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Teeth Pulling????

My daughter is an aspie girl 12 yrs old. Recently she has been handing me teeth ugh. How long do baby teeth keep coming out these ones look kind of big. She is one of these kids that picks at her toenails till they come come come completely off picks at scabs etc.. Im gettin a little concerned here ladies what should I do dentist dr what?? I really need some advice

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The baby teeth will continue to come out usually until 14 year old. I am thinking that the big teeth she handed you is her baby molar. I would definitely make an appointment with a dentist, perferably a pediatric dentist who deals strictly with children.

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First of all, what's an 'aspie'?

Secondly, I would definitely consult with a pediatrition aboout this behavior. Sure, as kids, we picked at scabs and were told not to. Didn't stop us. But perhaps she's one of these unique kids that pain doesn't register. Their nerve endings aren't 'computing' pain. At least put your mind at rest.
But if the teeth are too large to be primaries, I'd have an orthodontist take a panascan to make sure there are permanent teeth that will replace these.
Get YOUR mind put to rest on these issues. You're a mom and you care and obviously getting a little freaked out here.

Hi all,
What I believe J. is refering (aspie) to is Asperger's Syndrome.

Hi J.
I'm a hygienist and usually around of age 12 she should be getting close of having all her adult teeth. Everyone is different. The last teeth that usually comes in are the premolors which replace the baby molors. She also will have or be getting her 12 year old molors which are behind her 6 year old molors and her baby molars are just infront of them, which should be out by now or close to it. If you ever have any worries I would contact your dentist. It will be hard for you to tell if they are baby teeth or not.

i am a dental hygienist, the last of her baby teeth should be making their way out between 12 and 14 yrs old, if you are concerned about it you should first take her to her dentist, then they can let you know if things look normal, then if not they can refer you to a specialist or to your physician for further evaluation. but don't worry the last 4-6 baby teeth usually come out in the course of a year.
btw, what is an aspie?

The only teeth that should be coming out now, at her age, are MAYBE some of the back molars. If the teeth that are out are near or in the front, definitely get her to the dentist, today if possible! My neice is a high functioning autistic and my nephew has asperger's; I know how time consuming and emotionally draining it is to raise them, and I'm not even their parent! Look for a website especially for parents of these children, you will probably find a wonderful source of help and comfort.

I think if I were you I would start with the dentist. I am a single working Mom as well and my son does have a tendency to play with the irritating tooth until it comes out but none have seemed large at all. My son lost his front teeth at an early (very) age and so we have a great relationship with his dentist from that. Anyway, I really think the dentist is the best place to start. Good luck!

12 is really old for teeth to be coming out. Take her to the dentist to be sure everything is okay.

Are you in touch with anyone sho specializes in aspie behavior? Perhaps there are things you could be doing to help her modify some of those behaviors. I wish I could be more help.

Good luck.

Hi J., Unless she has some type of gum disease, she won't be able to take out her permanent teeth, absolutely no way. She might be pulling out the baby teeth, she will have the baby molars that need to come out, I can't remember if there are just 4 that are retained until that age or more. She might be taking them out before they are quite ready to come out and because of this, you could get her checked at the dentist. If she has a regular dentist appt within the next few weeks, then there is no rush, but if it is several months away, then you can get her in early to give you piece of mind. Maybe you can just schedule her for a time with the hygienist just to have them counted and a quick check. I worked for a dentist for 11 yrs and if it were me I would have them checked just to be sure that there is no other problem that you need to be aware of.


The baby teeth will continue to come out usually until 14 year old. I am thinking that the big teeth she handed you is her baby molar. I would definitely make an appointment with a dentist, perferably a pediatric dentist who deals strictly with children.

Probably her molars :-) I think I lost my last baby teeth at 13.

I have 2 boys,ages 13 and 5 yrs, whom both are aspies. I believe my 13 yr.old still has a baby molar left but I would suggest seeing a dentist just to make sure they're baby. My older son has been on certain meds that have caused his picking to get worse, picking his lips, eyelashes, hair out, and scabs.Even without meds. though he still does these things occasionally when he needs to comfort himself. Certain meds also stop or minimize this behavior.The goal is to help them find a comfort that is not dangerous to themselves. If your daughter is on medications you might want to speak with the dr. about it. Also your daughter is at an age for puberty to start and WOW do things change at that point; behaviors, meds not working as well and their bodies changing and not understanding why. I hope I've been of some help.I know the frustrations, the joys, and the love of having an aspie and I'm still learning. Good Luck!

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