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Tempurpedic Vs. Sleep Number Bed?

Hello Mamas! We are thinking about getting a Tempurpedic or Sleep Number bed. My husband suffers from chronic back pain (and it's time to get rid or our old spring mattress anyway). Would love to hear from anyone who has either...pros, cons...is it really worth the money...etc. Thanks!

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The worst mattress I have ever had was a Sleep Number bed. All of my mattresses in the past 15 years have been queen size, except for an electric hospital type bed (bought that so I could change my position without getting up). The sleep number air bladders were separated with a soft foam strip in between and I always ended up in that "hole" in the middle without any support, worse for my back. A friend also had the same problem with his and he got rid of it, too. After MANY THOUSANDS of dollars on mattresses, I have had Sealy, Simmons, Stearns and Foster, Somma Supreme with water tubes, and tried a few others in the past 15 years and they were all in the higher bracket, not the low end cheap ones. About 3 months ago, I bought a SERTA with a memory foam, though I think I needed one a little more firm, it has been the best. My son and daughter-in-law have a Tempur-pedic and love it, and my neighbors love theirs, though they all said it takes a while to "break in". I just didn't want to spend the $3000.
Interestingly the BEST INVESTMENT above and beyond the mattresses, was the NUTRITION that truly CHANGED MY LIFE with the back pain. I had dealt with back pain due to failed surgery, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, multitudes of injections, therapies, traction, and way much more....long term disability...NOW no drs. no meds, no disability. If it were not for my Nutritional Products, NO MATTRESS would have made the difference on my back.
Good Luck!

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Oh my, I have been in your husbands shoes. I have a ruptured disk in my lower back and suffered from back pain when I would awaken every morning from a spring mattress. Not fun! When we bought our house 6 years ago that is one of the things I wanted to get was a Sleep Number bed. Now I wake up and my back doesn't hurt anymore. In fact, it has gotten better. I didn't have to have surgery because the pain isn't there. Now granted I may do something to strain it, but by morning it doesn't hurt anymore or as bad, depending on what I did :-)
Now my parents have the other bed and love it. My mom has had 4 back surgeries and loves her bed.
My suggestion is go to the stores that have these beds and test them out. The sleep number bed will tell you what your number is by way of a computer program. Really cool too. Then make your decision. The stores will let you lay on the beds as long as you like to try them out. Great way to see which bed your husband would prefer. My choice is the Select Comfort...infact coming home from vacations is the most awesome thing...I get to sleep in my bed that fits me and my back will stop hurting again. Hope this helps. Good luck and God Bless.
P.S. I just read some of the other responses...we have a king size bed and have never had any trouble with our seperate numbers. My husbands is much higher than mine is. The only time my number changes is when he inadvertently rolls over to my side of the bed...I push him back to his and all is well. Never had any problems with having different numbers.

Two years ago I bought a high end Serta perfect sleeper. It has the same foam the tempurpedic has in it just not as much and on top of the springs. The springs are those individual coils and all that other stuff Serta says. Best of both worlds. I used to sleep with a mess of pillows, now I just use one small one. Everyone I know with a sleep number says they suck and don't ever get one.

Love our sleep number bed! I'm a back and side sleeper (50), and my husband is a stomach sleeper (80). We have a king bed so no middle of the bed issues like others have mentioned. When my back is out of sorts, I simply adjust the air in the bed up or down until my back doesn't hurt anymore. I believe the Sleep Number bed offers a 30 day free trial, now. Perhaps, you should try the Tempurpedic first for the 90 free days, then try the Sleep Number bed if you don't like it.

Hi M.,

We don't have either at the moment but I have looked at both and think we're going with the temperpedic. The store I went to, of course I laid down on both but the sales guy told me to take my time and encouraged me to lay there 15-20 minutes.
I didn't think I'd like the tempurpedic but LOVED IT!
I personally didn't care for the Sleep Number because it felt like a waterbed but with air. And to get a King size we too would have some little connection like someone mentioned which didn't appeal to me.
Both my husband and I have back issues to a certain extent and have been looking for a changer. Our Stearns & Foster is about 15 years old.

Good Luck.


I'm sorry I don't have any info. that would help you decide other than to just try them out. My folks have the sleep number bed and my dad loves it but my mom hates it. And, yes, it was an expensive investment. Maybe see what the return policy is before spending the big bucks. Good luck!

