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Teething Signs????

My son is 7 months old and has been drooling like a mad man for about 3 months (which I know is a sign of teething) BUT over the last 3 days he has now started to puke in the morning, get dirrahea, and has a clear runny nose. I called the pediatrician, and the nurse said it's a sign of teething (all the above symptoms listed). I don't see or feel anything in his mouth yet. I know it could take awhile to pop through his gums but I just want to make sure there not misdiagnosing him. I have him on pedialyte for the dirrahea but I wanted to check with you all first to see if your baby had all of these symptoms... I understand the drooling or even dirrahea but puking and a runny nose are signs also?

What can I do next?

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In my experience...yes these are signs of teething. My girls both went through most of those symptoms. When the teeth do come through it will be quick. One day there not there to feel... the next morning you can almost see them already! It's amazing!
Hang in there.....

It could be an ear infection which too is a sign of teething, there is really nothing to do about it even if it is something else, like a cold or flu or anything because antibiotics can be harmfull to thebaby as they can build a tolerence to it. As they get older they will not work if he gets really truely sick. I am sorry it sucks buit you may just have to get through the tough part of the sickness for a couple of weeks and the teth will come in and the aches and pains will stop until the next set come in! My son is 16 months now and just got his molars in, he now has 10 teeth!! Each set came with new and different problems!!!! Be prepared for anything!!!!!

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Hi M.,

Fortunately, I never went through that with my son. I didn't realize he was cutting a tooth until I actually looked in his mouth. Once in a blue moon I would put Baby Oragel when he got fussy but that was rare. I never heard of diarrhea or vomiting when cutting a tooth but I would keep an eye on it because you don't want your child getting dehydrated. Wish you the best.


In my experience...yes these are signs of teething. My girls both went through most of those symptoms. When the teeth do come through it will be quick. One day there not there to feel... the next morning you can almost see them already! It's amazing!
Hang in there.....

Hi M.,
Yes, I noticed my 5 month old son is going through the same thing. I am also concerened. I am gonna go see a doctor this week because he has been having the same symptons and going through what your son is going through as well. Is there any other advice from other moms as well??

Hi M.,

My son is going through the SAME THINGS EXACTLY... I brought him to the doctor and she said dirrahea, fever, and being cranky ARE signs of teething BUT not normally vomiting.... She said there is a horrible stomach virus going around and vomiting is involved with that.. She had to check my son's ears for an ear infection and did a throat culture of him to make sure he didn't have strep ( that gosh he didn't)... BUT she did say ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT and can have DIFFERENT symptoms (this is directly coming from my pediatrician)....
Hope that helps...

Hi M.,
I had to respond to you!!I've been a nurse for 18 years,10 years as a baby nurse. Vomiting and diarrhea ARE NOT signs of teething.You go ahead and make an appt. with the pediatrician.I'am so sorry you got that very bad advice.Unfortunately ther are plenty of screwballs in the medical field!!If ever you don't agree with the advice of a nurse or doctor,please go with your gut.It won't ever hurt to get a second opinion.Good luck!

As weird as it sounds, they sure are signs of teething. My daughter gets the runny nose and an awful cough each time she teeths. Sometimes it takes a week or so of those symptoms before I find the tooth.

Vomiting is not a sign of teething. Pain will cause diarrhea and so will pain meds, but not vomiting. Vomiting is a sign of infection, food poisoning or food intolerance. I would also question the runny nose esp since all of these signs (including the runny nose) are signs of the rotavirus--a nasty stomach bug. (do a search on it for more details).
My son had the rotavirus, and another sign of it is the horrible putrid smell of the diarhea....so if all of these are present, I would bring him to the Dr.
He could be teething AND have a bug though.
Baby Motrin will help with any fever and teething.
Besides that, you are doing the right thing by keeping him hydrated since dehydration is the number one problem cause by a stomach bug.
I would also limit what you are feeding him to the brat diet, which at 7 months would be baby bananas, apples and rice cereal. And if the symptoms last more that 48 hours--go to the Dr.

welcome to my world...... I have taken my 11 month daughter to the after hour clinic and ped office 7 times and have each time got the dx of teething.

jsut thought you would like to know that you are not the only one going threw this

good luck and happy teething.

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