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Tea Party for 5 Year Old

I would like to have a tea prty for my daughter's 5th birthday in August. I wanted to invite her girlfriends to come dressed in their favorite dress-up clothes or pretty dresses and to bring a favorite doll/stuffed animal. But what kind of food and drink do you serve? Has anyone done a party like this for girls this age? What about games or easy projects? I don't want to spend a fortune and go somewhere that it is hosted. I prefer to have the party at home. I have checked some party websites, but they seem to be geared toward older girls. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Have them decorate their own cupcakes - frost and sprinkle them. Serve those on cute little plates with lemonade in tea cups. You could string beads on string to make necklaces and bracelets for a craft and then they could wear them. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have tons of cute little kits for those type things.

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I did this for my girls a few years ago and we had punch and cookies and I got beads and pins and let them make friendship pins to trade with each other.

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Have them decorate their own cupcakes - frost and sprinkle them. Serve those on cute little plates with lemonade in tea cups. You could string beads on string to make necklaces and bracelets for a craft and then they could wear them. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have tons of cute little kits for those type things.

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I would serve apple juice. It looks the most like tea so it would seem more realistic. You could do any type of little sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese and just cut it into cute shapes and put some fruit on their plates. For games you could do musical chairs or make a ball toss with tea cups and ping pong balls. Or have them decorate hats to wear at the tea party. I make custom cupcakes if you want to add those to your party. www.crumbscustomcupcakes.com

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Hi D.,

Go to www.makingfriends.com. This website is geared toward girlscout activities, but it has really neat crafts for all ages. You can order projects from them, but I just look at the supply list and go to Walmart to purchase them.

If you want to do a bead project, just make your own pre-packaged project by using ziplock bags. It makes it so much easier to hand out supplies and the girls have the bag to take their projects home in.

This sounds like so much fun! Let us know how it turns out!

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I agree that any sandwich can be made into small finger sandwiches. Also do maybe veggies and dip or mini quiches and instead of a big cake you could do little petit fours or mini cupckaes. I would serve tea, but have other options available for sure, young palettes (sp?) might not like the taste! ;)

As far as games, the hat idea was great! You can usually get pretty cheap hats at US Toy and buy some cheap flowers and other decor at Hobby Lobby. Also making puzzles is kind of fun for that age. You can buy blank ones and they can color them. You could have stencils and templates (homemade: I use tag board or pieces of manilla folder so they hold up) so that they could make tea party themed puzzles is they wish and get little cellophane or cloth bags to keep the pieces in. Also, most "party" games can probably be adapted to her theme. For instance you can do the egg race with a tea spoon or you could have a contest to see who can make the highest stack of sugar cubes, you could play musical chairs but only sing (or play) the I'm a little teapot song..you get the idea! Finally, if they're all dressed up, you could think about doing a fashion show too. Make a runway and a curtain, they'd get a kick out of it and it would probably take up quite a bit of time!

Have fun, this is a great party idea and everyone (at least I do!) loves a theme! ;)

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I did the same for my daughters 5th birthday.
I took a picture of each girl at the door with a wand and crown and sent it to them in the Thank you note.
A quick craft is to have pre-cut crowns (used poster board and wrapped with aluminum foil) that they can glue some jewels or foam diamonds. With craft glue they dried in about 30 minutes and they ran around playing in them the rest of the day.
Cookie cutter sandwiches and small cookies were served at the party.
I had a small wedding looking cake for the birthday cake.

Williams Sonoma has a line of cookie cutters that are shaped like dress up/princess. There are clothes shapes, crowns, etc--you can often get these on ebay for much less than at the store. Anyway I think the girls would LOVE decorating their own cookies! Hope you have a great party,

Hi D.,
As for the food, try using the tops of various sized jars to cut out small round sandwiches, like tea cakes..
A fun project/take home gift would be to buy plain hats and let them decorate them, you can't have a tea party with out fancy hats!!
Good luck,

I am not giving any suggestions here, you seem to have some great ideas..All I want to say is you have given ME an idea for my OWN birthday, which is next month. I want a birthday party, but I never have enough cash and no one has ever stepped up to the plate to give me one. I really would like to have a surprise party (someday), I've given everyone in my family a surprise party before.
But I'm a big kid at heart, and I LOVE playing games, which a lot of times, adults are fuddy-duddies; So I'm thinking I will throw myself a b-day bash and I have kids and nieces and a few friends who can come and help me to celebrate. We'll play some games (Bingo with prizes!, Guesstures, Taboo,) and I'll get a neat cake...all for ME!!! SO thanks for the idea, hope your daughter's party is as fun as mine is gonna be!! (I'll be 44)

I did this for my girls a few years ago and we had punch and cookies and I got beads and pins and let them make friendship pins to trade with each other.

