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Think I'm Pregnant

Hi everyone,
My husband and I have been married about 10 months and decided that I should get off birth control. I've been off for about 4 months. (We heard it could take awhile before you conceive). Now I'm about 7 days late with my period and he noticed and told me how happy he was and excited. I think he even started telling his friends. I took a pregnancy test because of the missed period and other symptoms and it came back positive. We both decided not to tell too many people until I go to the doctor. I took another test today and it said negative. It's very confussing, and I hate waiting!! Any thoughts???

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Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the advice. I started my period on the 4th and its been a regular period, so I'm not pregnant. My husband and I are disapointed, but when the time is right with God, I guess it will happen.

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Sometimes early in the pregnancy it depends on the time of day you take the test. The hormone that is testing for gets diluted through out the day. First pee in the morning is usually best. I have had negatives with the expensive tests and then tested again with the equate brand and always got a positive with the equate. so, you don't necessarily need to spend the money.

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If you call you OB/GYN they can do a hormone level test on you. They will do a blood test and 3 days later do another and see if the hormone that you produce when you are pregnant (I forget the name) has increased. If you are pregnant, the number will increase.

Wow! That's awesome. You're in love and think you're pregnant. Just try to practice guarded excitement. Make sense? If you're not then it's not the right time, if you are then it is. It's just that simple. Good Luck!

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If you took the 1st one in the morning, and the 2nd one later in the day, it is possible that there just isn't enough hormone in your body to show up in a late day test....

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I too have had a false negative. I took a test at home, got a negative, and the next day went to the Dr. and got a positive blood test. I have 4 kiddos and only one has given me a positive at home. A nurse said that it just means that I have low levels of hormone in my urine. I would do what the other ladies have suggested. Go to the Dr. and get a blood test. You need peace of mind.

And if you are, good luck! You are on a wonderful fulfilling journey!


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Unfortunately this is all too common in pregnancy. Its official name is a 'chemical pregnancy'. It occurs when an egg is fertilized and moves into the uterus. It most often will move into the right place and everything is primed for a pregnancy. But then the embryo does not develop beyond the yolk and fetal pole stage. However, because it has attached, your body produces the hormones that indicate pregnancy, hence the initial positive, and then the later negative. Your body, now that it realises the embryo is not viable will no longer produce the hormone, which is why you got the negative test.

I am sorry, no matter how early or late in a pregnancy, it is hard to know the results are not what you wanted.

As a gestational surrogate of 4, and mom to my own 5, I have learnt a lot about how the body works, and the information I just gave you is based on listening to many surrogates and mothers who have gone through the same thing. As several others suggested, go and get a beta done (blood test). In the world of surrogacy anything over 5 is considered positive, but your number would need to be higher than that to confirm pregnancy, because you are already 7 days past your period.

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If you are pregnant, Congratulations! To be sure, call your DR and have blood work done! This will hopefully give you peace of mind! The only other test your doctor would do is one you have already done!

God bless!

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Hi C.,

I too got a positive, then a negative. The negative was the one they had me do at the doctors office. Very confusing! The result...a beautiful little girl! Because we had been trying for over a year, I returned to the hospital and, at the prompting of some of my girlfriends, requested a quantitative blood test instead of a qualitative one (or in other words a test that will tell you the exact amount of the pregnancy hormone hcg in your system, instead of one that provides a yes no answer). My numbers read kind of low...but at least they told me I was pregnant. Hope answers come fast for you. I know how hard waiting can be.

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That happened to me when I was pregnant with my first. The nurse at my doctor's office said that if you get a positive, you are pregnant. Basically there are no false positives only false negatives. I would get a good brand and take a test in the morning when your urine is the most concentrated. Do the cup method...I think it is more accurate then the stream method. You can make sure enough urine is on the stick.

By the way, it only took me 2 months to get pregnant so it does happen that quick...

Good luck...how exciting!

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Congratulations, C.!

I hope your test is right and the doctor's test is incorrect!

