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The School Says My 6 Yr Old Has A.D.D. Not the Hyperactivity Type

Hi my son just turned siz at the end of August and started first grade at the same time. He struggled thru kindergarten and then we found out he needed his tonsils, adenoids out and tubes put in his ears and he failed his hearing test. Had all this done and now hes been in school for two weeks after his surgery and the teacher tells me has add and needs medication in order to succeed in school. I am wondering if anyone has gone thru this and is there any herbal or homeopathic medicines to try. I am going to see pediatrician on Monday. I am not disputing the fact that he is struggling in school academically but I just do not want to put him on meds. Thanks

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He is having trouble focussing on his work and his handwriting is not good according to his teacher yet I showed his k teacher and she saw great improvement but even I see a difference in his work being not up to where the other children are at. I am just afraid to put him on meds-would consider a herbal supplement. I am not understanding how she can tell me this without testing him. Thanks for all the help!!!

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Has he been tested by a doctor for ADD? I wouldn't just take the teachers word for it. Sadly, some people just think medication is the answer for everything. I don't know any herbal remedies, but if he does have ADD a change in diet can help a lot.

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Sounds like you need to address his eating habits. I'm a Wellness Coach and I specialize in family nutrition. Take a look at my website for more information.


Healthy wishes,
G. G.

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teachers are not MD's so get a Dr. to look at him.
the schools just like to dose anyone they dont want to take the time with.

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Do him a favor and have him tested for ADD. My son had his diagnosed in third grade and I wish they had caught it sooner! I know you don't want him on medications, but think twice about that. It made a world of difference in my son's behavior and school performance. He is a gifted child but couldn't focus in class....he'd be reading ahead and not following instructions and he would miss important things. The teachers constantly had to check to make sure he was on task; he was so distractable. I have ADD too and I can tell you how frustrating it is. It's like this: the normal mind processes information like a waiter bringing you one plate at a time. The ADD brain gets all the plates at once and just can't figure out where to start! The medications help produce an organized stream of thought. My son really notices the difference when he forgets to take his pill....he says "mom, I don't like the way I am without my medicine!" A thought comes to him and he just blurts it out impulsively even if someone else is talking. With the medicine he is able to control it and remember what he was going to say until it's his turn to speak. Please do your son and yourself a favor and at least have him tested. They also offer behavioral coaching which will help you as well. A good therapist can help you to help him!

Feel free to write me if you have any questions....K.

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Hi,I have a 7yrd old son and have been thru this since kindergarten.Against my wishes i put my son on Rx to get the school of my back.They dont seem much helpful at all.Anyway he was on it about a year & started developing side effects.Right away i took him off.I was reccomended to give him the omega 3 pills and also every once in a while i give him kids valerian and both these have really helped.They are both from the health food store.Also i really changed his diet.Hope this helped a little.Good Luck!

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be very careful what you do, medications cause problems with other organs down the road and you said your child's teacher diagnosed him, is she a doctor? Your child probably has a high sugar diet which will make him hyper and unable to stay focused. Try taking him off all sugar and preservatives, juice and all sugar drinks are the worst. This happened to my son when he was 11. I agreed and had him tested in school with the child phsycology staff, and i also knew at the time that my child and my entire family has hyperglycemia which has many symptems of add/adhd. His counselor in school had hyperglycemia and knew of the disorder so stepped up to the plate in helping my son. Teachers are constantly making "the call" that the kids have add/adhd and they are doing it to keep the kids calm and medicated to keep their job less stressful. You can also go online and look up symptoms and most likely your child could have it as many people do, however it CAN'T be treated in the medical field which means no cuts with pharmacutical company's so guess what add/adhd requires meds. Another peak into the future when your child gets older if they havent' changed the disease of the year's name once again ( hyperactive, manic depression,add/adhd/ now bipolar) I'm so sick of how the AMA works this whole world is taking unnecessary drugs so that the pharmacutical companies can get rich. Please be a student for your child and do some research, i like you am into holistic homeopathic as i never had health insurance which is why i chose that route and now i'm mortified as i look on line to see some of the "side effects" of these drugs cause in our children that are being grossly misdiagnosed. Your son can get a rasp blood test to check for food allergies and also shoud have the sugar level test to see if he's hyperglycemic (low blood sugar). It's incredible when you look at the symptoms of low blood sugar and all the "NEW" diseases. They tried to diagnose my son when he was 20 as having bipolar, put him on several meds and when i looked up the symptoms of low blood sugar and bipolar most of the syptoms were the same, except that a true bipolar will hear voices which of course my son didn't. ONCE AGAIN DIET,DIET,DIET change his diet and get him away from sugar or you will be in for a looooooooooooooooong bout of problems in school with behavioral problems and think twice about medications and look them up on line, you'll have your eyes open when you see what's being percribed to our precious childern. Sorry for the book but i can't sit back and watch this happento another victom. There a good doctor in orlando named Kirti Kalidas he's a nutritionist, herbalist, medical doctor and holistic.

