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The Onset of Labor

how do you know for certain if your water has broken? is it a lot of fluid or is it like a slight leaking? im terrified that i wont know when it happens.

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Thank you all for your advice and guidance. Labor was rough and had to be induced unfortunately. I walked around 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced for two weeks, having inconsistent contractions. It was not fun, however I have the most beautiful son in the world and would do it a thousand times again for him.

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Hello! With my son, I wa sinduced, but if it breakin on its own is anything like that, than you will know. It felt like a gush of water and would not stop. Trust me, you'll know!!! Good luck. T.

I am mother of 2 daughters and 2 stepsons. With both of the girls I had a "gush" of fluid" one before labor and the other right as I was starting to push. It could go either way though I have heard of people having slow leaks also it just depends on the birth. If I am not mistaken when it is a slow leaf it feels like you are having excess discharge ( I might be wrong on this though). Just relax though cause it might not even go on its own there are ones that have it broken by the doctor also. Hope this helps.and congradulations!!

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Hey B.,

The doctor accidently tore a whole in mine when she was checking me (it was the day before my due date). What I experienced then was a clear stringy fluid with streaks of blood in it. Mine was a very light flow because the baby's head pushed down and blocked it again. I had been having contractions for hours before the visit. I never could tell much difference b/t my braxton hicks contractions and the real thing...just stronger! Anyway, they still had to end up breaking my water again before I started pushing because there was a section that the baby was laying on. That time it did sound like a pop and then an enormous amount of fluid poured out. Pretty gross! :-) Congrats on the little boy...I love mine!

Oh you are getting close to the end. With my first child, I had just washed my hair and when I got up, I felt a trickle down my leg. My first reaction was: I gotta potty again. I tried and nothing. When I stood with again- it did it again. The clue that time was the color of it. It was slightly pink. That is when I knew it was getting time. I went to the hospital to be check out and sure enough it was my water leaking. so they broke the bag completely to start the actual process.

So basically pay attention to any of the signs. And of course call the doctor with any questions or concerns. If you think you may be leaking--see the doctor right away. They check for it and you don't want to develop any infections by waiting too long.

Make sure your bags are packed and by the door. Also make sure the carseat is in the vehicle already. If you are not sure if it secured properly--take it to the local fire department and they will help you there.

I hope all this info was helpful. Good Luck and Congratulations on you upcoming arrival. I am a sahm of 2 boys--2 1/2 and 4. I am also a military wife and it has its challenges.

You will know when your water breaks! It doesn't really stop leaking after it breaks. For me, it was like the flood gates opened and it didn't stop, I guess because your body continues to send fluid to the baby. I got up to use the restroom, and when I got back in bed, I felt a little leak. But then it just started gushing. It was better when I was in the car on a towel on the way to the hospial, but as soon as I stood back up, the floods started again. You will know!! Best of luck to you! I just had my second child by planned c-section, so I didn't have to have it break again before I got to the hospital.

hey im a mom of 3 little girls and my water broke with 2 of them. its diff for everyone. mine were diff from each preg. the first one was a slight gush of warm water almost like i had peed on my self. and with the second i was actually asleep and rolled over and noticed some fluid had just came out. i went to the bathroom thinking it was to small to be my water but sure enough it was. everytime i stood up and tried to walk a small stream came down my leg. i think its just one of those things you just know when it happens. and who knows your water may not even break mine didnt with my second daughter.good luck, C.

I know how you feel! I was TERRIFIED that I would not know when the time was right (I went to the hospital everyday for a week!). You may be feeling some mild contractions now. Those will change when you go into true labor. The feeling will be different and it won't change if you lie down. The doctor broke my water for me when I had started to dialate past 2cm. Yes I was induced but they tried to wait for it to break on its own but it didnt. I know that some of my friends have said that it is like a "pop" feeling in your tummy (which I did feel when the doctor did his thing). It was a great releif of pressure when he did it as well.

Hope this helps a little! CONGRATS ON THE NEW BABY BOY!

First of all...relax. Don't be scared. Labor and delivery of your child will be the most difficult thing you ever do...but definitely the most rewarding. It is really an amazing experience. Just take it as it comes and remember to relax. Too much terror could lead to unnesessary interventions. Anyways...about your bag of waters...most women don't have a gush like seen in a lot of movies. It is just a trickle. Call your midwife/doc if it does happen. Best of luck to you mama.