In response to your question, I recommend waiting to tell people a LOT longer than you and your husband seem to be inclined to wait. The reason that I feel this way is because, in today's culture, pregnancy seems to be under-appreciated as the MIRACLE that it is - and the truth is that getting pregnant and staying pregnant can still be difficult. So I pray for your pregnancy, whenever it occurs, to be flawless.

I believe this should be a "special secret" between you and your husband until ~3 months, or around the time you start showing. There is great joy in sharing privileged information with one's spouse. For one thing, this can create a sense of excitement in each of you as you anticipate being together at the end of the day to discuss things such as what is happening in your body/life (how you feel physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually -- and what your husband is feeling in these areas, too!); what you and your husband "dream" for this child; your thoughts about parenting and the values you plan to communicate to your children; and "how" to break the news to special people (i.e. parents, siblings, best-friends, etc.) as well as how to tell people at work, like your manager and casual coworkers, etc. There will be plenty of time, between months 3 and 9, to tell others.

I just feel this should be a special time of bonding between you and your spouse - to connect the two of you in the reality of what is coming. It will get the two of you on the same "team" for this "project" which will require your foremost energy and commitment for the next 18 to 20 years and will fill your hearts with joy for a lifetime.

Mark 10:13-16 - "People were bringing little children to Jesus to have him touch them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them."

Blessings on your "family to be",

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Sometimes early in the pregnancy it depends on the time of day you take the test. The hormone that is testing for gets diluted through out the day. First pee in the morning is usually best. I have had negatives with the expensive tests and then tested again with the equate brand and always got a positive with the equate. so, you don't necessarily need to spend the money.

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hahaha! Yes I heard the same thing about birth control staying in your system for a while. I got off the pill and got pregnant THAT MONTH! Don't be stressed. Somtimes test can have a false negative but it is pretty hard/rare for a test to be a false positive. My sugestion is go to the dollar store(Dollar tree in El Paso has pregnancy tests for $1) and take as many as you'd like. But don't let it overwhelm you, just be happy with what ever the turn out is!:)

To be sure you need to do the blood test. This is the most accurate test

First of all... congratulations, if you are pregnant! Did you take the same brand of pregnancy test? Some are able to measure less concentrated hormone levels than others! That may be what happened here.

You're wise to wait until it's confirmed from your doctor to tell everyone. Even then, you may want to wait to tell EVERYONE until you're actually showing. Share it with close friends and family, but not co-workers, etc. Just a suggestion for professional settings, etc. '

Let us know what happens!! How exciting!!!!

M. S.

Hi C., because you are so early your hcg levels are low and pregnancy detection can be a little harder to detect; however, I would call your drs office and tell them such. Did you use the same brand tests? and did you test at different times in the day like the first time was it your first pee? there are many different scenerios that could be going on, but I do know that it is nearly impossible to get a positive test if you are not pregnant, so your hcg levels are elevated to get such results. Every day that goes by your hcg levels should be doubling, so if you retest in a few days and don't get a positive result, I would check with your doc he will probably do a quatitative hcg check to make sure that the pregnancy is surviving, just relax, there is nothing that you can do at this point but wait it out. good luck

Great possibility you are pregnant! I was on bc for 3 years and within 6 months of being off I got pregnant, so really I don't think it takes long at all. Take another pg test in the morning.. wish you well.

When I suspected I was pregnant, I took a pregnancy test that came back positive. I wanted to make sure, so I took another, and it was negative. That was confusing, so I took another that also turned out negative. I went to the doctor the next day and took another test. It was negative. The nurse thought it was peculiar that I had gotten a positive the first test I took, so she ran it again. It was positive! You may be very early on and the hormones that indicate pregnancy are at very low levels. Don't be discouraged. You could be pregnant! If not, just keep trying!

I was told by my doctor- there is a such thing as a false negative- but not a false positive. I would go to your dr. and get a blood test to be sure. Make sure you let us know "what happens". God Bless!!!

