby was running a fever. She sticks like glue when any of us are sick. Our Yorkie is truly a member of our family and I would be beside myself if anything should happen to her.
Bottom line, it's challenging to raise a new pup and a baby at the same time.
Good luck with whatever you decide, but wouldn't a new puppy for Christmas around the age of four be perfect?
C. S.

If the dog is good with kids already than that is a plus. I thought getting a puppy for our 3 1/2 yr old was a grat idea until we actually got the dog. Out life had to change b/c the dog wants to chew up things b/c its a puppyy...you really have to watch whats laying around now vs. not having to b-4. Also he has puppy sharp claws and jumps alot and my daughter is having issues on that. Also we got him in May last year and she is so already over him (like the second month after we got him). I wish I would have waited until she was like around 5-6 and could help take care of him and appericate him more. My advice is to just really think how your world will have to change inorder to adjust to a new memember of the family (almost like you would when thinking of having another child b/c they are almost as much world)and see if that is something that you can hadle and then go for it.... Good Luck on your decision.

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