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Teacher Gift - Jacksonville, FL

I am desperate need for some ideas for a teacher gift for my daughters preschool teacher. To give you some background my little girl is 4 and autistic she goes to a wonderful class, where she has made amazing strides thanks to this teacher, my daughter is not returning to the autism program next year she is moving on to a regular class enviroment. I'm looking for a special way to show her teacher how much we love and appreciate everything she has done for us this year.

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Thank-you everyone for your great ideas, we went with a crystal frame engraved with a beautiful fitting poem with a picture of her and my daughter together, and a gift card to a local resturant along with a letter letting her know how grateful we are. Thanks again E1

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It's not sentimental, but I think one of the best gifts you can give anyone right now is a Gas Gift Card. I did it for Teacher Appreciation Week not long ago and it was a huge hit!

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It really depends on what your budget it, but how about a beautiful small maple tree with a bow around the trunk and hanging from the branches, put a bunch of $5 gift cards, to Panera, Starbucks, the nail salon, the flower shop, the nursery, etc. Write a little poem with the idea in it that when your child was born, she was a healthy child and although her autism may have slowed her growth and development, her help and dedication has allowed her to grow faster than could have ever been expected and now she is ready to join the others. Tell her to remember everytime she looks at the tree that she is helping children grow. If she doesn't own a home to plant it, perhaps she can plant it at the school or a local park.

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Have your daughter make some "art work" for her and get some beautiful frames to put them in. On the back, put a letter with a photo of your daughter letting her know how much she means to your family.

Take Care,

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I agree that a card or picture your daughter makes is priceless. And I think a spa or movie gift certificate is a very nice touch also- something she can use to treat herself. You don't need to spend a fortune to show your appreciation- the card will likely be her favorite part. Do what you can comfortably afford.

You want something that comes from the heart. You could purchase some supplies for her classroom. Teachers pay for many of their supplies out of their own pockets. Think of some of the things that helped your child in her classroom. Not only would you be able to show your appreciation, but you would also be helping another child(ren) who come behind your daughter. If you are not sure what to get, you could ask some of the other teachers, or even ask her what she might need/want for the classroom that would benefit other autistic children. You yourself, know how hard it is with an autistic child. I hope this has helped!


Dear C.,
I can understand why you would like to make a special gift for her teacher..... How about taking a candid picture of your daughter, (black and white) and make a picture frame (you can get a kit from Walmart or Target) then let your daughter write on the back her special message?
I think there is nothing more precious than a gift of "love" that is especially made for that special someone.
Hope you like the idea.
Let me know what you think (____@____.com)

check like wal marts and some of those places i've seen some really nice crystal gifts of that sort and the large kagaroo in my town about great teachers. there arew onderful teachers and im so glad your little girl has come so far. im hoping within a yr or two my autie angel will be in reg classes since she is now reading so well. we are working on math now. gl

Any gift you give will show your appreciation. Maybe something related to the field of autism like a book.

How about skipping the gift and just writing her a letter telling her? I've always heard that teachers get so many gifts that they just don't use. A heartfelt, well thought out letter, giving details of some of the specific ways she has helped your daughter, might be more meaningful. Sending a copy to her boss or supervisor would mean it could go into her personnel file at the school too. If you really want to give a gift, how about something for the teachers classroom; a speacial book or learning game, maybe, that she would be able to use to teach next schoolyear?

It sounds like she has been an angel in your life and your daughter's life. The person to come and help just when it was needed. How about a small statuette of an angel with a child. I searched online for "statue angel with child" and saw some nice affordable statuettes at this site:


I'm sure there are plenty others out there, but just to give an idea. Or else a frame with your daughters picture with a note of appreciation engraved. I would definetly go with something from the heart, since she went above and beyond and truly helped your daughter and probably other children in her class as well.

May your family continued to be blessed.


It's not sentimental, but I think one of the best gifts you can give anyone right now is a Gas Gift Card. I did it for Teacher Appreciation Week not long ago and it was a huge hit!

I would say if this Teacher is that special then the littlest thing will be very special to her. Have your daughter make something...get something like clay or something that your daughter can work with and let her know that she is making for her teacher. You might be very surprised what you little one will do....And it will be good memories for the teacher.

Home made is best
can your daughterdraw? If somake a book of how the teacher has helped her. She draws the pictures, you can add the writting in your daughter's words. Don't forget the kleenex, the teacher will need it. No fixing or improving the drawings. Also may be a picture of your daughter.

It's great when a parent recognizes the good works of a
good teacher with her child/children. Hats off to you!
I can not think of anything better than a gift certificate
to walmart - costco's - publix - christian bookstore......
Either one of these would be my choice, therefore, i'm sure you might think of a store in your community.........


I think a nice card that your daughter signs, maybe a bouquet of flowers would be perfect. You could even put in the card a gift certificate to some place you know she likes (ie, the movies, starbucks, a restaurant or spa.

I gave my son's 2 VPK teachers a card that he signed himself, a flower each wrapped nicely with greenery and babies breath and a gift card to the movies.
Their assistants got flowers as well.

Teachers give so much out of their own pockets to help their students that you could assist her by giving her a gift card to a local store or even a visa gift card so she can use it for whatever she wants. Find a unique way of presenting it to her/wrapping it.

How about a gift certificate of pampering - manicure, pedicure, mini massage.