Hi C.,
Sometimes a false positive can occur if you let it sit past the time indicated. This does not mean it was false, but I would go and have a qualitative pregnancy test (serum blood test)to confirm your results. A qualitative preg. test gives numbers. For example, if you have the hcg hormone in your blood, it will show up in numbers (>2 means pregnant)but if you have what is called a quantitative preg. test, it will show a positive or negative and since you are not getting accurate results, a qual.test will be more accurate. Be sure to specify this particular test. pray fully, you are pregnant, but by some chance you are not, don't give up. It will happen or perhaps already has and you can share the good news when you and your husband see fit. Be Encouraged!

There are FALSE positives and there are FALSE negatives.

There are a few brands that will test positive (Church and DeWight), I have tested positive with tap water.

I would use a different brand. Retest again. You can go to the following link to see how much mIU is needed for a test to come up positive.


You could also have had a Missed Miscarriage. You could have had implantation, which caused a late period start. Then actually started your period late, resulting in a miscarriage. But because you didnt know you were pregnant, is why it's called a missed m/c.

You could also have had a faulty test, I would retest.

The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to have a QUALITIVE hCG beta test. A qual hcg test will show an exact number of how much hCG is in your system. But you also need to have this test twice, at least 2 days apart. If your hCG doubles and increases in the 48-72 hour period, then you are pregnant. If the number does not double and actually decreases, it shows a m/c.

Some OBs say you must have at least 5 to be considered pg, some say 10, others say 50.

If you do assume you are/were pregnant, and think you might have had a missed m/c, I would go to the ER, and tell them. Depending on your hCG numbers, you will need a shot and if you are Rh negative, you will also need the Rhogam shot.

Good Luck!

PS- this all comes from experience. I have gotten false positives and NOT been pregnant. And I used a top brand test. I also have had a missed m/c too. And I still grieve for my loss, as coming from a mother who has tried 2 rounds of IVF to conceive.

Congrats on the pregnancy
But you won't be positive until you take a test at your doctors office. As your doctor not done blood work to confirm? Also try taking a test w/ your first mornings urine! It's the most accurate time to take a test.
I hope it's positive!
Good Luck and God Bless

About me: married almost 11 years, 3 kids- 10 yr old, 7 yr old, 2 yr old and one on the way

C., I scanned the other responses really quickly and didn't see one similar to mine, so here goes: when I thought I was pregnant with my daughter, the first test I took was a weak positive. I wanted to make sure, so I took one the next day, and then the next day, and then the next day!!! Three tests after the weak positive, I could not get another positive, but I was indeed pregnant. Who knows why? Don't stress about the tests, just wait and see your physician. If you have mild cramping, this is normal, don't flip out. Best of Luck!

C., even though your latest test is negative, you are still seven days late and that first test was still positive.
I think you should have a blood test - that's about the most reliable.
Watch out for signs of frequent urination and tender breasts.

I think it maybe possible get a negative response and have it be wrong but I think it is near impossible to get a positive response and have it be wrong. You are most likely pregnant. Congrats!

Wait 3 months before telling others. God forbid but you want to make sure everything is OK before you announce it. I know others who spoke too soon (miscarriage) and then had to deal with that grief ALONG with dealing with telling everyone the news. That's why everyone usually waits 3 months.

Best Wishes!!

Well, if you even think you *might* be pregnant, the first thing to do is start taking a prenatal vitamin. (Best quality vitamins are at health food stores/central market/whole foods instead of the local grocery store.) If it turns out that you are, keep in mind that your ob/gyn doctor won't make an appointment to see you until you are at least 9 or 10 weeks along. Sounds like you might be 4 or 5 weeks right now... So now is the time to take your vitamins and find an OB/gyn if you don't have one now.

Congrats! -K.

Congratulations or maybe not. Drink lots of orange juice before and after you conceive it is good for baby. Then go to a doctor and take those vitamins right away. That is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby right now. Those tests can be wrong. It can take time to regulate hormone levels after birth control. Also, you might go to the doctor right now and just get checked out.

one thing i will say,,,,,,,i've heard of many many many false negatives, but never once a false positive, hope that helps

It's more likely to be a false positive, especially early on. It takes a certain amount of hormone to trigger the positive reaction on the strip. That amount varies in urine, but is highest early in the morning. I'd feel pretty confident that you are pregnant. Best wishes!!

