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Taking Stroller Through the Airport

Hello Moms!
I'll be traveling with my 6 mo old daughter at the end of this month and would love to have my stroller with me. This will be my second flight with her, the first was when she was 3 mos, and we didn't bother with the stroller. We have a Graco Snugride, and I'm wondering how that works through security. It folds up, but still seems pretty large. Have any of you traveled with that particular stroller? Were you able to take it through security? ~Thanks!

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Thanks so much to everyone that responded! Reading all of your replies helped me to feel pretty confident about the trip! I took the stroller and I'm glad I had it! The biggest challenge was pushing both the stroller and the cart with luggage on it at the same time (I was completely on my own this trip). I had a paranoid fear of getting separated from my daughter in an elevator, but that didn't happen. People were pretty helpful as well. So again, thank you! And if I have any other questions/concerns having to do with being a mom I'll definitely be using this site again!

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It's very easy the only thing you might be concerned with is when they take it from you at the end of the ramp (just before you board the plane) they fold it up, tag it and throw it in the back of the plane...it can get dirty so you might want to get a cover for it. When you get off the plane they will bring it out for you at the door of the plane (like they would a weelchair). Have fun!

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I've taken an umbrella and a double tandem stroller with ease. I know your's isn't as big as our double so you'll be fine. They'll just let you walk it right up to the plane and have it waiting when you get off. I'll never go through an airport without one again!

Just take the stroller with you - it makes carting all the bags and stuff SO much easier, and they'll just give you a tag and let you check it at the gate. They didn't charge us anything, though I guess that may depend on your airline.

I have a double stroller and have traveled 4 times with it. Each time is was awesome to have with us and the twins. You'll be asked to take baby out of stroller and fold it up to put through security. It's wonderful to have with you to roll extra baggage too. In case you haven't seen other do this...you are able to wheel right up to the plane with stroller and then check it at the plane entrance. After you stepoff the plane, the stroller will be waiting for you.

As far as I know, you can take any stroller through security, check it at your gate, and they'll have it waiting when you get off your plane.

you can use any stroller, I have traveled with several. It will go through security and you will get a "gate check" tag for it. You take it all the way to the plane door and leave it there, it will be there when you arrive at your destination. It really isn't a big deal or anything to worry about. Some are making it out to be a huge proceedure, it really isn't.

I just traveled with my 4 month old and 5 year old. I had a regular Graco stroller with the snap in car seat carrier. What I did is I had to put the carrier and folded stroller through the conveyor belt. A man in security helped me do this because I had to hold the baby and help my son walk throug. It's a pain but I just gate checked both the stroller and car seat. Good luck

W. M.

Yes. It will fit fine. The annoying part is taking her out of her infant carrier, and folding the stroller and sending the infant carrier, stroller, diaper bags, your carry ons, baby's shoes and sweatshirt and jacket (yes, you even have to take off small infant's shoes and jackets and put them in a tray through the xray machine as well as your shoes and jackets, place laptops, camcorders and other electronics and any liquids including baby food, bottles and meds in a spot to declare while holding a baby that may have been sleeping a minute before in her seat while the security guard barks at you to display your boarding pass and ID to him. Luckily, you get through it and once you've put yourself, your equipment and baby together on the other side of the machine, the airplane ride is easy.

I am an expert at traveling with a young one by myself. Yes,a stroller is absolutely necessary. And you can take it all the way to the gate.

If going where it may have snow get a stroller cover. I had snow stuck in my where it connected and the stroller collapse with baby in it. Scared us more than anything but then i had to borrow a pen adn pick it out for a bit.

Don't fret about security. Some airports have a separate line for strollers so you don't have to wait so long. Also, there is always one security person before the metal dector to help out. Or the people around you I found are very helpfull. I have traveled with an umbrella stroller and then a big one from my travel system.

I always pack too much, being prepared has come in handy a few times, so I like the bigger stroller personaly. Plus having the drink holders was nice. I dont feel so much like a pack mule. I would have a backpack and then another bag size depending on if we were traveling during winter and delays could be a problem.
Here are some travel trips:
1) Put toys on a loop of ribbon (like a toy necklace)so you can attach it to the stroller via tray (not tied to it,)or around your neck when collecting everything to get on/off plane. THen you dont have to worry about dropped toys.
2) Target or Walmart has disposable changing pads so you can cut down on the size of stuff needed. Also, the scented bags to put the diapers in as you wont believe how the bathrooms stink so quickly even from just a pee diaper.
3) If using formula try putting in little bags that can be found at Target by first years. Look in bottle section. The bottoms rip off and right into bottle. Easier than carrying can.
4) Slings can help save your arms and make trying to pull your pants up after the bathroom much easier. I am always afraid to let strangers hold my kids.
5) Dont forget to bring some new toys and lovelys
6) Dont worry if baby cries, everyone understands and has been there.
7) Snacks
8) Pacificers help with ears adn the take off. I never needed it but had one just in case. The first time we flew, she was 6months then.
9)Bring a change of clothes for yourself. Wearing spit up for the long flight is no fun. Also, having the baby there can cause a few spills too. My daughter made me spill coke on to my seat, thankfully i had some pants to change into.

