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Hello all, can anyone tell me if they buy the target brand formula? My baby boy is consuming alot more than he used to and the formula is so expensive. I compared the ingredients w/the one I use to Target's and found them to be the same. I have also heard that alot of times the store or generic brands are really made by the bigger companies, just under a different name. If I can spend half the money that I usually do on formula, especially now that he is going through it faster, than I would really like to. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone, after doing much online research for myself, I decided to go ahead and try to use the generic formula. Its supposedly the same but at 1/2 the cost ! I don't know about you, but I don't have the extra money to toss away if it isn't necessary : )

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I don't know why but when my daughter was an infant that was the only formula she could tolerate. It was less expensive then the other ones I could have used, I bought the powder to save money. I don't know why it worked so well and tried it out of desperation.


I used Target Brand Formula which I found was comparable to Enfamil. I asked my dr. and she said Target, Costco, etc. were okay. My daughter has been off formula for a while now, and was fine. I did switch to Soy early on because she was spitting up a lot.

All infant formula has certain requirements that it must meet. Any formula must meet nutritional requirements from the FDA. Here is a link to their site

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I can't answer for Target formula, but we used the WalMart (Parent's Choice) formula for both of our kids. We started with the more expensive brands with the first and then realized that it was getting very costly, especially when he started eating more. I researched "store brand formula" on BabyCenter.com and also talked with our pediatrician at Bassett Healthcare. She told us that store brands are just as good as name brand, that sometimes they may contain more nutrients (look at the labels), and they are made by the larger companies. They can sell it for a lot less b/c they aren't spending all that money on advertising. It's not really any different from using generic medications or other store brand items. My kids are now 5 & 3 and they have grown well and been very healthy. Hope this helps you.

I need to respond to the woman who watered down her daughters formula. Please don't do this!!!. Too much water can be toxic to infants. Also giving a child cereal at 2-3 weeks old is not only unsafe, but unnecessary. The calories in formula or breastmilk is more than enough to sustain a baby of that age. Their immature digestive systems are no where near ready to handle cereal. I'm sorry if I sound over the top, but this topic drives me CRAZY!!!!!!

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I have heard that Target formula AND Target diapers are both great! I've also heard that Adli grocery stores are a great way to save money on food if you have one near you. Of course Walmart is cheap but they do bad business with China and treat women and maybe even children horribly so we try to stay away from Walmart!

Hi J.-

I did not use the Target brand, But I did use the Wal*Mart's Parents Choice...My Dr said they were all pretty much the same at a discounted price. My daughter did not even know the differnce when we switched from the Enfamil LIPIL to the Parents Choice LIPIL and she was fine with the so called "store Brand" hope this helps you out a bit!

i word talk to your pediatrician first.

I used the Sam's brand and the Target brand for my twins. Our pediatrician was the one who told us that all of the brands are now under FDA supervision so that they all basically are the same. The biggest difference you will find is with the texture. Both of my kids had no problems with the Target or the Sam's brand and it saved us a fortune. Hope this helps.

I have used several different brands of the same formula for my youngest son. I used Target, P&C, Walmart, and Enfamil. As long as they have all the same nutrition values as the one you have been using then your son shouldn't have a problem. One thing though, make sure you double check if you are getting lacto free or regular or whatever he's drinking. I made the mistake once of getting the Lacto free because the cans are more like in the cheaper brands. If you have a P&C near you-you might consider their brand. Their Lipil milk based is exactly like Enfamil Lipil. The big can is bigger then other store brands, and it's about $17 which comes out cheaper.

**edit** After reading one of your comments I had to add something. Please, please do not water down your baby's formula as someone recommended. If your baby is hungry give him more formula, and there is no need to start him on cereal already unless you are ready, and you think he will eat from a spoon. Fat babies are perfectly fine! When they start crawling and walking they lose the weight anyway. I just can't imagine someone watering down baby formula!

Both my girls were big when they were born and by 2 or 3 weeks they were drinking over 32oz a day and the Dr said that I could start giving them cereal. It helped a lot.