First of all congratulations newlywed, marriage is a big adventure!
Second, pregnancy is exciting but also very scary. The first trimester is so "fragile". False negatives happen more often than false positives and you would be wise to wait to see the doctor. Unless you have severe abdominal cramping and bleeding then you will want to see them to insure your own health.

Good luck and best wishes.

The brand of test you use can measure different levels of hcg (the pregnancy hormone)in your system...some tests measure as little as 25mg of hcg to turn positive...others need over 200mg of hcg to test positive.

So, try another test and use first morning urine...

There is a site online that tells you what different tests measure as a positive...google "hcg levels pregnancy tests brands"

Good luck {{{{{hugs}}}}}

Congratulations to you both, your gonna have a baby.... Your positive pregnancy test is the one that is right, you can't have a false positive, but you can have a false negative, so yes, be excited all you want girl!!! Still check with your Dr., but I'm pretty sure that's how it is with pregnancy test... Also, make sure your buying Name Brand pregnancy test, some of the off brands may be defected and that could have been the issue with one of them!!! Anyways, Good Luck and Many Blessings... Hope all goes well for you and your husband!!!

If you call you OB/GYN they can do a hormone level test on you. They will do a blood test and 3 days later do another and see if the hormone that you produce when you are pregnant (I forget the name) has increased. If you are pregnant, the number will increase.

I have always heard that you are more likely to have a false negative than a false positive, so I would probably trust the positive test. What time of day did you take them? Morning urine may be best, so maybe try again in the morning? I don't know when you are scheduled to go to the doctor (most won't make an appointment until you are 7 weeks along at least), so I understand how hard it is to wait. I would just try another test and see what happens. Best of luck to you! I know how hard it is to wait when you want to get pregnant. It took us over a year to get pregnant with our first, but now we just had our second and it happened right away when we started trying, so you just never know!

When I first thought I was pregnant with my son I took a test. I was already about 2 weeks late, but because of thyroid problems my period didn't always arrive right on time anyway. It was when my pms problem of sore boobs wouldn't go away but no period that I became suspiscious (sp?).

Anyway, the first test said it didn't matter the time of day, so I did it in the evening after I purchased it. It came back negative (one line). A few days later, after still no start of period, I bought another one and tried again. This time I was going to wait until morning to test but woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee really bad. So, at about 3am I took the test. Low and behold it came back positive.

I pulled out the other test that I had put back in the box and put under the sink cabinet and guess what, the second line had appeared on the results indicator. (To this day I don't know why I had put it back in the box and not just thrown it away.) The hormone level was low because it was not my first pee, so it took a rreeaallyy long time for the test to actually process.

My son is now 6 years old.


I tried a home pregnancy test once. It said negative as well. Just to find out the opposite. It is best to get it done w/ a doctor. Or, if you are in the Bryan/College Station area, go to Hope Pregnancy Ctr. It is free and you know immediately. Good luck!! Let me say, if you are pregnant, congratulations. Hope you enjoy your kids as much as I do.

Well if you want to be sure before paying for a doctors visit, if you go to a regular doctors office most of them offer free pregnancy tests. That's what i ended up doing and they'll give you the results in about 15 to 20 minutes.


C....what should you do about what? :( I'm very confused as to what type of advice you need.

Have you told your husband that the first test came out positive and the second one came out negative? Well, what more is there to say?

If he's telling friends, hopefully he's explaining the aforementioned results to them. If so, there's really nothing else to tell or nothing to be confused about until you go to the doctor and get the official results.

you can take a medical quality one at planned parenthood, it is also possiblemaybe you didn't implant right? you still haven't had your period though, so things are looking good!

