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Teething and Infant Tylenol

My three-month baby boy is starting to teeth and I've tried numerous methods to calm him. It's mainly at the end of the day when he is frantically sucking/biting and even feels like dracula as he latches onto my collar bone with his mouth. A couple of the remedies (sucking on wet wash cloth or wash cloth around ice) seem to work only temporarily but for three nights in a row I've given into the option of giving him infant Tylenol at the dose his doctor recommended. He goes right to sleep! It seems too easy and an option I don't want to grow dependent on. Do any of your have insight on how much Tylenol (nights in a row) is too much for baby and/or info on how long this process lasts or other remedies?

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We used Tylenol when James is teething at night too. We give it to him until the tooth breaks through the gum and them stop. i think the longest we gave it to him for was for about a week. He was a much happer baby during the day when he got good sleep at night. Which made the teething not as big of an issue. Do what ever you need to do to make him comfortable.

Hi A., I would try the Hyland Teething tablets. They are all natural and really work great! You can get them just about anywhere, longs, safeway, walmart. Also, something else to try is Gripe water, which is sold at health food stores.
This does eventually go away, but I know it seems like forever. Good luck!

Hi A.,

We went through the same thing and the Tylenol worked great at night. I stopped after 5 nights (thought it was enough) although it wasn't required by doc. I don't take meds myself and wanted to keep our daughter off if we could. She was fine once I took her off. There is some natural teething stuff at Whole Foods. It didn't work as well for us. I stuck to teething rings, bagels etc. Good luck!

Your child cannot become addicted to tylenol - it is not a habit forming medication, or it would not be approved for use in infants and children. As long as you are giving only the dose recommended by the doctor and/or the dosage instructions on the bottle, there is no harm in giving him a dose before bed for awhile until the worst of the teething is over. Generally, the teething pain calms down significantly once the tooth actually breaks through the surface of the gums. With teething, all you can really do is try out different methods of comfort as you have already and give tylenol as needed when he is really upset - if a single dose of tylenol every night until his teeth come through is what helps him and allows him to sleep, then by all means, comfort your childs pain! It wont go on forever, and we are lucky we as parents are able to relieve our infant's teething so easily - have you tried infant orajel? It relieves teething pain topically.

My son is 7.5 months old and going through teething hell! I've been using the tylenol as well and even have resorted to the baby orajel. I don't like using either one, but I don't like to see my little nugget in pain nor do I like getting up every hour at night with him. I have tried not to give him the tylenol because it's very hard on the liver and I know that their livers are still growing. I was told to use the little mesh bags with some frozen peas, but I"m not sure if that would work for your child either since he's younger than should be for solids. It's just a thought though that you might want to check with your ped.

Try Hyland Teething Tablets (you can find them by the Orajel and toothbrushes and any store). Have you tried Orajel yet? The teething tablets are all natural with no side affects. I would give both my kids tylenol or infant motrin once in a while though through the tough teething times, so they can at least sleep. But you can give the tablets all through out the day if you need and they work. Hyland also makes a whole line of homopathic medicine for children. You can find a lot of them at Whole foods.

I used a teething pill for my kids, it dissolved in thier mouths and had camomille in it, it was in the same sections as the children's meds. You might want to try that, as for how many nights you can give the tylenol, I am not sure, but we used it also, when needed and the kids are fine. Good Luck, I know it is a frusterating time!

Hi A.,
I have used the teethning tablets, tylenol and now I use advil infant 6-23 months...I find that the advil works the best... 8 hours - it takes the inflammation away...I would talk to your doctor. My doctor said it was okay...to give it to her when needed.
good luck
bye K.

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