All infant formula has certain requirements that it must meet. Any formula must meet nutritional requirements from the FDA. Here is a link to their site

Many store brands are manufactured by the large companies. However, I would be cautious because you may not always know who the manufacturer is. There may be a reason why some formula gets the name brand label, and some doesn't. Usually, there isn't, but talk to your pediatrican before switching formulas. Sometimes switching formulas can cause digestive issues.

You may also want to ask you doc about introducing rice cereal. If you mix it w/ formula, it may satisfy your son more and stretch out the formula.

if at all possible go get the walmart formula thats the one i used because the docs wanted my son on formula after 12months.its so much cheaper and i like it a whole lot better.it has everything in it that any other brand does...i love it..

I used Target Brand Formula which I found was comparable to Enfamil. I asked my dr. and she said Target, Costco, etc. were okay. My daughter has been off formula for a while now, and was fine. I did switch to Soy early on because she was spitting up a lot.

My son uses the enfamil gentlease usually, but we substitute with the target comparison. I didnt see any changes in my sons behavior. give it a try...if you notice any unpleasant differences, dont but it any more. just make sure your not introducing anything else new at the same time.

I would definitely recommend thta you check-out whether or not you qualify for WIC. The income limit is actually pretty high making the program accessible to more people, partially because the cost of formula is so expensive. I can't offer very much advice regarding switching to store brand formula. My son breastfed until five-months (he will be 7 months next week)and we have had him on Enfamil Lipil for the last two. It works well for him and though he does go over the nine cans WIC provides, we save a lot of money because of the program.

I would not recommend watering down the formula. Water can be toxic for babies under 6-Months if they get too much. After that they can have some but before can be dangerous.

I was lucky enough to get WIC, so I can not speak form experience. But you can do a side by side comparison of ingredients, nutritional value etc with whatever formula it says "compare to ______"
It is the new thing to get the DHA (is that right) you know how they are specially formulated now to have the same goodness as breast milk for brain and eye development.
Here is a link to help you start your research.


Be aware that all formula must meet the FDA minimum requirements, but that does not mean one is as good as the other. Some are exceeding the minimums, while others are just making it.

As a side note, do you think you could be elligible for WIC? The guidelines are pretty reasonable, and even a working family is often approved. We were, and we are both working. Nothing is nicer thaan those 9 cans of Enfamil Lipil at no charge each month.

Hey J....My daughter uses the special formula (Enfamil Nutramigen) so I really can't buy the Target brand. But anyway...when we visited her pediatrician before she was put on the special formula she told me that I should but the store brand formula since they are all the same. She did tell me to check the labels and make sure they were the same but most times they are...

I hope this helps a little....good luck!

I've used target formula. My daughter was only on formula for 3 months so I'm not that knowladgeable but I know its the same, if not better than the brand name. I found that it was a little harder to mix but that might have been because I was using sippy cups and not a bottle. You should check wal-mart becasue I think their parents choice brand is the same and even cheaper than targets.

I just started my 10 month old daughter on Target brand. I was very unsure too, but my sister-in-law has been using her for months now. My boyfriend did a lot of research and everything he found stated that they are the same. In fact he found an article that stated that Similac is sueing Walmart because their formula is exactly the same. I know some people think that it is bad, but I had to try it guilt free. I think that was the hardest part, but my daughter has been fine with it. I even think she likes the taste better than the Enfamil Lipil. She actually stopped nursing the other night and crawled over to the bottle that I left on the table earlier. I was heart broken, but it made me feel better about using the Target brand. Good luck I hope that helps.

I don't know why but when my daughter was an infant that was the only formula she could tolerate. It was less expensive then the other ones I could have used, I bought the powder to save money. I don't know why it worked so well and tried it out of desperation.


The best thing to do is speak to your pedatrician. I am sure that they will tell you that it is ok.. I used to use the organic stuff, my peditrician laughed at me and said that as long as the baby digested it well, its fine.. Then I switched to Similac. I used to call the customer service number on the back and they'd to send me coupons and samples in the mail.. And my pediatrician's office always had coupons and samples there also, I would ask for the lot and often times I got it....

