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Think I'm Pregnant

Hi everyone,
My husband and I have been married about 10 months and decided that I should get off birth control. I've been off for about 4 months. (We heard it could take awhile before you conceive). Now I'm about 7 days late with my period and he noticed and told me how happy he was and excited. I think he even started telling his friends. I took a pregnancy test because of the missed period and other symptoms and it came back positive. We both decided not to tell too many people until I go to the doctor. I took another test today and it said negative. It's very confussing, and I hate waiting!! Any thoughts???

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Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the advice. I started my period on the 4th and its been a regular period, so I'm not pregnant. My husband and I are disapointed, but when the time is right with God, I guess it will happen.

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Sometimes early in the pregnancy it depends on the time of day you take the test. The hormone that is testing for gets diluted through out the day. First pee in the morning is usually best. I have had negatives with the expensive tests and then tested again with the equate brand and always got a positive with the equate. so, you don't necessarily need to spend the money.

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If you call you OB/GYN they can do a hormone level test on you. They will do a blood test and 3 days later do another and see if the hormone that you produce when you are pregnant (I forget the name) has increased. If you are pregnant, the number will increase.

Wow! That's awesome. You're in love and think you're pregnant. Just try to practice guarded excitement. Make sense? If you're not then it's not the right time, if you are then it is. It's just that simple. Good Luck!

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If you took the 1st one in the morning, and the 2nd one later in the day, it is possible that there just isn't enough hormone in your body to show up in a late day test....

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I too have had a false negative. I took a test at home, got a negative, and the next day went to the Dr. and got a positive blood test. I have 4 kiddos and only one has given me a positive at home. A nurse said that it just means that I have low levels of hormone in my urine. I would do what the other ladies have suggested. Go to the Dr. and get a blood test. You need peace of mind.

And if you are, good luck! You are on a wonderful fulfilling journey!


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Unfortunately this is all too common in pregnancy. Its official name is a 'chemical pregnancy'. It occurs when an egg is fertilized and moves into the uterus. It most often will move into the right place and everything is primed for a pregnancy. But then the embryo does not develop beyond the yolk and fetal pole stage. However, because it has attached, your body produces the hormones that indicate pregnancy, hence the initial positive, and then the later negative. Your body, now that it realises the embryo is not viable will no longer produce the hormone, which is why you got the negative test.

I am sorry, no matter how early or late in a pregnancy, it is hard to know the results are not what you wanted.

As a gestational surrogate of 4, and mom to my own 5, I have learnt a lot about how the body works, and the information I just gave you is based on listening to many surrogates and mothers who have gone through the same thing. As several others suggested, go and get a beta done (blood test). In the world of surrogacy anything over 5 is considered positive, but your number would need to be higher than that to confirm pregnancy, because you are already 7 days past your period.

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If you are pregnant, Congratulations! To be sure, call your DR and have blood work done! This will hopefully give you peace of mind! The only other test your doctor would do is one you have already done!

God bless!

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Hi C.,

I too got a positive, then a negative. The negative was the one they had me do at the doctors office. Very confusing! The result...a beautiful little girl! Because we had been trying for over a year, I returned to the hospital and, at the prompting of some of my girlfriends, requested a quantitative blood test instead of a qualitative one (or in other words a test that will tell you the exact amount of the pregnancy hormone hcg in your system, instead of one that provides a yes no answer). My numbers read kind of low...but at least they told me I was pregnant. Hope answers come fast for you. I know how hard waiting can be.

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That happened to me when I was pregnant with my first. The nurse at my doctor's office said that if you get a positive, you are pregnant. Basically there are no false positives only false negatives. I would get a good brand and take a test in the morning when your urine is the most concentrated. Do the cup method...I think it is more accurate then the stream method. You can make sure enough urine is on the stick.

By the way, it only took me 2 months to get pregnant so it does happen that quick...

Good luck...how exciting!

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Congratulations, C.!

I hope your test is right and the doctor's test is incorrect!

In response to your question, I recommend waiting to tell people a LOT longer than you and your husband seem to be inclined to wait. The reason that I feel this way is because, in today's culture, pregnancy seems to be under-appreciated as the MIRACLE that it is - and the truth is that getting pregnant and staying pregnant can still be difficult. So I pray for your pregnancy, whenever it occurs, to be flawless.

I believe this should be a "special secret" between you and your husband until ~3 months, or around the time you start showing. There is great joy in sharing privileged information with one's spouse. For one thing, this can create a sense of excitement in each of you as you anticipate being together at the end of the day to discuss things such as what is happening in your body/life (how you feel physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually -- and what your husband is feeling in these areas, too!); what you and your husband "dream" for this child; your thoughts about parenting and the values you plan to communicate to your children; and "how" to break the news to special people (i.e. parents, siblings, best-friends, etc.) as well as how to tell people at work, like your manager and casual coworkers, etc. There will be plenty of time, between months 3 and 9, to tell others.

I just feel this should be a special time of bonding between you and your spouse - to connect the two of you in the reality of what is coming. It will get the two of you on the same "team" for this "project" which will require your foremost energy and commitment for the next 18 to 20 years and will fill your hearts with joy for a lifetime.

Mark 10:13-16 - "People were bringing little children to Jesus to have him touch them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them."

Blessings on your "family to be",

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Sometimes early in the pregnancy it depends on the time of day you take the test. The hormone that is testing for gets diluted through out the day. First pee in the morning is usually best. I have had negatives with the expensive tests and then tested again with the equate brand and always got a positive with the equate. so, you don't necessarily need to spend the money.

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