O.K,I've had three kids.With my first one,Sean,I had just turn 20 and I,like you, was intimidated,well I slow leaked with him.I too was waiting for a gush,but I went for over 12 hours,with a panty liner,'cause I didn't know my water had broken AND I wasn't having labor painsNeedless to say,later I found out,if you suspect your water has broken,even a trickle,you NEED to call the doctor because it is very dangerous(infections,suffocation,etc.)hey,I guess its just one of those things that is so common...most people dont tell you about it,but my son is a healthy 19 now.My second son,Josh,was a gusher,I actually heard a "pop" and a coupla seconds later,I was totally wet.I changed my pants and headed to the hospital,by time I got there,the hospital was only 10 mins away,I was soaked again,he's now a healthy 16.Now with my daughter,and 14 years after my son Josh,I had massive labor pains and contractions throughout,but my water NEVER broke,they had to do it,and boy was I scared,but it didnt hurt one bit,now she's a healthy 2,her b.d. was yesterday.So in a nut shell,one woman...three kids,and three different outcomes,who knew???As far as labor,I've heard some people are "uncomfortable",some don't even know they're in labor,and some hurt like h***,I'm in the latter,for all three,but as you've noticed...I have three,it's pain well worth the outcome,if that makes sense?!Plus thats why I thank GOD for the epidural,made it much more bearable,and I was up and walking around,ready to go home a couple of hours after they were born!!!Hope this helps,R.

I am mother of 2 daughters and 2 stepsons. With both of the girls I had a "gush" of fluid" one before labor and the other right as I was starting to push. It could go either way though I have heard of people having slow leaks also it just depends on the birth. If I am not mistaken when it is a slow leaf it feels like you are having excess discharge ( I might be wrong on this though). Just relax though cause it might not even go on its own there are ones that have it broken by the doctor also. Hope this helps.and congradulations!!

I have a 4-month-old son. When I went into labor, I was sleeping at the time and woke up in the bed feeling wetness all around me. I looked at the sheets and smelled them because our childbirth instructor told us that amniotic fluid would be clear and odorless. It was! Anyway, I felt like I was "leaking" and I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Every few minutes, fluid would continue to leak out of me. You'll know because it's just happening and you know that you aren't peeing or doing anything to make it come out!

There is nothing to be intimidated about at all!! It is a beautiful and amazing miracle having a child. Enjoy and look forward to this time.

When my water broke with my son, I didn't know that it had happened really. For me it was small little gushes of water that would wet my panties but certainly not soke anything. How much water you loose at a time has a lot to do with the placement of the baby's head. My son was very low and was keeping a lot of the water from "flowing".

Again you are in for such a treat! Try and not fear anything at all it happens so quickly, women's bodies are made for this and I felt as though I alomost went into survival mode during labor and I let it all happen, it's amazing really!

Having said all of that, the epidural is a good thing it only helps you relax and ease pain..big advocate..If you have any more questions be sure to ask..


It could be either. A lot depends on the positinins of your baby. If it breaks and baby's head is far down or slides further down, it can cut off the flow. This happend with my 1st child. You'll hear a pop...almost like when you click your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Then there's the other way...ike my 2nd baby...who was born 17 weeks early. My water broke and it was a constant flow because he wasn't big enough to "cut off the flow" You'll be great!!!

you'll know, unless it is a leak. It is a gush of liquid, I didnt see what it looked like with my daughter, but my sons I saw. I thought when they call it your water it would look like water, but with him it looked like a bloody mess. With both of my kids my water had to be broke at the hospital, which is nice because I didnt have to clean it up either time! When you go into labor just do what they tell you, I didnt with my daughter and it took almost 2 hours to push her out, with my son I listened and I didnt scream as much, even though he was over a pound bigger, and he came out in 42 minutes. Good luck,

Hello! With my son, I wa sinduced, but if it breakin on its own is anything like that, than you will know. It felt like a gush of water and would not stop. Trust me, you'll know!!! Good luck. T.

You will definitely know it if/when your water breaks! It's kind of like a water balloon bursting - really like nothing else you've felt before. You really don't need to worry about that. Also, it's not that common for your water to break before labor. It did happen to me (at 41 weeks), but I think our birth class instructor - a nurse with 20+ years experience delivering babies - said that it only happens in about 10% of pregnancies.

Don't worry you'll know for sure when your in labor. I, too, when I was a first time Mom was worried I wouldn't know. It can be a gush(like you see on TV,lol) or some leaking,like you wet your pants. If this occurs call your Doctors office immediately,because you have to go in if your water breaks. You don't want any infection. Congratulations, you're almost there. It'll be fine. Oh, and you'll know if they're "real contractions".Trust me. I won't say anymore:) Let me know how it went------------------------

LOL... you will definately know when your water breaks :-) You also may start losing your mucus plug first (gross, but neccessary). Don't worry too much about labor, there's not a lot you can do to change your mind now. I'm sure you've heard horror stories (I don't know why women insist on telling those to first time moms), but I had the worlds easiest labor and delivery with my daughter. I was only in labor for 3 hours from the time they broke my water to the final push, and I only had to push 3-4 times to deliver her. I would advise taking the epidural though... the anethesiologist can be your best friend! Good luck, and don't worry... women have done this forever and it's soooo worth it when you hold your little one for the first time!

