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Tall Skinny 7 Year Old Daughter

Is there some place or website that I can find longer pants or young girls? My 7 year old daughter is tall but also really skinny. In width she can wear a size 8 pant but her legs are long enough that she could wear a 12! But the 12 are way too wide for her. Any suggestions?

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I have tried buying slim jeans for her from different places but they still end up being too big in the waist, that's the problem. But thanks everyone for your responses. I am definately going to do more leggings this year and I'm going to check into Old Navy and Gap.

Thanks again!

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adjustable waist jeans from Gap - both my kids had these - buy for length and then tighten the waist to the max.

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adjustable waist jeans from Gap - both my kids had these - buy for length and then tighten the waist to the max.

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Old Navy and Target carry slim sizes for girls with the adjustable waistband on the inside, maybe she could wear a slim 10 or 12, and tighten the waist?
If not, how does she feel about skirts with leggings? :)

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try www.quickfitwaistband.com. there you can buy iron on adjustable waistband that you can iron into any garments waistband

I would try alloy.com. You basically just described my entire childhood. I wore a ton of Levi's because we could get them to fit. Anything like Children's place or Gap, Gymboree are basically all out of the question. You will more than likely have to go to a more expnsive brand of clothing. I would also suggest looking at hollister as they sell a double 0 that might fit her in the waist and in the length. Also, have you tried a 12 slim?

Are you buying slims?

For $5-$10 you can have the right length pants taken in on the side seams so that they fit. You fit the biggest portion of yourself, and then take them into a seamstress/tailor, and get them to *actually* fit.

As someone who is 6'1 I've gotten REALLY used to not finding any clothes off the rack that fit, at least not in this country. If your daughter continues the trend:

- Boys pants the moment they start going by waist and inseam (although finding 28/36's can be challenging, at leas they MAKE them)

- http://us.longtallsally.com/ has inseams from 34-38, are *proportioned*, are feminine, and come in size 6-20

Frustrating, isn't it? I have to buy slims, with adjustable waists, to boot! And with leggings, I just buy the right size for length and then take them all in at the waist.

Doesn't Gymboree carry slim sizes? I think I saw that on their website...I have a tall/skinny daughter too. THANKFULLY my mom sews!! :)

My close friend has an 8 year old daughter that is super skinny and she wears a lot of dresses with leggings. She loves to shop at Naartjie I know, although I personally have not had success there for my oldest boy who is very slim. Perhaps the girl stuff runs slimmer?? They have really good end of season deals if you have a store near you or you can shop online. Slim Levis run pretty tight (or at least they did when my now 10 year old was littler), but they are not particularly fashionable. Perhaps you could sew some cute stuff on them though. It sounds like just buying slim sizes isn't going to work for you. It barely worked for my son. He always runs about 1-2 sizes ahead in length vs. weight. He mostly now has chosen to wear drawstring track type pants. ;)

I have two boys who are both built like this. 90 % for height and 30% for weight. I buy their pants and lands end. They carry slim pant with adjustable tabs on the inside. I am also able to choose the inseam length. I don't have girls, but they should have the same options for their clothes. Good luck.

My daughter was the same way, i always just bought her capris.

The petite section for adults? You might have to get them tailored either way.

Iam the same way.. My mom took me to gap and buckle

JCpenney has the best selection of slim pants.. Dont get skinny jeans they look ridiculous on super skinny folks.. Get slim jeans that are long enough for her height., Gymobree sells slims but they are expensive.

Justice sells slims.

leggings work well for all sizes of folks.

my daughter is 5 1/2 and she weighs 34 pounds.. I am always looking for slim pants.

Target has 12 slims. The selection is not huge but they work. All four of my kids are tall and skinny and for my girls, I do a lot of skirts with fun and funky tights. They love it We also do a lot of leggins, they are more flexible for the tall skinny type.

Good luck!

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