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Thank You Gift for NICU Nurses - Minneapolis,MN

Hi Mamas,
Baby is scheduled to come home tomorrow after 3 1/2 weeks in the NICU. I was thinking it would be nice to bring something small as a thank-you to all the nurses who have cared for her, but I can't think what. Flowers or cookies/baked treats come to mind, but would those be an allergy issue? Does anyone have another idea for something that would really be appreciated?

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How about a fruit basket? They have ones that you can order that the fruit is cut into flower shapes.

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After having our baby in the NICU we also felt like sending something to thank the nurses who cared for her. I chose to send an Edible Arrangement. Not sure if you have heard of them but they are really pretty fruit flower arrangements! The nurses raved about it! It was really pretty and healthy too! Check out their website at www.ediblearrangements.com

My little guy was in the NICU for 6 weeks. I went to Bath and Body Works Outlet and bought a ton of hand lotions and put them into a pretty basket, then took one of our birth announcements and wrote a general thank you to all the nurses to tuck into the basket (because of the shifts, I wasn't able to give all the gifts personally). I think it went over really well! Nurses are washing their hands so much, I thought it was a good idea. :) Plus, no worries of allergies!

I'm a nurse we love photos, thank you notes with personnel names of who impacted you and food is alway good.
from candy, dessert or regular food....

What a sweet thing to think of! I have a friend who is a NICU nurse @ Children's hospital here in Milwaukee & I asked her opinion.

She said food is ALWAYS appreciated, cookies, fruit trays, etc.

Additionally, if you wanted to offer a special thank you gift to the primary nurse that cared for your baby, there are figurines I believe called Willow Tree, they look like carved wood. Many different ones to choose from, & lots focus on angels & babies in the arms of caregivers.

Congratulations on your baby's homecoming!!

Gift cars for store like Michaels or Craft Wherhouse. They make things for the families so this would come in handy.
Also Bath and Body stre items or gift card. You are so lucky your baby came home, my grandson went to Heaven.

Being a nurse myself, we never expect anything as a gift. That being said, we sometimes do receive things from patients and their families. I would recommend writing a nice card. Baked goods really go a long way. If your worried about allergies, just do an assortment of some kind. We see cookies, bars, donuts, kringles, and sometimes pizza. Otherwise assorted candies are big. Hope this helps!

I am not sure where you are located but my sister-in-law is a nurse in Fargo, ND and she says when a patient gives you chippers (chocolate covered potato chips) you knew you were important :)

What about a fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements? They make gorgeous "flower" arrangements out of fresh fruit. They have several different styles and use many different kinds of fruit. We had one for our wedding rehearsal dinner and it was a huge hit!

I gave my OB nurses 5 pounds of assorted Brach's hard and gummy candies and a really nice crystal bowl. They really appreciated it. The amount of sugar is minimal, no allergins, good stuff.

I delivered in a very small hospital, but I was told the nurses' station loved flowers. I too thought it was an allergy issue; you could probably just ask. My hospital also had all sorts of photos and thank yous posted from families of babies they'd delivered.

Many years ago, I worked in a hospital pharmacy in the IV room. Some of the most memorable IVs I made went to the teeny tiny babies in NICU. One day I walked past the pharmacy bulletin board and saw a thank you card from one of the preemies. It totally made my day and still brings a smile to my face. When giving out thank you gifts, remembering the pharmacy staff will make a lot of people feel appreciated. A simple card is perfect for that. As for the NICU nurses, I'm not sure... hypoallergenic lotion?

thinking that these people could be partents and have familes of thier own they might appreciate a small token of a gift card to a salon i.e. $10. the could use it towards what means most to them...a massage, hair cut, manicure, pedicure, etc...

just a thought ;o)

We didn't have a NICU stay but we left a large jar of candy at the nurses desk with a note that said thank you to all the nurses and signed it from my son.

Being a Nurse myself , I can comment on how much we appreciate the tokens of thanks. Baked goods or boxes of candy are always nice or pizza gift certificates for each of the three shifts...us nurses get hungry:)

We stopped at the local bakery and brought donuts to the hospital after we brought our daughter home. The nurses went crazy over them.

As an afterthought though, we realized that the nurses that cared for us for 4 days probably didn't even get any donuts..... We were there from Good Friday till the Monday after Easter and we brought donuts in on Tuesday. So, the gals that were so great to us were probably off by then. We were bummed after we realized that.

A homemade treat to eat would be good, or a Gift Card/Certificate so they can order pizza or maybe a party sub... that is what I wanted to do, but I never got around to it. Opps.

I am pretty sure flowers arn't allowed in th IICU.

We did Klondike bars and a cake. They seemed to love it.

My husband and I ordered pizza for the staff in the nursery. That way if they didn't have time for a full sit down supper, they could at least grab a little something to eat. They were very appreciative.

How about a fruit basket? They have ones that you can order that the fruit is cut into flower shapes.

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