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Target Brand Formula Vs. Enfamil Gentease

I have switched my daughter to the Target version of Enfamil based on some suggestions to try the Gentlease. I am wondering if the Target brand is the exact same as the name brand? It costs half of Enfamil, so it would be awesome to save a little money. Do you have any experiences with generics?

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Hi S.. I think I wrote you personally on this. But I did NOT have a good experience with the Target brand or the Costco brand with my daughter. Major constipation issues. There was a big difference when we used the Enfamil Gentlease. HUGE difference. You're baby girl, not other moms, or doctors, or the FDA will tell you which formula is right for her. She will let you know.

Enfamil Gentelease is the one I am using on my 13 month old daughter. At 6 months, she started on formula and that one worked for her. I have used Walmart's brand "parents Choice" Enfamil gentlease formula and Targets brand and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. So to me, they are the same except for half the price which is AWESOME!

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My friend swears by target brand. She saves the money, her baby isn't fussy and the formula dissolves faster. It is different in color she says. Target usually has a limit of 6 cans per visit though. Good luck.

Hi S.,

I use the Target brand formula also and I have been for 8 months. I was worried about using the Target brand, but my husband did a lot of research and he found that the off brand product has the same nutrition ingredients as the name brand product. I don't use the gentlease formula, but if you look on the back of the Target formula you bought, it should have a listing of all the name brand formulas and what each contains and then you can compare the Target brand with the name brand! I hope this helps!!

Hi S.,
I used Enfamil, We tried the non brand ones. Target but continued the enfamil ready to use with Iron. My son didn't do well with other brands we used. My husband did research even the Walmart brand. It seems like they have the same ingrediants but the color and smell were bad, my son had some reactions to it so I decided to just continue to use Enfamil. I rather know he's got the best (if I couldn't breastfeed him it showed that Enfamil was the 2nd best). I didn't use the powdered one either it was too messy and clumpy...

If your daughter does ok with target brand and you compare the ingredients on the 2 (Target and enfamil) then I say stay with the cheapier brand if it works for her.

Good luck

Dr. Sears says that formulas are so strictly regulated that brand doesn't matter. I'm not familiar with Gentese in particular, but I did use the Target brand of Enfamil with DHA and ARA when I supplemented our nursing with formula. My daughter never had any problems with the Target brand.

Hi S.,
Is there anyway you can go back (or start) to breastfeed? Even at 2 months old it isn't to late to start. Adopting mother of newborns have even succesfully breastfed. It so much heathier than formula. And it's FREE.
I'm not trying to be unkind with this message. I do understand that thier are reasons for some mom not being able to nurse. I apologize if I have offended you. Just trying to help.

Dear S.,

Compare the two kinds of formula with the labels, and also call or write on the internet to the generic company. They may cooperate and give you information.

I take generic medicines all the time, and am satisfied with them. Also, I try to use generic brands of other things, and all seems to be well so far. Don't know about the formula, but it should be almost exactly the same. C. N.

Maybe not though because the FDA - hasn't been too efficient lately. But you can email or write or call them too. Why not. You are a citizen, and they are there to take care of us.

All infant formulas are regulated by the FDA (food and drug administration) which means that even store brands are nutritionally sound, and are every bit as good as the pricey name brands. if you look at the ingredient list of store brand vs. name brand, you will see that they are composed of the same ingredients. the only difference is the name on the container. this is what you are paying for when you buy the name brand! when i first switched my daughter from breatmilk to formula, i had her on the pricey name brand stuff, but after speaking with her doc, and doing some online research, i soon found out that all infant formulas are regulated to be nutritionally sound, and that there is no difference except in price. i started buying the store brand, and this cut the cost of formula feeding in half! so if there is a store brand of the special type of formula that your daughter requires, by all means, buy it! she will not know the difference, and she will thrive just as well as if she were on name brand formula. i hope i helped a little bit!

My daughters pediatrician told us to buy the Costco formula. She said they are all just as healthy for the child but the generic is just cheaper! :-)

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