Hi D.,
A friend of mine hosted a 'Fairy' party for her 5 yr old in Maplewood. I can find out the name of the place if you would like but I thought you said you rather have at home??

Your idea sounds great w/ having them bring or wear their favorite 'princess' outfit and bring their favorite friend.

My sister hosted a Tea Party for her daughter around that age and it was great.

Everyone dressed up, wore BIG hats (like they do for the Kentucky Derby) and we sat and had tea and mini sandwiches and cake.

I actually made the food for her. I bought the Prarie Farms THIN sliced bread (at grocery) and made PB&J sandwiches and cut them into small triangles. I also made a cream cheese cucumber sandwich for anyone wanting and adults liked. You can find many recipes on line.
We served juice/punch and ice tea.

I would suggest buying or finding (at Good Will or second hand shops) tea sets, so it is more authentic.

Put pretty flowers on the table's and have it set w/ your FINEST TEA SETS (pretend i mean - : ).....

We got a Barbie cake from a wonderful lady who bakes from her home, but you could make cupcakes or small pet it fors for your party.

Good Luck and I hope this helped a bit...


p.s. a project would be to have the girls plant their own flower or seed in a cup or small pot they decorate. you can take pict's for them all dressed up and provide fairy/princess tattoo's and sparkly lip gloss to apply.

Madame Hatters tea room is now in Bonner .They only charge u less than $15 per child and that includes Tea or Lemonaide and Food and they have lots of Hats and Jewlry etcc. Bonnie and Tammie are the sweetest Christian ladies I know! The food for ADults is AAAAwesome.

My daughter is 4 and we went to a tea party at our local library a couple months ago where all the little girls dressed up and they had little finger sandwiches and cookies and different kinds of juices in tea pitchers of course. They had little tables set up and the girls could decorate the tables themselves. They read a story, Alice in Wonderland it was very cute and the girls all loved it.


My business does parties for young girls, at $15 per girl. We come to YOU! WE bring the costumes, and we do their hair, makeup, nails, AND bring their goody bags, music, entertainment, a red carpet fashion show, and bring our boutique for you and your guests to shop in your home.

Check out our website!! WWW.BELLEBRIGADE.COM

Good timing! I am hosting a tea party for my 4 year old this weekend. The kids have been asked to wear their "Princess Dress or Sunday best". I am setting up in my dining room with a table cloth plus a cloth on each seat to protect the fabric. I am serving apple juice in tea cups (via tea kettles). Then I am using tiered serving trays to serve the sandwiches (PB&J and turkey/cheese cut out with cookie cutters), grapes, and small cookies. And we are also having homemade mac & cheese. We are not doing any activities because I know the kids will want to eat then play (run around the house). Then we will open gifts and have cake/ice cream.

I'm also placing costume jewelry around the table, so they can "accessorize" their outfits.

I can't wait!

The invitation turned out pretty cute. At the top, it said...

Hickory Dickory Dock, Put On Your Frilly Frock, And
When the Clock Strikes Noon, Please Grab Your Tea Spoon.

Etc... name, date, time, address, etc.

As their take-home gift, I bought tiny tea cups and saucers from www.clay-king.com (~$1.50 each). I decorated them with stickers (their initial + flowers for the girls and stars for the boys) and put a gloss over it. They look really cute.

I think this a great idea for a party. Have fun with it! -A.

for my daughter, i went to a few different thrift stores and bought a punch bowl and some glasses. we serves koolaid and cake. the girls caame in their favorite dress up clothes and i bought some of the 88 cent makeup from walmart and fingernail polish. i applied it with a q tip. and i also did thier hair a little bit ( rubber bands and bobby pins and braids lol) and they watched the newest princess movie. good luck :)oh, yeah, i took a pic of each girl with my daughter and the present they gave her for my daughter to help with thank you notes.