Call your airline to get their policy, but I've used the umbrella stroller while flying within the US and also outside of the US. They will allow you to take it through security but you do have to fold it up when going through. They will take it at the end of the walkway right before you get on the plane and they will bring it back to the same place when you get off of the plane. I've used in the past when I don't want to be bothered with all of that a sling or my baby bjorn. I'll be travelling in November with my 2 year old and my 2 month old and I'm not quite sure what I'll do this go round as I'll be taking the car seat on the plane with me for my 2 year old to sit in. I always had my daughter travel in pajamas as it's easier and don't have layers to take off, i.e. shoes and etc. Good luck to you and try not to stress too much over it; it can become cumbersome but have a solid plan in place and make sure that you have an extra set of clothes and formula if you use it.

You will have to check it in at the luggage area and pay the same as if it were a suitcase, but yes you can take it with you with no problem. When I flew to MI the last time there were small children on the plane and they checked their strollers in at baggage.

Call your particular airline and ask. We have flown Southwest, Delta, US Air, American, and a couple of others. We were allowed to take an umbrella stroller to any gate, fold it up, they put it on the plane, and when you get there they have it waiting when you get off. One airline allowed larger strollers, but I don't remember which, the rest were very specific about it being an umbrella stroller or check it with your luggage.

It's very easy the only thing you might be concerned with is when they take it from you at the end of the ramp (just before you board the plane) they fold it up, tag it and throw it in the back of the plane...it can get dirty so you might want to get a cover for it. When you get off the plane they will bring it out for you at the door of the plane (like they would a weelchair). Have fun!

Hi K.,

I used to have an international job and my son flew with me to 4 different continents before he was 2. I agree with the folks who said to use the stroller for stuff and have baby in a sling or a baby bjorn. Just make sure your sling or carrier doesn't have any metal!!! The bjorn is plastic so it doesn't set off security.

Also, if you are going overseas, you may not want the stroller as most countries aren't as "disability/stroller" friendly as the USA. We had a nightmare with stairs/escalators on various metros around the world.

Finally, yes, bring lots of clothes, extra food/formula, etc for baby and for you. Dressing baby: I always dressed my son in footed PJs until he was 2! He is more comfortable and warmer in the PJs and no shoes to deal with at security.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. C.

Getting through security with that stroller is no problem. We have the Metrolite version of it, but I'm sure they're pretty much the same. It just folds up and goes through the machine the same as your diaper bag or anything else would. I recommend getting everything out of it and folding it up while you're still in line to cut down on the time it takes to get through.

Don't know how well, or if, it works with Graco Snugride, but we used the Travelmate by Go Go Kidz many times with our Britax car seats - they basically turn your car seat into a stroller and are awesome!

Check it our here: http://www.amazon.com/GoGo-Babyz-QRKIDZ-Go-Go-Travelmate/...

Call the airline for advice and procedures

Tanya is right they make you take the possibly sleeping baby out. I take a stroller (used to do snugride- now umbrella-but he's 2), my one big recommendation is don't put shoes on the baby & carry the baby in a sling (organize all of your "stuff" on the stroller. It is MUCH easier to pull it all apart at security w/ the baby "secured" in a sling. I love Hotslings if you haven't found one you like yet... buy it based on your height/wt/bra size & measurement from hip to shoulder. No rings/snaps/ties. They make traveling so much easier!

PS- as far as security 'barking' at me... I have found them to be VERY accommodating & helpful & we have flown 12x's in 2 years (primarily between Tampa & Boston) but they understand that it's tough. My husband always flies separately because we go up 1st & stay longer - so I always do it alone. Enjoy it when they are tiny (it's easier ;)

You DO NOT have to check your stroller... in fact, I would recommend travelling with one because it makes getting through the airport so much easier.
You will have to fold your stroller down and remove EVERYTHING to go through security. If your stroller doesn't fit on the conveyor belt to be xrayed, it will be hand inspected with a wand. Make sure you separate bottles/juice/babyfood from your diaper bag. You may be asked to open these items for hand inspection... security uses a paper strip to test some items.
A toughie for me was that the baby's blanket had to go through the xray machine and my daughter freaked that it was taken away from her... it can be inconvenient but I guess it's all in the name of security.
Any preplanning and organizing you can do will make things easier.
And make sure you keep boarding passes IN YOUR HANDS (yep, along with child) until after you're through security. They do seem to ask for them at the most inconvenient moments sometimes.
PS I would second the recommendation not to put shoes on baby... pack them in your diaper bag and put them on in the plane if you wish.

Mom to Katelyn, almost 4 and Matthew, almost 2
Veteran flier with kids... solo and with hubby

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