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Teething - Dover, DE

My almost 6 month old daughter is teething. She drools all day. I keep a bib on her so that she isnt soaking through her clothes however, she soaks through her bib in no time. The other issue is her neck is getting irritated from being wet all of the time. Prior to putting her to bed I have been putting vaseline on her neck to help with the irritation. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Thanks to everyone for their advice. In order to get the rash cleared up I put Hydrocortisone on her neck one night prior to her going to bed. It cleared it up almost immediately. I am putting Aquafor by Eucerin on during the day in the hopes that it won't happen again. The rash didn't seem to bother her at all but boy was it ugly. I am also swapping out her bibs when they get saturated. Thanks again.

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Try a plastic backed bib (they make BPA free versions). You can also put her in layers so you can just strip off the wet hoodie (for example) for another one and she'll still have a dry onesie next to her skin.

Hi J.,

Don't worry this phase will pass soon enough. In the mean time try Calendula gel on her neck. It can be found at most health food stores, I would put it on all day long.
Take care, S.

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Hi J.,

Don't worry this phase will pass soon enough. In the mean time try Calendula gel on her neck. It can be found at most health food stores, I would put it on all day long.
Take care, S.

Bet she's cute! I have two ideas. One is to powder her neck every morning, just to give her a little layer of protection. The other is to change the bib frequently, all the time. I went to the local department store and bought a pack of cheap bandanas, and used those instead of bibs. Cheaper, cuter, very washable and soft. Good luck!

During the day, frozen washcloths and Hyland's teething tablets

For night time, Hyland's teething tablets, Tylenol, and a little Orajel (used sparingly, a little goes a long way) all used together will give her tremendous relief

It's the pain that makes their mouths water, so if you can combat the pain, you can combat most of the drool.

To help with neck irritation, I would use a little corn starch. You don't want to use baby powder, because it has talc in it and my pediatrician said something about that not being good for them (but I can't remember what she said). The corn starch will help relieve the wetness that is causing the irritation.

Try a plastic backed bib (they make BPA free versions). You can also put her in layers so you can just strip off the wet hoodie (for example) for another one and she'll still have a dry onesie next to her skin.

I know this is a bit late but a quick suggestion. Carter's sells a dribble happy bib. It is SOOO GREAT!!! My son started teething at three months and wore a bib constantly! we never got to see all his cute clothes he got. but anywho, they are really cute, sold for boys, girls, or unisex. THey have the protectant plastic inbetween the cloth so you dont see it and it does not irrate the baby's skin. HOpe this helps a bit.

a little bit of powder and change the bib often. make sure you wash the neck often though as it can become sore and crusty from the powder. vaseline is good as well.

I'd try to keep the area as dry as possible -- wipe it with a soft, dry cloth (like a burp cloth), change her bib often. Some Eucerin lotion or Aquafor might help with the irritation, but you can check with your pediatrician just in case.

My daughter did the same thing until she was about 2 1/2 yrs old. It was annoying but the things i figured out that worked great was one i put bibs on her with the plastic back on them. When she went to bed i got the little mats i can't think of what they are actually for (maybe to put under a babies bottom when changing to keep things clean while changing)but they were little square mats (kind of like place mats) but they were bought in the baby department. They were plastic backed and cloth fronted and kind of stiff. I put it under her head when she slept because her face would also break out. I could stop putting things on her face after that for some reason it fixed the prob. completely.

My doctor told me to put diaper rash ointment on it, and when it got really bad a hydrocortisone cream. It sure is annoying. Good luck.

My sons chin would get chapped when he was teething and I used Soothe & Protect Balm from the Johnson's Soothing Naturals line. It worked great. I now use it on my teething seven month old. Good luck.

Have you tried the bibs with the plastic back so she is not soaking through to her skin? I have used this type with all 5 of my kids and the little ones I have provided care for and they seem to work well and avoid the soaking through to skin and clothes.

My daughter had the same problem when she was teething except her skin was irritated on her chin. My pedatrician recommended using Aquaphor ointment by Eucerin and it worked really well for my daughter.

Jamie- oh I remember those days. 6 months is such a fun age. Enjoy her. I do remember the drooling and think it is totally normal. I'm not sure I would put vaseline on her neck though because I would think that would hold the moisture in more. I would just try to make sure to keep her neck as dry as possible and see if that helps. As far as clearing up the reaction Arbonne has some amazing baby products that give awesome results without all of the yucky ingredients (like mineral oil, SLS, phthalates,etc.) that are in some many other baby care products. Depending on how severe the rash is I would recommend the ABC diaper rash creme or the ABC baby lotion. Arbonne prides itself on offering Pure Safe and Benefical products that are botanically based. Here is an awesome website about baby products and what to avoid that I found.

If you'd like more info about Arbonne's products or would like to try a sample of anything I'd be happy to send it to you. You can contact me at ____@____.com or www.mbcrooks.myarobnne.com

Best of luck to ya and have fun with your beautiful daughter They grow up sooo fast mine are now almost 12 (twins) and 7. Yikes I'm getting old.

Take care,

Aquaphor by Eucerin - miracle ointment that can be used for most skin irritaions,it forms a nice barrier, we even use it on scars.
Be wary of powder, it can get in the lungs and you should never use actual powder, talc has been a proven link to ovarian cancer,(most powders now are 100% corn starch).

We have Carter's and Gerber bibs that are waterproof. They are cloth bibs with a plastic liner inside the bib. I have one on dd in the mornings when she drinks her milk. The sippy cup sometimes leaks and she also likes to dribble out a little milk/juice after taking a drink. The bibs really do a great job keeping her dry. In your case, you may still want to change the bib when the top layer gets wet.

Vasoline is petroluem. Try shea butter or bag balm, both will protect her skin and act as a healing agent. Powder gets in the lungs, do not use it. Aveeno baby lotion works well too.

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