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My mother is diabled and can not take care of herself. Someone has to be with her at all times. She is going to come and live with us so I can take care of her. My question is...Is there a way I can get paid for being her care giver? My husband is military and might have to leave for a year so that means I would have to quit my job to take care of her full time. Their has to be a way for me to get paid for being her care giver and if any one has an information for me I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Thank you for those who responded. My mother does get Medicaid and that does help with her medical and medicine. I was just looking for funds to help with everyday stuff but I see that there is nothing out there that does such a thing. I promised her I would not place her in a home and I am going to try my best and keep that promise. I have seen on tv and with visiting family/friends in homes and I have see how they have been treated. I know this is not in every home but if I am able I will do my best to take care of her in my home. She is not here yet so I have time to try and save some money to help out and if need be I can turn to family memebers. Thanks again for your reponses.

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Hi, I don't wish to give out certain information through posting but if you would contact me through email (____@____.com) I can give you a person to contact who does just that...letting people now how you can get paid to take care of a loved one.


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Good Morning C....

In Haste: I had the same situation and took care of my Mother and Handicapped Brother 24/7 for nearly 10 years...in our home. I had to quit work, etc.

I got durable power of attorney for both of them and signature cards on bank accounts...had their Social Security checks set up for direct deposit and used their monies for their expenses...including our grocery budget. This was sufficient for me to manage all of our needs. Loss of my income made it a little tight, but it all worked out.

If you have any sewing skills, email me...maybe you can work with me from your home???

Hope that this helps...understand completely...praying for you and your family as I close...G.

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Also, you might be able to get your mother listed as your husband's dependant and she will be able to live in base housing with you and get all the other benifits a dependent gets like Tricare!! Some worth checking into as I've heard this has been done before.

Good luck!

Ga does not allow family members to be paid caregivers if you are using medicaid waivers. call LIFE the center for independent living ###-###-####


If she receives any benefits through the state/federal govt she should have a case worker. Contact that case worker and see what type of programs there are for fulltime caregivers. It may not be enough to supplement income depending on your pay. I believe that the programs only provide what would be considered part time pay.

HI.. I would have your husband go and talk to the JAG office on post. I know that we were looking at a similar process a few years ago and they were really a great help.
I feel that they will be able to help you find a way to get paid for taking care of her.
Hope your Hubby stays here! Mine has been lucky enough to be back for a year now! Hope we can Keep him here!
Good Luck!

Sharie G is partially correct on what you can expect if you mom becomes your spouses dependant. She would be allowed space available care in the military's post hospital. But NOT Tricare coverage. If she becomes an authorized dependant she would be issued a military dependant ID card, but the back of it would NOT show hospital/tricare coverage, only the other authorizations would be listed in that block on the ID card.

Contact post JAG, ACS, or Military OneSource for further help and information on your situation.

If you need their phone numbers please contact me off line and I will get their information to you.

if she is on medicaid, depending on her disability, she may be able to get a medicaid waiver that will pay for someone else to provide the care she needs in your home. you should contact the Department of Health and Human Services to ask about which waiver she might be eligible for and whether the waiver covers Nursing or Personal Care services. That way you may still be able to work while knowing that she is being taken care of.

If you work for a large employer, then there is the family leave act, which allows you to take a leave of absence from your job rather than quitting. Check with your employer's personnel department. Also, you might want to look into adult daycare. There are several places in Atlanta where Mom could go while you are at work. You can also compare your salary to the cost of hiring help at home while you work.

I have a similar situation and would like to ask CD to assist me with the working from home option. My mother requires 24/7 assistance and a legitimate working from home opportunity would be appreciated.

I know people will boo and hiss.. but why do you think you ought to get paid for taking care of your Mother? That is family, and a personal responsibility; not government; not society. How is your mother different than a mother quiting a job to take care of her child? Does she get paid by someone? No.

We took my Mom and Dad in several years ago because they could no longer do it alone and didn't want someone else in their home, including me. I had to quit my job as a social worker but their funds and a little help from siblings helped with my expenses. Then I found a wonderful company that allowed me to work at home around my schedule caring for them. I'd be glad to help you explore that potential - I'm not pushy, but it surely did solve my problem and I've never regretted the decision to care for them. No selling or having to leave your home and no deadlines so you can work at your pace. It's a very family friendly option. I would be glad to share with you some of the strategies we used to get them both healthier and it helped my family too!

Hi C.,

My background is in social work and I've worked with the elderly population. Unfortunately, I have never heard of any family members getting paid to care for their loved ones. There are home health workers out there but for 'everyday care' it is a private pay situation. I don't know your Mom's financial situation, but could she afford to pay someone to come in from time to time to give you a break?

What I've seen in my past work is that families will keep the person in their home until health issues and caregiving get to be too much. The family then makes the difficult decision about placing their loved one in an assisted living setting (depending on where it can costs thousands a month) or a nursing home. If your mother qualifies for Medicaid and is deemed to have medical needs serious enough for a nursing home, she can be admitted and have Medicaid pay. You might check your local county Human Services office.

Good Luck! I really feel for you. My 90 year old Grandma has Alzheimers and so I understand how taxing it can be on a family to take care of her.


Hi C.,

I went thru this a few years ago and was never able to find any funds available. The insurance companies won't release any type of medical or caregiver funds to family members. I also researched a number of other organizations as well. I guess they're afraid fo fraud.

I was able to get my brother and sister to help with a small allowance each month since I was expending the bulk of the energy and funds as well. If you do have siblings and they say that it won't cost much, let them call me. It's an expensive undertaking, albeit a labor of love. I would do it all over again!

God bless you!


Hi C.- I love your name! I took care of my mother for four years and would like to talk with you about what is available. My first recommendation is to give me some information: her age, her status with medicare, her disability, the state you live in, is she a veteran and her gross income. Also tell me where you have sought assistance so far.I have alot of contacts I can refer you to as I have a company that helps all ages of people get assistance. I would be happy to give you lots of advice and can direct you to the correct agencies.

C.-go to
and enter the info to see if you mother qualifies for some programs. Any help is good to have and this is a thorough review for your mom.
contact me if you need more advice ____@____.com

Department of Human Resources includes the Division on Aging. Each county has a senior services office. Eligibility for Medicaid is handled in the Department of Children and Family Services in each county. Other than social security disability and medicaid, I do not know of any other resources to cover in home care.

Hi, I don't wish to give out certain information through posting but if you would contact me through email (____@____.com) I can give you a person to contact who does just that...letting people now how you can get paid to take care of a loved one.


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