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Teething - Cave Creek, AZ

My son is 6 months old and is cutting his 4 front teeth. he is absolutely miserable, screaming and crying, bless his heart. We have used tylenol, teething tablets, Orajel, daytime and nighttime. Is there anything else I can do to help him? He won't really take to anything cold, loses interest after a minute or two. He also has a vibrating rattle to use. I am willing to try anything to help him out. Thanks!

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MOTRIN (Infant)! I had the same problem used everything and she was so miserable. I was at the store late one night and a lady said that she has 4 kids and the only thing to help with pain and stop a fever with teething was Mortin. I got it and it worked wonders!

Hope that Helps.

We had great success with Calms Forte which is a homeopathic calming aid. It has chamomille and other ingredients that seemed to do the trick. Walmart carries it. You can also try popsicles - the kind that are in the plastic, like otter pops - the sweetness is something they usually like if you poke a couple of holes in it so they can taste it ;)

Good luck!

Have you tried Humphry's 3? This is what I used when my son was teething and it was amazing! My sisters all had children before I and they swore by this. I hope this helps.You have to ask the pharmacist for it they keep it behind the counter. Watch out for Motrin, the doctors don't reccomnd it to much for children younger then one.

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Hi A., well the first thing u could do to calm him down is make him some chamomille tea this will help him settle down. 1 more thing hylands homeopathic teething tablets. They sell these pretty much anywhere from frys to walmart. My lil girl is turning one soon and luckily she never complained about teeth. My 9 yr old was the 1 that had bad teething problems.

I hope this helps u. Poor little guy I hope he feels better.

i also have a 6 month old boy.. who got his 2 bottom teeth. you're doing all you possibly can.... just keep doing what you're doing, and it will pass.... until the next teeth :)

The best thing I ever did for my kids when they were teething is to give them motrin. My dentist office told me to give it to them, but not until they were 6 months old. It worked soooooooo much better than anything else I did. Just make sure that you dose them according to weight and only as directed. More is never better.

At Target, Walmart and Fry's Marketplace in the baby section they have baby utensil for food. It is mesh bag with a flip top lid and litte handle on it for the baby to hold. I put 2 slices of apple inside the mesh bag and my daughter chewed on it for hours. I tried that during teething and it seemed to relieve a lot of her pressure. Hope this was helpful.

Hi A.,

You haven't mentioned Highlands, so, I thought I'd just put it out there. I've used Highlands tablets and teething gel for my daughter and it has helped her a great deal. The best thing about it too is that it is quick dissolving - my daughter refused anything with a nipple so I would place it under her tongue and in a matter of seconds it was dissolved.

You can find it at any Walgreens.

Good luck with your little man :)

Hi A.!! My name is S. and I am a single mother with a 11 month old baby boy. When my son first started teething my grandfather gave me an old remedy to help with the teething process. I was also like you I tried everything from tylenol, motrin, humphrey's, and even baby orajel. These only helped temporarly. The rememdy my grandfather gave me was that you get an onion and pill the outer layer and throw it away, than get the next layer and put it in a pan with no oil just the onion and "fry" it until it gets soft.Once it gets soft let it cool down and let your baby suck on it. There is something in the onion that numbs the pain in the baby's gums. It helped my son out a lot!! Hope that this works for you!! Good Luck!!

I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of hell for this, but I'm going to say it anyway. My little boy had a really hard time with his teeth. The ONLY things that worked for him is jerky (it helped cut the teeth sooner) and The company that I rep for has this stuff called Forever yours. Its a flavored prolong creme, I just put a little bit of that on his gums, The orajel never worked but this stuff did. My email is ____@____.com If you would like more information on it.

When my daughter was teething, she too cut multiples. I too a clean soft wash rag, dampened it, not wt, damp. Then I put it in freezer. When I took it out, I loosened it up just a lil and let her chew on it. If clod itsn't good, then just a rag to chew on. The softness keeps them from hurting, but the slight roughness helps the teeth erupt quicker. The thicker the rag the better. Also, becareful with oralgel. Using it too often can cause irritation and infection. Keep up the tylenol. Good luck, somethings in life just hurt. Good luck, I hope it helps.

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