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I would take extreme caution before deciding anything. Not only speak with your son's teacher and pediatrician but to other educators, doctors, professionals and friends. In other words do your homework. I recently read an article in the South Florida Parenting Magazine - Sept. 2008 Issue - Titled "Prescription Madness". It was quite enlightening. One of the major points it makes is that "Most of those drugs were never intended for pediatric use." The writer poses the question "Are we risking our children's health for the sake of control?" It also points out that "Children in the US take six times as many anti-psychotic drugs as children in England. In France and Italy it practically unheard of." It sounds that your son has been through quite alot in the past year or so. Look at everything (ie, environment, the school, his health, behavioral influences, his teacher, class distractions, anxieties, fears, etc.). I can't get into every suggestion of the article but it gives an outline of things to consider and to research before deciding on medication. Remember every child is different. I worked in a Psychiatric Hospital for three years and I would definitely think more than twice before giving any of the "recommended" medications to my son. The website for the magazine is www.sfparenting.com. I can also email it to you if you have difficulty acquiring it.

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Hi S.,

I am curious to know who "diagnosed" your son. Did his teacher just have an opinion about his behavior and gave him this label. I would definately investigate this further and have him tested by a professional. I would also recommend a psychological evaluation to further clarify if this is really ADD or maybe some type of learning weakness/disability that could be addressed with some academic, behavioral, or environmental modifications. Medication can help children who are truly ADD and/or ADHD. However, this diagnosis is given in excess. There are other things that can improve a child's focus and/or behaviors besides medication!! Just curious, any ADD in the family? Good luck to you!!

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FYI. I can't tell you how much trouble your son's teacher can be in for saying that to you. I am an exceptional education teacher and as all other teachers, we are not doctors so we can't tell a parent that their child has ADD. A school pyschologist can't even state this. Lawsuits have been brought to court where schools have gotten in trouble for saying this. Only a doctor can give this diagnosis. If your child is struggling it is probably in reading due to the hearing loss. If he couldn't hear the words in Kinder than he can't learn to read with ease like the other students. I would get him a tutor or tutor him yourself. Start with making sure he knows his sight words (google the term if you aren't sure what these are), work on sounding out word family words (cat, sat, mat, ran, pan, dan) You can join sites like readingatoz.com and they will let you print out books that he can read with ease. It is worth the price to invest in a subscripition for a struggling reader. The books you get at Walmart are too hard. Or go to Barnes and Nobles and get BOB books. Hold off on the meds.. The teacher needs to work on different behavior modifications first-put him with an advanced student who can help him stay on track and make sure he is following along (every class has atleast one of these kids), put in the front of the room, allow for frequent breaks so he can move around. I put my kids with ADD in the front and while I am teaching I will walk around and just put my hand on their shoulder for a brief minute just to get them to refocus back to me. Also if the teacher states he has ADD the school can be held liable to pay for meds and the doctors visit. I hope that helps.. and the teacher was very out of place for stating that!

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Was he tested or did she look at him and say this? I feel that the teachers now a day want to put a label on each kid instead of working with them.

If you think he might have ADD you should get him tested on your own. And then from there you can take the steps needed. I do not agree with putting a child on these kind of meds (there brain is still developing).

Good Luck.

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You are so right to look into other methods before giving your son drugs. I use to be a preschool teacher and I learned so much about the difference between how a little girl learns and how little boys learn. The public schools today are so quick to label children (especially boys) with ADD or ADHD when there is nothing wrong with them whatsoever! We had a lady come and talk to us about ADD and at the time she had her own private school for boys that had been labeled ADD and was on meds. Within a year, the boys would almost be off all medications and thriving in school. The reason is because she taught boys in a different way than the public school systems. Little boys are created to be active, hunters, competitors, and warriors. Public schools are designed for girls. Boys also need more outside time than girls. Therefore, she made learning like a challenge for the boys. Competitive games played a big roll in her teaching style.

Diet also plays a BIG roll in children's ability to learn. Learn to read labels, we did. Get him off of all foods with MSG, high frutcose corn syrup, any sugar alternative unless it is natural like honey or organic sugar. Aspertame is a big posion that highly effects us all!

I had a little boy in my preschool class that was very active. When he went into public school he was having trouble with spelling. His mom called me to tutor him. Instead of sitting him at a table and making him copy the words ten times each, I bought a jump rope and every time he jumped, he had to spell the word. He kept jumping until he got the word right. This gave him an outlet for his energy and also improved his spelling!

Since you are a stay at home mom, I would suggest getting connected with a home schooling group and home school your son. Also do some research on the ways that boys learn best and try some of those methods, or maybe look into some private schools, but defiantly do all you can before giving him drugs.

hope this helps!

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