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Teeth on Top First??

As my 4 month old son was yawning this morning, it looked like a front tooth was trying to poke through his gums. The problem is that it is coming in on top and I always thought babies got teeth on the bottom first. Is this something to worry about, or is it that all babies are different, and it's not so crazy to get top teeth first?

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Y., My oldest daughter got her canine teeth first. All kids are different. Don't worry. J.( mom of 3)

Every baby I've ever known got their first tooth on the bottom, as did my first son. However...my second son got his first tooth on the top! Actually, his first TWO teeth were on top, so he looked like a rabbit lol. I actually loved, he was so cute and different from other babies we were around.

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You're right - typically, the bottom teeth come in first. However, all babies are different, so I really don't think this is anything to worry about.

Now if he still doesn't have any bottom teeth a year from now... :)

Hi Y.,

It is perfectly normal for your son to get his top teeth in. My daughter, who is now 9, did get her bottom front 2 in first, then she got her top eye teeth, two more bottom teeth, a bottom molar, and then her 2 front teeth. The pediatrician told me that it was fine with the way she cut her teeth. Plus, she didn't even get her first tooth until her first birthday. She now has all her teeth and getting ready to get braces, so don't worry, your son is just fine.

S. (working mother of 4 - boy 14, girl 9, boy 5 and boy 7 months)

I thought the same thing when my son's first teeth popped in 3 months ago on the top. From what everyone tells me that it's fine and all babies are different.

All of us are winging it the first time, don't feel bad. No. I don't think it means a thing. My son got his on top first. I'm married with three kids 14,9,3.

No need to worry. Some babies get their top teeth in first. It is one of those cases of all babies are different. It wont make any difference dental wise either if that may be a concern for you. He is fine.

I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7 and 4.

Hi Yolanda,

I'm a married/working/mommy to a 2yr old. I can say w/certainty that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. There is no issue w/top or bottom first.

My little boy started to get his tooth "buds" at about 4 months as well but the first tooth didn't actually break through for a few more months.

Lots of slobbers and drool later the first one popped through and then in a matter of days another one appeared that we didn't even see a white spot for.
He even started getting his back teeth before a couple of the sides (which seemed really weird to me)...

It's all good though... unless you find one in the roof of his mouth there shouldn't be a thing to worry about.

all babies are different and will get teeth wherever they come in first my son is getting his molars and i was told babies get their front bottom teeth first but i highly doubt it is anything to worry about

All children are different. My daughter cut top and bottom at the same time. My son cut a top tooth then two bottom and the other top. I don't think it is anything to be concerned about.
P. R

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