hi, i just wanted to give you a little warning...no matter whether you use the store brand, or original brand you've been giving him...try to keep it to the recommended amounts the dr tell you. my daughter was drinking WAY MORE then the dr was happy with...and so did a friend of mine's son. her son was VERY chunky because of it...she would just give it to him when he wanted. i personally would estimate how many scoops of the formula would make the ounces of formula the dr. wanted her on...and it turned out that if i would add more water, she was fine. they say 2 oz water to 1 scoop of formula...by the end, i wound up giving her about 4 oz water to 1 scoop formula because she drank SOOOOO MUCH! and i know, ppl say it's because i watered it down so much...but i was just giving her more water ONLY as she was going over what the dr wanted her to have. i'm doing the same now while she's on regular milk. and the part that is the warning...it's the fact that if your/any child has their vitamins like they're supposed to AND milk/formula...they're getting all the vitamins they need (including iron). now the catch, if they drink too much milk/formula, they will be getting too much iron. and the problem with iron, is that if they're getting too much, (and this goes on for too long a time) they're body won't absorb as much iron as it needs to, and in turn will make them anemic! i know this from personal experience. i am very anemic, and from what i'm told, i would drink a gallon of milk to myself (usually skim) in about 2 days (maybe 3) and my daughter does/did the same thing. her iron levels were too low 6 months ago...so now that i've found all this out, i started giving her water with her milk (she was on formula still when i found out) and with just a couple weeks (almost 2) we got her iron checked and her levels are perfect. i just figured that since you're son drinks so much milk, it would be helpful to know. good luck.

Hi, we used generic formula for the girls!! They did great on it. Just check the to make sure the ingredients are the same, which they usually are.

I used the "Wal-Mart" brand formula for my son when he started using more and he never had a problem with digestion or fussiness or anything else. I don't have a Target close by here but I agree with you in trying to save some money anyway you can. So, give it a try and see. If you have any reservations about it talk to your pediatrician. Good Luck and have a great day!


I don't use the Target formula but you are right, the private label stuff is made by the big well known companies they are just marketed under a different name. The main difference is the amount of the ingredients put in or where they are sourced from. Also look not only at the fact that all the ingredients are the same but look at the order in which they are listed as a regulatory rule the ingredients are listed in the order of quantity for example the first ingredient is the one in the highest amount, the second, is the second highest amount, etc. Hope this helps you make a decision.

Once I transitioned my daughters onto formula they both drank either Target brand or BJ's brand, and they turned out just fine. Formula is one of those things that is closely monitored by the FDA so you shouldn't worry! I think it costs less because there isn't all of the advertising and it isn't as finely refined as the name brands. I actually liked it better because it didn't make the bottles as foamy when I shook it up!


I have found that all kids are different.
Some take different formula well while other don't. I started using simalac for my daughter and she consumed a lot of milk too. I tried another brand and it bundled her up so had to stick with what agreed with her stomach.
So buy it try it and if it works then you can swich to it.

Hi J..

I never used the target brand. But, I did use Bright Beginnings and my now two year old has turned out just fine. :) i don't know the prices on the others. target, walmart. but BB was about 17 or 18 bucks for the big 32(?) oz. container. they usually had a coupon on it to save you an extra buck or two. good luck!

Hi, Don't do it, believe me I know. The formulas are not the same, if you look closely at the ingredients the say "may contain" so they are never the same twice. The reason some formulas are more expensive is because they use better ingredients. Docs offices always have samples and usually coupons, you have to remember to ask because they don't give them to you unless you ask. Don;t switch to a less expensive formulas remember its only for a year.

J. -

I did a little research on brand vs. generic formulas and it was pretty much the same thing. The FDA has such strict guidelines on baby formula that no one can put them on their shelves unless they meet those regulations and the ingredients are all pretty much the same. I wish I had used generic from day one with my daughter when she was taking it. I ended up using a special gentle formula because we had alot of problems, but there was even a generic of that - I was just to afraid to swithc. Save yourself the money and dont' worry that your baby won't be getting all his nutrients - he will do just fine!

When my first child was born, a friend of mine tried it on her son, and for the first week was raving how it had all the same ingredients, but was half the cost. A month later when I saw her, she had switched back telling me that it caused constipation. Good luck.

Hi J.,
I did not use formula however i have quite a few friends who used the store brand. My good friend spoke to the Dr and he said it was the same. She felt the same way that if she could spend half the amount for the same size can why not. Good luck with your decision.
Sherri K

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