Hi C.,

Congratulations on your marriage and trying to conceive. First off, you should know that it is very rare to get a false positive, and much more common to get a false negative. Usually, if you are only a month or so along, you should definitely follow up with your doctor or Planned Parent Hood. They will be able to give you a blood test. It's quick and painless. You can know something within 3 days if not sooner (sometimes that day depending on dr). It is the only thing that is 100% accurate (I believe) without having an ultrasound (which most doctors won't do unless there's a past history of ectopic pregnancies.
Don't get discouraged because of a false test. Listen to your body, and go get it checked out for sure.
Everytime I was pregnant (with my 3 sons), I had 6 false negatives. Yet, with each time there was never any doubt in my mind and I was right.
Good Luck, and keep us posted when you find out.

hello C. i done the same thing when i got pregnant with my son well i could not wait to find out from the doctor so i took a test first thing in the moring and it was pos.if i was you take a nother one first thing when you fill you need to go do the test that way it will read better i hope you are that is a joy finding out the first time thats some great news to get but please wait on telling every body be safe wait till you are 3&4 mos along to be on the safe side,i wish you well and take care god bless you and your husband

Wow! That's awesome. You're in love and think you're pregnant. Just try to practice guarded excitement. Make sense? If you're not then it's not the right time, if you are then it is. It's just that simple. Good Luck!

I remember when i thought i was pregnant(turned out i was) i was scared, excited, etc. b/c i wasn't sure i was ready. but as soon as you know it's like heaven! I was soo happy. i hope you are pregnant and if you are good luck and have fun with it. Take a bunch of pictures b/c they grow up so fast!

C., I got pregnant immediately after getting off the pill, and I had been on it for at least 7 years... The pregnancy tests are extremely unpredictable in the first month... My best friend was pregnant and it wasn't confirmed until 12 weeks, all tests were coming out negative, the dr.s were even giving her hormones to get her body to have a period... So, you very well might be pregnant.. good luck... I won't say congratulations, don't want to jinx anything!.. J.

I would go get a blood test at my GYN/OB. When I found out I was pregnant, I took three tests and they were all positive. When I went in to the doctor, she said they could take another urine sample, but it would be the same as a home pregnancy test. That's why you should request a blood test. Sometimes, the pregnancy hormones are not high enough levels to be detected on a "pee test." SO, it is recommended to take it first thing in the morning, and to be 10 days late. BUT, they say there's no such thing as a false negative. If you did the test correctly, and didn't get any pee onto the indicator, then you are pregnant. My OB/GYN said the tests in the store are the same as the ones they do ;) Good luck! Congrats!

I'd take another one in the morning when the hormone is supposed to be strongest. The tests are so cheap now it is worth it to try to make it til your appointment. How long before your doc appointment? If you still haven't started your period there is still hope!

Good luck and let us know what happens!!

You sound like a sweet girl. Don't worry if you are not pregnant. You are young and strong. The day will come when your body is ready for a baby so enjoy life and your new husband. Get to know each other more and spend a lot of time together because when children come into your lives, they seem to take over! And that is a good thing, kids are great! They keep parents busy.

Congrats on trying! I have had positive test and negative test when I was pregnant as sometimes there isn't strong enough hormones in the urine. That's why the test says to take it in the morning with first urine.

But it's common for women to miscarry in ESPECIALLY the first three weeks, but often in the first 12. IF you make it to 12 weeks your chances of carrying the baby is pretty good. That's why people often wait to tell people.

I got pregnant within a couple of months of getting married and people thought I was crazy. Then I fell down the stairs and miscarried. I was so upset! But an ultrasound revealed that I must have had twins and there was still a baby! They also verified with the blood test, I had one in the ER and one in the dr's clinic.

A note- it cost me over $300 getting it in the ER so unless you are in an emergency situation, don't go there. you might be able to have it done at a emergency care center but definitely call your Dr.

S., mom to 1 in Heaven, 4 on Earth, and 1 "deep in the waters."

I was a week late and took a pregnancy test that also came back negative, At the time I was going to a fertility Dr., I told them about the test and they did a blood test anyway and I was pregnant, So my advice is to definately get a blood test. I never trusted those test's and in the future only went by blood test's. Good luck, Marie E.

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