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The Return of Your Period After Labor

I had a son almost 13 months ago and was breastfeeding up until about 4 months ago and still haven't had a period since I was pregnant almost two years ago now. I'm interested to know how long it took for your period to return after you gave birth and if you breastfed, how long after you weaned your child. I'm wondering if this is within a normal range of time or if I should push up a doctor's appt. that I have set for next month. Thanks!

Edited: I was on birth control until a few weeks ago when my husband and I decided that we are ready for a second. I know you don't have to have your period to get pregnant, but I'm wondering if I'm more likely to if I do see my period. I guess it is possible that I'm already pregnant, but I don't have any signs so I'm a little doubtful that I am.

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I breastfed both my kids for 15 months each. My period came back at 6 months with my son and at 11 months with my daughter. My period was very heavy and uncomfortable for the first couple of months, but got better as time went on.

With my first child (i only breastfeed for three months) it toke 4 month after i stoped for period to come back. I still have not statered after child number 2 and i just stoped brestfeeding. She will be 2 in Dec.

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There are many ranges of normal. I am nearly 21 months PP (crazy!) and still no AF. We nurse maybe 1-2x a day, never between 8/9pm and 5/6pm. Usually in the mornings and occasionally during the day. I am also slim, so my body fat may play into things.

Everyone is different!


My cycle came back at 12 months pp. I nursed my son until he was 3.5, so mime came back while I was still nursing.

I'd move the doctor appointment personally. I started my period 7 months after my oldest was born and she's still nursing at 27 months. Most women restart their period before their child is 1 regardless of their nursing status. Since he was weaned a couple months ago, there aren't lactation hormones keeping your period at bay. Could you be pregnant?

With my first child (i only breastfeed for three months) it toke 4 month after i stoped for period to come back. I still have not statered after child number 2 and i just stoped brestfeeding. She will be 2 in Dec.

It took nearly 4 months for my period to return after I quit nursing, and I only nursed for 7 months. Once it did return, I remembered what a pain it was and wished it would go away again!

I have always had it return exactly 2 months from the time my child really took to solids, so with one of them it was 20 months later and with the other 2 @ 14 months after the birth. In none of the cases were the kids weaned, in fact I have been nursing continually since 1997. I always did ecological nursing so it always did delay fertility, ( and it often does not if you don't do ecological nursing) the fact it came back so long after you weaned is actually unusual. The last 2 times mine came back I was still nursing 2 children @ the time....

the same thing happened to me. with my second son it just takes awhile for your hormones to get back to normal.
there could be one other explanation, after i stopped breastfeeding my oldest i didnt get a period, i was pregnant! my advice is take a prego test, if it's negative just wait it out.

Hi A.,
With my first, I nursed until she was a year old. My period started about 2 weeks after I stopped nursing completely. I had a routine doc appt between the time I stopped nursing and the time my period started, and my doc was a little suprised that it hadn't started yet. She told me to wait a couple months, and if it still hadn't started to come in and see her again. I have an 8 months old I am still nursing, and still haven't had a period yet. Personally, I am enjoying it while it lasts ;-) but since you haven't nursed for four months - it might be worth it to put in a call to your doc to her her opinion. Best wishes!


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