Good Morning M.! For years we had a wonderful waterbed which I LOVED. Free floater. Well hubby started having trouble getting up also. We went to the temprapedic, which hs really likes but I can't seem to get comfy on. We've had it 4 yrs now. I really wished we had tried the Sleep number bed, I think both of us would be happy with it. He needs more firmness, I like soft cushy, with only a tad bit of firmness. He does great with the tempra, I get up sore and achy. It's supposed to form to your Bod. *laughing* maybe my ole bod just isn't formable anymore.

What ever you choose, or think you want see if the company will allow you a 30 trial. Some will, wish we had gone that route. Laying on a bed in a showroom is just not right type of testing, nor long enough.

God Bless and Best of everything to you and yours
K. Nana of 5


I have a sleep number- and I doubt we'll ever have anything else ever again. LOVE it. The best part about it is that you can each have your mattress the way you want it, and even if it seems like a slight difference, it can make a huge impact on how comfortable you are. Hubby and I are only like 5 points apart, but I don't want on his side and he doesn't want on mine! :) Now obviously if you're used to snuggling together in the middle of the bed this isn't going to work well for you, but I highly recommend it- well worth the expense.

I own a tempurpedic. My husband wanted one for YEARS and I finally gave in. The "investment" in a bed was a bit hard to swallow. However, for the first three years, we loved it. Slept great! I was initially worried that I'd be hot, that it wasn't firm enough, lots of other things. But honestly, it was great. My back rarely ached, and I was sleeping great. Having said that, we are now beginning the battle of replacing it. It has two permanent indentions where we sleep. We've been on vacation for almost 2 weeks before and it never springs back to normal. My husbands spot is a hole you can't get out of, and I've switched from side sleeping to my stomach and the bed is not forgiving. So, I'm not the biggest fan of the tempurpedic bed.

Hope this helps.

We have never tried a sleep number bed but we have a tempurpedic bed that my parents gave us for our wedding. I believe they give you a 90 day trial period to try it out, so you might try them first and if you really don't like it, then return it and try the other? I really like ours. My husband doesn't sleep well now...stress issues..but when we were first married he didn't complain about it at all. He's figured out that all the tossing and turning he does. It forms to your body so when he rolls on his side or whatever he has to "hold" his pose before it conforms again. His only other complaint is that it's cold & feels kind of hard when you first go to bed. An electric blanket would probably help this. I like it!

I slept on tempurpedic bed for a couple of nights. The first night was like miracle. It was just like people says in ads. I woke up exactly the same position that I fell a sleep. However, the next day, it was totally different story. Somehow my body adjusted to the softness or something, and craved more. And, I felt such pain all throughout the night and ached. It was horrible. The owner of the bed told me he feel so good and he tried both tempurpedic and sleep number bed and he recommended tempurpetic more. I don't know ... I tried air bed when I was kid and it was best ever. I have firm body and not suitable for massage. I think if you have softer body tempurpetic will be better but if you have tight body, sleep number will be better? You can adjust it softer as your body adjusted to the softness probably? Maybe order both bed and put one in the living room and the other in the bed room and sleep one night after the other and return the one you don't like. I really don't recommend tempurpetic. I like soft and can't get enough.

I'm assuming that you have already made your purchase so my response, although not really a direct answer, is given because I had the same, exact, question before making my purchase. We chose a high end Beautyrest conventional mattress which really isn't the foam or the air chamber bed. The reason I'm writing is that it's been five years now and we couldn't be happier with our purchase decision. We also purchased the adjustable foundation which adjust the bed and provides massage. Trust me that if you purchase an adjustable bed then spend extra to get the Tempurpedic one as the one by Simmons is not the best. The only problem with Simmons (Beautyrest) is that I believe they had to file bankruptcy which, if correct, could greatly effect your warranty. As for me though even if they did file bankruptcy I'm so very glad we made the decision to go with the Beautyrest but you get what you pay for so choose the higher quality one and test them out first, in the store.

We love our Tempurpedic! We had a queen size one that my husband had when we first got married. We got a king size bedroom set and went to Relax the Back store to buy a new mattress to fit. They talked us into an off brand and that was a huge mistake. It did not bounce back like the tempurpedic. From the very beginning it had indentations where we slept and you could see them even when the bed was made. I couldn't live with that! We looked into the sleep numbers too but we figured that it had motors that would break and with our luck we didn't want to chance it. We went back to the tempurpedic and have been sleeping great ever since. I highly recommend doing the free trial that they offer. It takes a few nights to get used to the different feel of the foam but I wouldn't want to go back to a regular matress now. Good luck.