How about writing letters of appreciation to this teacher - Get your family involved: Your daughters Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc - Ask them to write how they can see the difference in your daughter and how thankful they are for the new experiences they have been able to have (speaking to her on the phone, hugging her and being hugged back, big or small it doesn't matter)because of the difference she has made - put them all together and let her enjoy being appreciated with momentos that she can cherish for the rest of her life - A family thankful to have help in a time of need.

Hello! I am a teacher, so I can offer some useful (hopefully) advice! The best gifts, depending on your price range, are gift certificate types. For example, once I received two movie tickets in a basket with popcorn, candy and snacks. Or a massage or facial certificate. Even a dinner coupon. Candles, picture frames, etc. are nice, but gifts that give us the chance to do something out of the ordinary have been my personal favorites!!

At the risk of sounding mean, the teacher wouldn't really want anything that is a dust collector like a nick-nack (after teaching for several years, these things end up going to Good Will) or large framed photo. A Target or restaurant gift card is the BEST gift for a teacher, hands down. You should include a special card and note and maybe even a drawing made by your child-- and you can include a small photo she can stick on her fridge or somewhere in her classroom

I was a teacher and I received so many things that parents thought I would appreciate--- apple decor, jewelry boxes, etc.. and although I was happy to be appreciated, I would have much rather receive a gift card!

GO GIFT CARDS!!!!!! Remember that teachers don't get paid well, and they dont get paid during the summer.. so anything to help is useful.
Target, restauramt cards, GAS CARDS, Grocery stores...
:Thank you for nurturing our child's development"

I became a Home Interiors consultant not for the purpose of resale but strickly to purchase items at my 45% discounted price. Every week on a Wednesday, you have an opportunity to buy items for $1.00 and up. I take advantage of those items and turn around and give them away as gifts to teachers, family and co-workers too. Cheap and affordable. hehe!

I am a teacher of special needs children and I know what I love, gift certificates - especially for pedicures. I think as a teacher you are always giving to others and sometimes it is hard to give to yourself. This way she would have to take some time to "fill" herself back up so she can keep on giving and doing the wonderful job it sounds like she is doing.


I'm a mom of three boys, ranging in age from 24 years old to 13 years old. All have gone through the public school system. As I spoke with different teachers for ideas for "Teacher Appreciation Week" they gave suggestions such as gift certificates to local restaurants, or theatres, museums, or an educational supply store (where we live, the teachers only get $150.00 per YEAR for all supplies for their classroom ~ as you can imagine, copy paper, craft supplies, books, maps, bulletin board decorations, etc. add up quickly!). The school library has a Book Fair each year, and the teachers are asked to make a "Wish List" for any books they would like to have in their classroom, which makes it easy to be sure you are getting something they don't already have. Many teachers appreciate things that the children make themselves. I guess it depends upon your specific teacher.

I am sure she will appreciate any offering of gratitude you give, since it's from the heart! God bless you and your family!

Hello, a great idea is a gift certificate for a pampering deep cleansing facial. I offer great facials with 15 years of experience and if you want to look up at my website please do so at:
or call me at ###-###-#### for any questions, you can come by the salon to pick a certificate or I can send it to you.

One of my closest friends is a preschool teacher and she loves receiving gift cards - especially ones for "pampering" and the like. Depending on your budget you could go with anything from a gift certificate for a manicure and/or pedicure all the way up to "a day of beauty" at a nearby salon or spa. If you prefer to give something more tangible, Bath & Bodyworks does wonderful gift baskets.

Hee are some idea I gathered:

Definitely gift certificates - a book store (chain or local); an educational book store or learning warehouse as there is never enough money to buy supplies for the classroom; a gift certificate for even just coffee at Starbucks or Borders. What also is a nice idea is a letter written to the building principal stating what has been positive for that year with that particular teacher and your child - that kind of thing becomes a part of our file and is usually also forwarded to the Superintendent's office. It's nice to be appreciated by the parents!

Teachers are very , very busy and find little time for cooking meals. So, one of my favorite gifts is a certificate to a restaurant. Simple notes of appreciation are another favorite and I do wish more parents would tell administration and directors all the good points about their child's teacher.

I love getting gift certificates for bookstores and teacher stores since most teachers do not have enough money to buy supplies for the upcoming year. I know that in my school our supply order has been cut in half for next year so I do not have enough money to even purchase construction paper.

While I like gift certificates, the gifts I most appreciate are the ones with the personal touches. A letter from a parent who was happy (with a copy to the principal) is something that is extraordinary. Also, anything that shows that you've taken the time to get to know the teacher personally and can give a gift that caters to her interests is special, too (For example, I'm moving this year, and one parent made me new address labels. It wasn't expensive, but it was really appreciated! Or if the teacher has a specific hobby, or a favorite restaurant, or a special collection, a gift leaning toward that would be great.

My favorite gifts have been hand written notes.... All the other things have been nice too (I really appreciated some gift certificates to restaurants one year!!.. and one for a manicure!)

As a parent: one year we made a photo album of the year and had each child do a scrapebook page. Another mom (who was unable to coordinate the kids) made one and each page was the letter of the alphabet and corosponding kids names, activities or curriculum & supplies. (like stickers of rulers under R, ect.) They still talk about those! As a teacher: book & food certificates as mentioned above. I must say though, some feel after awhile a little sick of all the "teacher" necklaces, pen holders, ect. But some really love them! Also, if it is a new teacher, I think it is a requirement to get a sappy necklace/mug/tote your first year! It's kind of like a rite of passage....

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