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Talking....at What Age Do Babies Start Saying Their First Words?

I am a first time mom to a beautiful 13 month old girl so I am not sure when babies begin to say words. At 13 months, do most babies say a word or two (like no or something like that) and know what they mean? Because my sister-in-law told me that one of her friends nieces can say words like milk and that,that baby is only 12 months. Is this normal or is that child advanced? Is my daughter behind? Any advice or comments would be a big help! On the plus side, she is starting to understand when I say "no".

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Thank you all for responding. I feel so much better knowing that my daughter is not behind and right on track.

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Hi D..... my son will be 13 months on Monday... he says mom, dad, dog, plane, no and shakes his head no, there are also a few others he says to but not many... When I took him to the pediatrician for his 12 month check up the doctor told me he was advanced for just the few words he was speaking so I wouldnt be to worried about it. I also babysat 2 twin boys.. They just turned 2 at the end of November and they just started saying there first words. your daughter isnt behind shes normal! she'll be talking before you know it

From my own experiences with children of all ages it really all depends on the individual child themselves, Most children I have been around really don't start talking until about 16months sometimes even a little bit older.

I have a 13mo old son who doesn't say many real words too. I have started teaching him sign language (although I work FT) and he has learned how to sign and say "all done". If you try it, be consistant and do it alot. Of course be patient and know that all kids do things at there own pace. Good Luck, W.

All kids start talking on their own time, just like walking or anything else. My first son didn't say more than "mama" "dada" at a year, while his little brother used about 10-12 words consistently at a year. My first son (now a very talkative 3-year-old) really didn't get his language "turned on" until about 2 years. Around 15 months we did teach him some basic sign language, which seemed to ease the communication frustration and didn't interfere with learning speech because we always spoke while we signed with him. Just talk to your daugther non-stop about what you're doing during the day and soon enough you won't be able to get her to stop talking! Good luck.

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