When my daughters had a tea party, we had cupcakes instead of a cake and then little snack items like pretzels and things like that. We went to birthdayexpress.com and ordered the tea party birthday set and gift bags. Then we gave each girl a demitase cup and saucer that I put their names on. They loved it. The cup and saucer we got from a local resturaunt store for really cheap. Everyone loved it and we still have our cups and saucers and that was 6 years ago. Hope this helps some...Good luck and God Bless.

we had a tea party for my daughter last year. we bought a giant table cloth(fancy but cheap at tuesday morning)and cut it up to put on three little tables for the kids. We ordered the little cakes I believe are called petit fours... not sure but they are 1" by 1" and they have a little flower on top. we got them at the local bakery and it was about the same price as a birthday cake. then we used my daughters three real tea sets for the tables, and pink lemonade. I went to hobby lobby and bought little princess wands and crowns from the party favor section, and each girl came dressed as a princess and the boys were dressed as knights. we had sooooooo much fun and it was under $50.00 I would say. Good luck- we loved it!!I also bought a bead kit from tuesday morning and the girls all made necklaces and bracelets and they thought it was awesome!!

You could also pick up up a box of assorted beads stuff from Hobby Lobby or walmart and they can make their own little braclet.

I am not very creative thinking, and I have been trying to think of a cute b-day party for my soon to me 7yo daughter...Thank you for the idea!!

Good Morning D., What a wonderful party this will be. I loved Kristina's ideas. Sounds wonderful, little sandwiches cut with cookie cutters, crackers cheese, fresh veggies and like Kristina mentioned fruits.

Can I come....My 58th B day is in August the only month with out a national of Fed holiday.. August folks are specially blessed to create their own holiday's..LOL

Have a great time D.
God Bless you
K. Nana of 5

My sister-in-law did this with her five year old and it was so cute. She purchased cheap sunglasses for them and let them decorate them. The parents stayed and helped with things like the glue guns. They also decorated and made other jewelry with yarn, buttons, beads, etc. It was very cute! They just served some sort of drink and then cookies or small cakes (can't remember which). I think she also purchased boas for the girls (you can get these cheap at most hobby stores) and the girls just had a great time! Have fun! Can't wait until mine or old enough for this.

We did a tea party for my daughter (turning 5 also) last spring and had a ton of fun! I served pink lemonade (instead of tea) and cut flower-shaped pb&j sandwiches, sugar wafers, mini cookies and fresh berries. And cake of course! I found the cutest little porcelain tea sets at Walmart for cheap, so we used that for our tea dishes. (just $5).

We didn't play games, but did a few fun projects; I had bought up a bunch of $1 Easter hats before Easter and some bunches of fake flowers from the dollar store. Before tea, the girls created big beautiful Tea Party hats with the flowers and ribbon. I also grabbed some of the foam sunglasses at Michaels and we decorated those with stickers. They loved dressing up in their own accessories like that. Then we gathered at the table for the tea party. After the party and presents, I got out a big bowl of beads and had the girls string their own necklaces to take home as well, and that's what we sat and did as we waited for parents to pick up. For party favors, (besides the accessories) I got these cute little foam purses and put each girls' initial on them for all their goodies.
Here are some pics of our party last year on my blog if you want a peek:

Have fun with your party!!

I want to come too. My little girl has moved out and I'd love to be able to do something like this...some day grand children.

Make sure you have extra dress up clothes in case someone forgets or doesn't have a 'pretty' enough dress. You don't really need that many activities to keep them busy. Don't forget chocolate covered strawberries as a good treat.

If I were you I would make small finger sandwiches out of peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers like lunchables, just dress them up a little. Make tiny finger deserts like mini brownies, tiny cup cakes, and any snack cakes that are super small and can be eaten in a couple bites. Stay away from super messy and sticky stuff so the girls don't get it on their dresses. Then for the tea. Use actual tea just go to the regular store and find a flavored hot tea that you can sweeten with splenda (most parents don't like sugar loaded drinks) Serve the girls in your best tea cups and plates on tables that are perfect size for them and their dolls. Have a back up just in case someone really dislikes the tea. Or have a couple of selections of tea's. My son loves a pomegranate white tea its mild and when splenda is added its pretty sweet. Plus its red and looks like coolaide. I have some super fun kid friendly recipes if you need them.
P. S. the crafty thing to do is to make snow globes out of baby food jars. Simple and glittery so there is a mess but its a fun mess.

www.mandyscandywrappers.com princess boxs which you could place some goodies in there. i would do sandwiches(cut them in traingles) and chips. Have them make a bracelet. let them put makeup on with your help.

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