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Teething Gel

Hi, right now, my 7month old is going through his stages of teething. The teething gel im using is Little Teethers oral pain relief gel. and it says to only use it 4 times daily and after a week, the pain should subside. if not then see a doctor. Well it seems like his pain is getting worse everyday (due to the teeth coming in) and i've been finding myself using it a bit more. ESP at night. I've realized hes been so restless and waking up at night due to the pain. so if hes awake and it isnt time for a bottle, i would use a tiny, and i stress tiny dot amount, and he would fall right back asleep. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other brands? since for some reason this one wont be usable soon. He get more crankier everyday with these teeth.
I have the frozen wash cloth along with teethers, but i need some other suggestions as to what i should use at night and what not.
thank you.

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I use the Hyland's Teething Gel, which you can put on as often as you like. Works better for us than the Hyland's tablets (I think each kid reacts to one better than the other). We also do a lot of teething biscuits, a wet washcloth, and lots of extra cuddles. We also do Motrin at night when it is really bad, or he has a higher fever (which my son does get when teething). Although we go generic (cheaper), but would suggest you do the same if you haven't heard about the quality issues/recalls with Tylenol and Motrin.

Since you said he keeps getting worse every day, he might be having some problems with the gel you are using, or it might be something more than teething. My son has his up and down days, but it doesn't just keep getting worse and worse for a week, he always has some time in there where he isn't feeling so bad (teething at the beginning was quick for him, but after the first few teeth it always takes several weeks to a month for one or two teeth to come in).

I agree with Michelle- teething tablets & Tylenol/acetaminophen (in addition to the teething rings, washcloth, etc).

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In my case, that tooth gel actually was causing the pain : ( I found out that it was doing more harm. I would stop using it. I started with a bit of Tylenol when things got really bad, but realized that this is a normal stage and my 'helping' could be more 'hurting'. I do recommend a teether, I found my at the grocery store, it's a rubber yellow star with a blue handle, when you bite on it,it vibrates-perfect! Again that gel made my little guys mouth raw with sores.

Our Pediatrician told us not to use the teething gels (not sure why) but we use Hylands Teething tablets and they work wonders.

Try Tylenol...especially before bedtime...really helps!

I agree with Michelle- teething tablets & Tylenol/acetaminophen (in addition to the teething rings, washcloth, etc).

Our pediatrician told use they do not recommend teething gel because a lot of the times the saliva washes it off the gums and all it does it numb the tounge so the kids still hurt. (I admit, i still used it). They suggested we use tylenol. I found that putting a pacifier in the fridge works great. They also make a pacifier that is actualy for teething. It looks funny and has a wierd texture to it. My little one loves to chew on it.

use gentle naturals teething drops they were a miracle with my daughter. you can find them at target and probably other stores. i also gave her motrin every 4-6 hours as needed. i did this every day she was getting her molars in and my daughter has no ill effects from it.

Our dr doesn't recommend any teething gels or teething tablets. He recommends good old tylenol and frozen teethers or frozen wash cloth. We bought an amber teething necklace. I swear it works!! I thought it was a bunch of hocus pocus, but it does work IMO.

Hyland's teething tablets. Worked for my three.

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