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Teaching Toddler Their Body Parts

When and how did you teach your toddler their personal body parts (i.e. eyes, nose, ears, mouth, head, arms, legs, etc.)

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I don't remember what her age was, but I would softly touch or stroke the body part and say in a sing-song voice, "Soft little cheeks, tiny little ears, sweet little feet," etc..., so was teaching adjectives along with body parts.

I would start teaching body parts as soon as they become aware. Also please teach the proper body part's name. My mother did not do this and I got very embarassed as a child when I went to school with a Peter. That's what she called boy's parts. She hated it that I taught the proper names but you really are suppose to. She just felt Penis didn't sound like a good word.

Anytime-toddlers are never too young to learn. My daughter knew all her body parts by 1 1/2. I would go ahead and start now. Just start with a couple easy ones then add a couple as you go. It will be so fun, good luck!

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WHenever they are ready. Each child is different. ANd you can start doing it before they are talking even. Children are learning before they are saying their first words.

I started around 9 months while nursing. I'd use my babies' hands to point to part of my face and name them.

One. Even if they cant say the parts, they can point to them..on you, themselves, teddy bears, etc.

I think they pick up on it on their own as long as you are talking about them. You should daily be telling you child what their body parts are. Talk to you toddler as you dress them, bathe them, and when you play and they should pick up on the body parts quickly. Good Luck.

I started teaching my daughter about body parts and singing the Abc's during bath-time. She learned each of those things before she turned one. She could point to each body part i asked her to and could sing her ABC's at the age of one. I just repeatedly did these things multiple times in the bath. I also taught her colors. She knew her colors at the age of one also!! I would like to feel it was because i started doing those things from the time she was only a few months old. Its never too early to start teaching!!

When you start it never ends, when they start talking they can start learning, or signing, and when they are curious. My daughter was about 8 and she had pain in her abdomen, She would know where this is because she knew her knee was her patella, ect. She told the doctor its not my stomach that hurts its my abdomen, which is down here. I have to laugh when I think about this because she wasn't sure he should be trusted because after she told him abdomen he called it her stomach. Which of course she could show you where that is too.

With my daughter, we never really planned a way to teach her the different body parts. But when she was about 1 year old, we got the book Counting Kisses. Each page talks about giving baby kisses on different body parts. When we read it to her, we would either kiss or point to each body part that was mentioned in the book. She LOVED the book and always wanted us to read it to her. Eventually, she started doing it along with us. And then we would ask her where each body part was and she would point. We never intended to use the book as a tool to teach her the body parts, but I do believe it was instrumental in her learning them. Good luck to you!

Just point to your parts and name them. Or put him in front of a mirror and point to his parts and name them. He'll catch on really fast!

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