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Thawing Wedding Cake Top

Our first anniversary is coming up (Monday the 8th), and my husband and I plan on eating our wedding cake topper. It has been in the freezer, wrapped tightly in saran wrap since last September 8th. When do I need to take it out for it to thaw so we can eat it? Do I need to unwrap it? Anything else special? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks to everyone for the responses. We successfully ate our cake topper last night. First of all, after our wedding reception last year I put the cake in the fridge to harden the frosting for about an hour, and then used an ENTIRE roll of saran wrap and stuck it in the freezer. I took it out of the freezer Sunday afternoon and put it in the fridge until about 2 hours before we were going to eat it at which point I took off the saran wrap. I tasted exactly like it did on our wedding day! Thanks again for all the advice!

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Unless it't been in a deep freezer, don't eat it!! Dairy does not last a year in a refrigerator freezer!

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Unless it't been in a deep freezer, don't eat it!! Dairy does not last a year in a refrigerator freezer!

First off...Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary. May the two of you have many, many more!

Secondly...keep the cake as is, but move it to the fridge about a day before you plan to eat it. This way it will thaw slowly.

Thirdly...don't expect it to taste as wonderful as it did on your wedding day. Sometimes the basic makeup of the cake changes during the freezing process, as well as the length of time before eating it.

My husband & I were lucky. The place where we purchased our wedding cake offered to bake a 1st Anniversary Cake...so ours was fresh and yummy!

Hope your cake tastes wonderful and that your day brings back many wonderful memories!

Best bet is to keep it wrapped and put in the fridge. It should be ready to go in 24 hours. (but depending on how well it was wrapped, the type of frosting, and how quickly it made it into the freezer will determine how good it tastes)

(hybrid Mom - stay-at-home/work from home -- wedding planner)

My mother used to make cakes and she would frost them while they were frozen. If you are planning to eat it that evening you would only have to take it out that morning. congratulations!

Hey when me and my hubby did it, we just pulled it out the day of our ann. Oh and just so you know in advance, its not going to tase the same, a little freezer burnt. yuck! But it will do the trick.
Have fun
T. G

Well I hate to burst your bubble but if it has only been wrapped in saran wrap it is probably no longer any good. But anyway just let it thaw overnight in the fridge. The new tradition is to eat your cake when you return home from your honeymoon and move into your new home you will be starting life together in. Reason for this if in most cases the cake saved for a year is no longer good. Hope yours turns out ok for you.

Move it from freezer to fridge the night before - it should thaw just fine in that time, then take it out of the fridge before you start dinner so that it's close to room temp by the time you're ready for dessert. Ours was perfectly, unbelievably fresh-tasting. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Well, I have heard that others had disappointment with this, but our wedding cake was GREAT a year later! (I do wrap things meticulously, though)
I took it out of the freezer and put it in the refrig just as it was wrapped (didn't take off any layers of wrap), the day before I knew we were planning to eat it. So it had 24 hrs to defrost. i didn't do the full unwrap until we were ready to eat it, and it had stayed so moist! It was very good, and a nice anniversary treat!

Good luck with yours!

Happy Anniversary too. I'd do what the others have said too, let it defrost in the fridge, then I would also let it sit out just for a little at room temperature. Unless your cake was really cold when you first had it - most cakes are at room temperature. Sometimes cold cake can get dry. Our wedding cake was cheesecake and I too wrapped that sucker up over and over and over again. And when we defrosted it and ate it, it was just as great as the wedding day. Man, now I want some! Don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing that the place we got it, a Better Cheesecake, is wayyyy out off McMullen Booth rd and we live in Tampa!!

Hi E. not sure about thawing the topper, just wanted to say HAPPY ANNISVERARY and best wishes fornhaving a wonderful life and marriage.


Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I just celebrated our 10 year :) When we "ate" our 1st year cake. I let it sit in the fridge the night before then we "ate"/"tasted" it and had a good laugh. Enjoy it and many happy anniversary's to you and your hubby.

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