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Texas CCDS Program

Does anybody know anything about this program? I want to go to work but I cant afford daycare because my husband is the only one working and I dont know anyone who can take care of my daughter.

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Crap!! I finally got the number and they said I dont qualify. Since I'm married BOTH of us have to be working or I have to be enrolled in school. Thats the reason why I want to get into the program. I need a darn daycare or somebody who will take care of my daughter while I find a darn job and we cant afford either!! Its pretty frustrating.

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I'm in Mcallen Tx, and i've heard of the program but I don't know who to contact or anything. Anyone from here that know what to do?

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I understand how you feel. I've just now gone back to work, and my kids are finally both school age, b/c it made no sense to work just to pay someone else to take care of my children. Childcare is very expensive - there's no way around it. There are alternatives, however. You could get an evening or weekend job, so you and your husband could trade off watching the kids. Your husband could get a 2nd job. Or you could find a job where you can have a child with you, like watching other children in your home, working at a childcare facility, or childcare area in a gym - something like that. You could also start a home business. I know some people scoff at them, but I am selling Avon, and the lady that signed me up is making $500 a month. Every little bit helps. Also, get creative. Another mom I know started her own cake-baking business - and it's booming. Good luck!

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Yeah, great program, i use to be in it bout 3 yrs. ago, but now i'm on a waiting list cuz i want to go back to work myself, here's a # to call: ###-###-####, u give your info and then they will put you on a waiting list for the most 3 months but they can call you any time, well good luck!

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Hi, I just found out about the program. I'm suppose to start working on Monday, and can't find a daycare and can barely afford to pay for it at that. Depending on where you live, I know the one in New Braunfels, Tx is locating in the same shopping center as CiCi's Pizza. It's across from Hobby Lobby, and it's called Alamo Workforce. You have to fill out an application, and also give one to you employer or soon to be employer to fill out stating that you are going to work for them. Supposeably there's a 4 month waiting list, but depending on your circumstances depends on how long you really have to wait.

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i think its a good program but has a VERY LONG waiting list. It would be worth a call. You have to choose a daycare that is on their list, then they pay the majority of the daycare costs and you are left with a percentage, depending on income.

Hello Ladies...what does CCDS stand for? Is this for a specific city? I'm enrolled in school and quit working and having to pay for childcare so that I can study (have to finish as quickly as possible).


Also, what type of job are you looking for, maybe I can give you some ideas.

Does anyone know if CCDS for enrolling in school means you have to attend classes on campus or can you enroll with a college doing courses online?

I can show you how to work from home if your interested?
That way you wouldn't have to worry about childcare..
I would be happy to show you what I do.

Blessings, C.

What exactly are you looking for?

I don't know anything about that program, but I am looking to take children into my home at a reasonable rate. I have had to quit my job to stay at home and take care of my 3 year old and my 9 month old. Day care is just to expensive for two children. I just can't afford it anymore. If you do figure out what you are going to do and live in the Conroe area, let me know if you would be interested in your daughter being in a "at home day care" environment.

The waiting list is long and you have to make under a certain amount. If you are wanting to work you might try a daycare or preschool alot of them offer discounted or free childcare.

where do you live??? i am here in corpus and i am looking to start babysitting again. if you are close maybe we can get together and work something out...C.

I'm in Mcallen Tx, and i've heard of the program but I don't know who to contact or anything. Anyone from here that know what to do?

I know exactly how you feel. I was wanting to go back to work but after trying to find a job and daycare I just resolved to staying home with my son until he starts school, and homeschooling him for preschool. I would be more than willing to watch your daughter for a very resonable price, or for free to start, if you want. I live in off of Nacagdoches/Perrin Beitel and Thousand oaks. I could even pick up your daughter if you needed. I am very flexible, all I do is stay with my son. Email me at ____@____.com if you are still wanting to go back to work and need childcare, I am more than willing to work with you.

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