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Tampons After Giving Birth

So I gave birth (vaginally) 31/2, 4 wks ago, and just wondering if any of you have advice/knowledge on wether or not I really really need to wait the 6 weeks before wearing a tampon. My bleeding is very light (actually, I suspect it may have stopped, but now it might be my period ??) I am going to visit relatives, and am sick of not being able to swim, esp since I can't swim w/my 2yr old :( So I wouldn't be wearing them more than an hour or 2. Thanks ladies!!! (P.S I hate, HATE wearing pads, I think that I would rather have gotten hemmeroids than wear a pad for 5+ weeks!!)

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Do not wear a tampon, it is not safe! FYI when swimming you do not bleed. I was a swimmer for years and hated tampons. Go swimming without anything and right when you get out of the pool go to the bathroom.

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I too would wait on the doctors go ahead. Set up an appt. before you leave and see if he can give you the okay on you internally.

H....Risk of infection is a concern after child birth...I would tough it out...any discharge is still birth related, not likely monthly flow...wait until your 6 week doctor check-up or call the advice nurse...T.

Yes, wait. Sorry to say, but you'll get an infection. I feel your pain, had the same aggravating wait after my second was born and my 4 year old (AKA, The Fish) kept wanting my to swim with him. I asked the OB/GYN and she told me the gruesome details that made me not want to rush it. An infection inside the uterus will set you way further back, so wait and it will soon be done. Sorry.

I don't know much about the tampons but my doctor told me that I couldn't swim or sit in a spa for the first 6-8 weeks. She said it was too germy (?) Maybe you could call your OB and see what she has to say about it. Sometimes I think it just depends on who you ask. :) -E.

My understanding is that it takes six weeks for the wound where the placenta was attached to your uterus to heal completely, so the risk of a uterine infection goes way up if you don't wait.

Do NOT wear tampons. The risk of infection is far too great. Just hang in for a little while longer. It's either you wear pads or liners for a couple more weeks or you get an infection and are out of commission for a long time. Some of the infections you are at risk for can even be life threatening. It's not worth it. Good luck and congrats!

Hi there-
I had my little girl on 6/13 and I feel your pain! The end is near though, mine stopped almost a week ago, so I bet your almost done. I went swimming with my 2-1/2 yr old when I wasn't quite finished but it stopped when I went swimming and for a little while after. I wouldn't do a tampon, the end is near!!

To repeat what everyone else has stated, DO NOT wear a tampon until you have reached the 6 week mark and your OB gives the ok at your 6 week checkup. You are at increased risk of developing an infection in this time period.

If you hate the pads, maybe you would like cloth pads better. I tried this with my recent postpartum flow and actually like them way better than the toss-away stuff. I discovered "mom cloth" when I was researching cloth diapers and even though I only used them for postpartum, I will use the diva cup when my normal cycle returns. HTH with your pad disgust...

You should wait. Also, stay out of the water until at least 6 to 8 weeks post-partum.

I have no idea...but I understand your feelings. I had a c section and my doctor gave me the okay early to wear tampons, but I found that it hurt if I had them in after an hour. Good luck!

Don't do it. You don't know if your cervics is closed yet or not and you don't want to get an infection. Maybe you can get a early check up with your ob and get the all clear.

Do not wear a tampon, it is not safe! FYI when swimming you do not bleed. I was a swimmer for years and hated tampons. Go swimming without anything and right when you get out of the pool go to the bathroom.

I agree with the other moms! Nothing inside for a minimum of 6 weeks, but know that it could take longer.... I went almost 12 weeks before I was comfortable. I don't wear tampons at all though because they cause me a great deal of pain. However, if the cycle is really light you're setting yourself up for TSS. Always makes super thin pads. You can wait a couple more weeks to go swimming.

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