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Tamiflu for a Toddler?

Has anyone given Tamiflu to their toddler? My husband has the flu so he came home with Tamiflu for me and then a kids version of Tamiflu for our son who is almost 2. I HATE giving him meds but I don't want him catching the flu. I gave him his first dose tonight but I feel anxious...:/
Is it safe???
Also, I'm currently breastfeeding a one month old so is it ok for me to take the Tamiflu?

What can I do next?

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i'm in the same boat; a doc prescribed it for my 14 month old who has a flu and is active during the days but unhappy at night when the fever spikes; she gagged and threw up in her sleep and had horrible diarrhea.

My 3 yo daughter had the flu a few weeks ago and her DR prescribed a liquid tamiflu--however, giving a child tamiflu is not going to keep them from getting the flu. It only controls symptoms. So I'd try to keep him away from your hubby. And as far as you taking it, I'd call your DR first!!

I just asked this same question a few weeks back. Both of my boys just completed a ten day dose of Tamiflu and had no problems with it at all. Since it's only approved for children over 1, I would suggest asking your doctor about you taking it since you are breast feeding. Hope you all stay healthy!!

Hi A.-
My just 2 year old took Tamiflu when my older son came down w/the flu recently. My pediatrician said it is safe for chldren over 1.

Good luck!

Both my girls (2.5/13 mo)and husband all took tamiflu for 10 days after I came down with the flu. All seemed to do fine. The dose given is a smaller preventative amount although I've heard from several other moms that kids taking the regular amount after being diagnosed themselves have an upset tummy.
Not sure about whether it's safe for you, I'd ask my pediatrician.

I read on the Tamiflu website ... not recommended for pregnant women. http://www.tamiflu.com/sideeffects.aspx

My one year old was on Tamiflu for a week as a preventative to my husband's swine flu. My husband (and neighbor) were also on Tamiflu and all three of them have had really bad diarrhea. I was searching for answers to make the diarrhea stop. She has been off the meds for two days. She won't eat much - only milk, pedialite and yogurt. She is lazy and only wants to cuddle (I am not complaining about when a one year old wants to cuddle for hours). She has no other symptoms of anything ... just diarrhea from the Tamiflu last week. How do I get her to eat? How do I make the diarrhea go 'bye bye?'

Do what you feel is best. When the flu went around last year, my daughter got it (and so did I). Most of her classmates had it as well. There was no difference in the level of sickness or amount of recovery time between us and the people we knew who got the Tamiflu. My hubby, who is a nurse, opted not to take it or give it to our other daughter, and they didn't get sick, but we know people who took it and still got sick. So basically, just do what you feel is best b/c doctors/nurses don't necessarily all agree about all of these MEDS.

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