I know it can happen many different ways. My friends water broke and it came in a big gush. I on the other hand thought I had peed on myself. :) I was at my baby shower opening presents. When I leaned forward to pick something up it happened. I ran to the bathroom thinking I had peed on myself. I got myself cleaned up and went back out. The next time I leaned over again it happened again. So it was not a continuous thing. I was not even sure that my water had broken. You can beleive one thing, everyone got a kick out of that!!!!!! FYI, I did not start having contractions till about 1 hour later. You deffinately can't plan for it, it happens differently for everybody. But enjoy yourself, it is one of my most cherished memories.
Good Luck! Steph

I know its scary, but it could be either way. the only advise i could really give is trust in your yourself. You know your body better than anyone and although it is going thru alot of new changes right now trust in yourself that you will know when the time is right. Also your water may not break right away...you could be in labor for awhile before it does.

When my water broke it was a slow leak so just a small amount of fluid came out. It was such a small amount that the doctor couldn't even tell it had leaked at all until she broke my water completely after I had been in labor a few hours. Even though it was such a small amount I still knew what it was when it happened. If it happens you will know. It is not like peeing your pants, it is more like a discharge (sorry if that sounds weird or gross!). You will know when it is time - just don't think too much or question your instincts. You have to trust yourself because no one knows your body better! Congrats on your baby boy!

If your water actually breaks spontaneously....YOU WILL KNOW :)
Best wishes to you!

Some people leak water and feel like they are always using the bathroom in their pants and some people will have large amounts of water. My water had to be broken manually, so it just depends. I'm sure you will know. Even if it's your first, if you are constantly leaking, you will feel like something isn't right.

The water breaking will be a gush of water not a leak. I was unsure with my first also, but you will definitely know when it breaks. I was anxious with my first with the onset of labor, but I tried to focus on the fact that women have been doing this for years and it is a natural occurrence. Don't get my wrong, I accepted the epidural with no reservations...ha ha. My babies were big and my first really did a number on me, but I went on to have another and I would not change it for the world. I am excited for you and I hope you have a wonderful experience.

Hi B.. Well when I was pregnant with my fist, also a boy, I woke having to go to the bathroom. Thats when I found out my "mucus plug had dislodged itself. So I called the nurse to my doctors office. When I went back to bed after the phone call, I sneezed and I totally soaked the bed. My water had broke. Oh and scared the daylights out of my husband!! :P lol. Anyways. My mom wants told me, when she went into labor with me, she didn't know her water had broke. She was up and down using the BR. So it really depends on the person. If you think you maybe in labor I suggest calling a nurse to see what you should do. Congradulations and Good Luck!!!!!

Well, when my water broke I could feel a very warm, constant trickle. Other people feel a huge gush. I think you'll know when it breaks... however many people feel labor pains well before their water breaks and usually it is broken at the hospital. If you ever have worry about your water breaking, just tell your doctor and they'll do a test. If your water doesn't break, when labor begins the pains are very strong cramps. Believe me, when it's time - you'll know it!! I just had my second little boy a few days ago, little boys are so much fun! Congratulations!

You will know if you're water breaks! Trust me! Sometimes pregnant women will "leak" occasionally when farther along. When your water breaks however, it will be more than just a little leak. When my water broke, it was like I was peeing, but I couldn't stop it or control it. It just kept coming. It was a lot of liquid. I couldn't believe there was that much inside my belly! I had to sit on our toilet until everyone was dressed & ready to leave the house for the hospital. I went through 4 or 5 sanitary pads while I was waiting for a doctor to see me. Quite messy! So, don't worry. If it breaks, you will definately know.

Mine broke with my first and with my twins. With my first i felt a pop and a gush of fluid. With the twins it was very little and then a gush when I walked up some stairs. If it does break put a big towel between your legs of sit on it. It keep coming after it breaks.


Hi there B.! I just wanted to let you know, that you will deffinetly know when you water brakes. It is a big gush of what feels like water. It feels like you peed your pants! My water broke while they where inserting my epidural and I was like " My water just broke!" The nurse said, "I will check in a minute." And I said, "No, I am telling you that my water broke!!! I feel like I just peed my pants!!" So you will know. I hope this helps you! Good luck with you delivery! :)

Hi B.! When I was pregnant with my son ( now 20 months), my water broke but it took me a few hours to realize it. That night I was up every two hours using the bathroom and it was 5.30 in the morning I had gotten up to us the bathroom and it just didnt stop. I would think I stopped going and would stand up and have to sit right back down. After a few minutes I looked into the toilet and saw the water was green and knew it was time to go to the hospital! Good luck and congrats! ~Jenn

it is different for everyone. My broke and it poured out but I had not had a single contraction. Others they break it on the delivery table. When it gets to that point and you think something is happening call your doctor. Most doctors offices expect extra calls from first time mothers. When you finally are having the baby you will know it. Alos when my water did break they asked me the scent of it (it will smell sweet) in case you think you are leaking.

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