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Taking Pepcid AC While Pregnant

Hello.. I am currently pregnant with my second child and found that my morning sickness has been much much worse this time than with my last pregnancy. My stomach hurt all the time - and none of the home remedies seemed to help. I spoke to a doctor in my practice (not my regular one as she was out) and she told me to take 20mg Pecid AC 2X a day. When I went for my 10 week appointment with my regular doctor she told me that she doesn't prescribe pecid and wouldn't have suggested that in the first trimester. I am worried now as I have basically taken that throughout my entire first trimester and when I go off it I get very sick again and start losing weight. I was wondering if anyone else has taken Pecid AC on advice from there doctor in the first trimester and beyond, and did you have any complications as a result of this?

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Hi H., Sounds like other Moms also took Pecid and all went well. I know you tried alternatives but I have one more to suggest before you give up completely on them. A company called "Young Living" makes a true peppermint and we tried that for my niece, she was also having terrible heartburn. It worked very well for her. www.youngliving.com
Good luck

I took it because of the awful acid reflux and my son appears to be a perfectly normal 2 year old.

I took pepsid AC for the last half of my pregnancy for severe heartburn that Tums would not cure. I had no complications and I took at least one every day (sometimes 2).

She should be able to prescribe something for nausea if they don't think Pepsid is okay.


Mine was pretty bad too, I ate a banana first thing in the morning and it helped for the first half of the day. Bananas is to help with heartburn and nausea. You may also want to consider taking some probiotics since it sounds like there is an imbalance in your digestive system. Probiotics are completely safe to talk and beneficial. You can also consider seeing a chiropractor, she helped me to relieve some of my symptoms and the heartburn was not as bad after seeing her. Tolerable enough to have some Tums.

Good luck!!

Yes, I took it all the time since I had terrible heartburn that was not relieved by anything else. I, too, worried about taking it but was reassured by my doctor (who I trust implicitly) that it was fine. I now have two beautiful 7 month old girls who are perfectly healthy.

Hi H.,

While pregnant I've always Tums or Mylanta. I was never told that I could take another other. I wouldn't worry too much about any complications. Even though your doctor wouldn't prescribe the Pepcid, it must not be a drug that could hurt your baby (if the other doc prescribed).

For future references - With my second child I had stomach/heartburn issues that were more severe than with my first as well. It was so bad that even foods that wouldn't normally cause reflux would set it off. I started eating fresh fruits or a salad (very little dressing) before my meal just as a natural laxative and settling agent. It worked so if the pain comes back - try that.

H., I took extra strength pepcid AC 2x a day throughout all 3 of my pregnancies. One in the morning and one at night. All of my children are normal and healthy. Don't worry. Pepcid will not cause any harm to your baby. If I find myself pregnant again, that is the first thing I will reach for. Good Luck.

My doctor just suggested prescribing it to me for my reflux, and I'm in my third trimester.

I think your current doctor -- like many OB's -- goes by the theory that no pregnant woman should take meds during the first trimester. If at all possible. Sometimes, the real world intervenes.

Stand up for yourself and ask what alternative remedies she can recommend. Is this morning sickness or is it reflux? How does Pepcid AC treat morning sickness?

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