I too suffer from chronic back pain. The best sleep I ever had in my entire life was on a Tempurpedic. Good luck with your choice

Hi M.-
We got a sleep number bed last December and just love it! My husband's back was bothering him too and he's had no problems at all since we got it. Plus it's fun to play with the numbers! We neither liked the tempurpedic so it was a pretty easy decision for us. We got the middle of the road model. We still haven't figured out how to attach the headboard, so if you go that route, make sure to ask the salesguys about that. Good sleeping!

Hi M.,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I have a king size Select Comfort, we have had it for about 9 years now, and HATE it! It has what are essentially two twin mattresses joined together by foam, well after a while there becomes an indention where the foam is and you both roll toward the middle. I would also like you to know that we got the expensive model not the cheap one as I had wanted one for some time because of my back. It also does not help my back. My husband doesn't hate it as much as I do, but he does not like it. Also the whole thing where you can't feel the other person move on their side of the bed is a joke. My husband also tends to spread out during the night always flopping an arm or a leg over to my side changing the pressure in my side of the bed while I am asleep. Maybe if you are very skinny people a king size might work, but I have my doubts. I would also like to point out that we both loved it until about a month after the 90 night free trial had ended. I also know a couple that has recently bought one and tried to return it during the free trial period and were given the run around. They were talked into a new more expensive topper(free of charge) instead of returning it. They still are not happy with theirs either. Good luck what ever you decide. As soon as I can afford it I am buying a Tempurpedic.

Well I had heard about the tempurpedic leaving permanent indentations after awhile so I steered away from it. My in-laws all have a sleep number and LOVE IT. So I went online and compared Sleep Number to Select Comfort and found Select Comfort to be significantly cheaper. So in the process of ordering the run-of-the mill bed I decided to upgrade...after all I would be getting Sleep Numbers run-of-the-mill but Select Comforts TOP LINE bed! My only regret is that I got the temperpedic matress topper on it (which is inside the matress cover. I wish I had gone for just the standard foam. I found that it reshapes (I get in and out of bed a lot so it slopes on the side now) and is extremely warm at night so I am always sleeping with a fan on!

I did however, decided to order 2 XL twins with the adjustable bedframes. Let me tell you, that is exquisite! Granted a little hard at times to find XL sheets for it, but I love the fact that we can adjust height of head or feet w/o bothering eachother! Also, if the beds are flat, you never notice the line down the middle and the bases are so heavy that there is NO WAY the beds will separate. If you go this route I would HIGHLY SUGGEST finding some white glove service to have someone put it together for you. The boxes are extremely heavy and my hubby was deployed at the time and it was a nightmare for me to get it all upstairs to the 2nd floor bedroom...but I have to say, it was a really good nights sleep once I did!

If you have a chance to try something for 60-90 days in your home I certainly would take advantage of it. Set your old matress up on it's side in the garage as a just in case between beds. Good luck!

We bought our "knock off" Tempurpedic from the Bedroom Store. It was cheaper & we thought more comfortable than the Tempurpedic. It was more stiff at first, but then it was broken in after a few days. Ours does NOT have a permanent indention to where we are sleeping. Every night, after a long day, we lay down & say "I love our bed!" We highly recommend it.
After telling my aunt about it, she & my uncle bought one. They returned it b/c they didn't like it. I think it was because of the initial stiffness, but that went away from our bed.
I think our bed is called the Geneveive.

We love our Tempurpedic bed. My inlaws have one also and love theirs as well. It is really good for keeping its shape compared to a box spring. You could start with a mattress topper and see if you like that before committing to the mattresses. Just a thought.

We have a sleep number with the adjustable head and feet. I love it my husband hates it. The main problem that we do have is that he likes soft beds and I like to have a semi firm bed. So long story short we have a queen size bed and I roll all night long to his side of the bed and when he is gone I move his side up to like 80 just to keep me from rolling. Now when I was pregnant with our second one I did not need all the pillows as before because my hubby worked 3rd shift so I just set his side higher. I also did not have the acid reflex as bad because with out pillows I was able to set the head up and keep the swelling out of my feet by raising them as well. We will most likely never get another one as well. We did not go with the heavy duty pillow mattress top but one in the middle. It gets hot in my oppion.

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