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Terribly Gassy 3 Week Old. Need Advice on Formula.

Hi mommys. I am a brand new mommy of a beautiful three week old little girl. Being a first time mom things are a little stressful and totally new. We were struggling some in the hospital breastfeeding and started supplementing some while working on it. Since we have been home for a couple weeks now I am continuing the work on the breastfeeding but also feeding formula. We were feeding her Similac advanced and noticed our once perfectly happy and content baby was now terribly struggling with gas. She continued to get fussier and fussier and then would cry and cry for hours. I felt so helpless because I couldn't do anything to help her pass her gas. After some research I switched her to Emfamil lipil with iron and we changed her bottle to a dr. browns. She has progressivly gotten better and better and back to her content self. Sometimes she really struggles still though. Is there any formula that can help with this issue or are we on the right track? Thanks!

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In addition to the formula it could be the breastmilk that is giving her gas. She eats what you eat. My neice gets really bad gas when my SIL drinks coffee and my son used to cry terribly when I drank cranberry juice. If you eats gassy foods it may be aggrivating her.

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what always worked for my children was nestle goodstart supreme and also it takes 2 weeks for their little bodies to get used to new formula so if you're changing it more often than that, it might be why it's still continuing. Have you tried gripe water? That really helped with my daughter, you can find it at any pharmacy

My daughter is on Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas. She had colic and the doctor recommended it. Enfamil has their own version too.

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after reading some of these responses, i thought i'd respond. i would not go to a soy based formula; soy is an estrogen mimicker in some people's bodies-probably not a good way to start her off in the world, if you don't have to. so many females have hormone issues before their teens now-at least do your research. i would go for an organic brand. i use earth's best and my 2.5 month old son does great on it. i primarily breastfeed but rarely have time to pump (i also have a 3 yr old) so we supplement with formula when i need to leave. i also tried similac organic & he did great on that as well.

remember that at 3 weeks their digestive track is still learning how to work efficiently and they tend to get a lot of gas. i use gripe water and it works wonders - it has with both boys.

good luck-it will get better for her!

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My son was terribly gassy, and just as you described. I ended up using Enfamil LactoFree for my son because he couldn't and still can't handle Lactose. I buy him Lactose Free Milk now that he's 2.5 years old. Once I switched him over he was back to him happy and cheerful self.

You may want to ask your Pedi about it. You are doing a great job being proactive and trying to figure out the issue.

Good Luck!

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PLEASE -- RE-READ the response from S H she has a lot of Right-On Insights.

I agree with everything she said, especially about the Hylands Colic Tablets -- I've turned so many people on to them and they work great. Just pour the three tablets into the cap and then into the babies mouth. Try not to use your fingers if possible.

Good Luck and keep asking questions, that's how you learn.

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Do you know for SURE that it is "gas" problems?

Your baby is only 3-weeks old, and it could be a combination of gas and/or digestive problems or something else.

For the gas/digestive problems: try (1) "Hyland's Colic Tabs"...it's for all ages, and helps for ANY gas/digestive problems in babies. It is NOT only for "colic" babies. Our daughter had bad gas problems too as an infant and this helped her a lot.

(2) As the other poster said, it could actually be your breastmilk and what you are eating, that is giving her gas. And not the Formula per say.
(3) Sometimes, a baby/newborn is fussy because they are actually not getting enough intake. Is your baby latching on fine? Is she actually swallowing and can you hear it? Is she having enough wet/poopy diapers? I am asking this because I have seen this many times...
(4) Do you burp baby often enough?
(5) What kind of Formula were they giving her in the hospital? Did this formula cause her problems? Or just the Similac? I would really ask your Pediatrician for recommendations... and about the gas as well.
(6) a baby full of "gas" and gas pains... many times can't exactly "eat/nurse" very well. It's uncomfortable and their tummy is bloated. So, make sure she is getting enough intake...otherwise you will be dealing with an infant that has gas problems AND is hungry all the time= fussy and inconsolable baby.

(7) You mentioned baby had breastfeeding problems in the hospital and thus, you/they started supplementing while working on it. NOW... what is the status of this? Is she now nursing fine? Or not? Is she still "needing" to have supplementation by Formula or not? If not, then just nurse her... but only if she can now latch on properly. And then you won't have to deal with "which" Formula to give her.
(8) If she is indeed having gas.... try gently massaging her tummy in circular motions, or bicycle her legs... and this helps to "circulate" the gas and get it expelled.

(9) ALSO though... your baby is only 3-weeks old....MANY newborns have gas/digestive problems because their digestive system is simply STILL developing... and its a given that their system is still getting used to everything. As a baby gets older... it usually gets better. But so it takes patience.

(10) or, some babies simply swallow a lot of air while they are drinking, thus, gas. For me, I LOVE the "MAM" brand baby bottles... which you can get from www.amazon.com My Son loved this brand/bottle, and it contains NO "BPA's" in the plastic. ALSO... while the baby is drinking, there is ABSOLUTELY NO AIR BUBBLES which accumulates in the bottle. I really recommend this bottle.

Well, just some ideas... all the best,

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I K.:
Congrats hun. That sweet little girl is going to change your life. We had a problem with my Grandson,his first few weeks.He had painful gas, and also became constipated.It was so sad. They had to take him in because eventually he was unable to have a bowel movement at all.The Dr. told them, that allot of babies can't handle all the (Iron)they put in the formulas today.He said that was what was tying him up. They put him on a formula with little to no iron.If I were you, I'd keep working on breastfeeding,and use a formula with no iron.See if that helps her.The Mylicon drops are great i'm sure, but the idea is to get to the root of the problem,not mask it,or try to resolve a problem,with medication.I wish you and your darlin girl the best. J. M

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In addition to the formula it could be the breastmilk that is giving her gas. She eats what you eat. My neice gets really bad gas when my SIL drinks coffee and my son used to cry terribly when I drank cranberry juice. If you eats gassy foods it may be aggrivating her.

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Hi K..

Perhaps you can elaborate on what kind of struggles you are having with breastfeeding. Most "problems" do have a solution. Have you been able to meet with a lactation consultant? Also check out the La Leche League web site. There is lots of support out there for you.

My advice would be to work on getting the breastfeeding down because there is not a formula out there on the market that is going to be as gentle on her tummy as your milk.

I have breast fed all four of my children. I would love to offer additional support if you can elaborate, or you can find an abundance of info from La Leche League.

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My opinion is gut instinct and not scientific by any stretch of the imagination, but I avoided the similacs and enfamils. Too commercial and too processed. We stuck to the organic product that you'll find at Whole Foods (can't remember the name because it's been a few years). Also, consider trying the soy version. Our daughter did beautifully on it, and later we switched her to Silk unsweetened soy milk. My daughter was a 13 week preemie, but she thrived on these products and has never had earaches (dairy and earaches seem to have some kind of correlation). We also used the mandela bottles.

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