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Tail Bone Pain While Pregnant

Hello, Has anyone out there experienced pain on the tail bone area due to pregnancy? I'm 10 weeks pregnant and woke up w/the worst pain on my tail bone. I felt like someone kicked me really hard and now it feels bruised. I spoke to my ob assistant and she said this is very common. It hurts most when I stand up and sit down. OB assistant told me to take ibuprofen and do a sugar jump (eat a candy bar). Does anyone know why this is happening? Also, how long does it last for? What did you do to relieve the pain? This is my second pregnancy and I did not experience this w/my first. Thank you in advance for your help.


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First I want to thank everyone for their great advice. I opted NOT take the ibuprofen for obvious reasons. The pain was the worst yesterday. I sat on a heating pad for 30 mins right b/4 I went to bed. It definitely seem to help. I'm about 70% better. I can sit down and get up w/o having to take deep breaths. Yesterday the pain was unbearable. Although, I'm afraid the pain might come back so I'm taking it very easy. I will try some of your techniques out. Thank you.

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I have never had this problem when I was pregnant but please don't use the heating pad use ice. I go to a chiropractor on a regular basis since I have herniated discs and the only reason to use heat is for sore muscles. The ice helps inflamation.Heat will actually aggravate the problem if it is not a muscule.

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It may be related to sciatica issues. Try taking a pre-natal yoga class - it can help with a lot of issues. If you live in the central Phoenix area Desert Song Yoga at 7th Street and Camelback has an incredible instructor named Evon Hart. She teaches pre-natal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. They also have Saturday morning classes which are not taught by Evon. Good luck!

I know some tailbone pain is normal not sure on the severity of it.... But dont take ibprofen while you are prego take tylenol

Funny you should write about this. I am 33 weeks pregnant and just spoke with my ob regarding the pain I am having in my tail bone. It is due to the fact that your pelvis is spreading getting ready for the big day. Although your ob told you to take ibuprofen you should not take it durning pregnancy this can cause thinning of the amontic fluid take tynolel.


Tailbone pain in pregnancy is usually due to ligament laxity, as a result of an increase in hormones. Women who didn't experience this in their first pregnancy can have this symptom in their subsequent pregnancies because their ligaments have already been stretched/loose once before.

The pain is often the worst when changing positions, such as standing up after sitting for a period of time. You can help reduce the discomfort by:
A - sitting/lying on an ice pack for 20 min at a time every few hours or so, for a couple of days.
B - avoid sitting on ALL hard surfaces (your pelvis will essentially mold to the surface that you sit on, making your "loose" tailbone hurt)
C - when you do sit, stick you bum out before you sit down, so you land on the backs of your legs rather than rocking back on you pelvis
D - when you get in and out of the car, back up to your seat, sit down, then swing both legs in together

If that stuff doesn't work, then you may benefit from seeing a chiropractor that works specifically with pregnant women. 30 weeks is a long time to have tailbone pain. You can do something about this.

Take care

Hi N.,
I had this really bad. My oB said it was caused by the cartalage softening in the pelvic region. I have seen this cool looking pad at the As Seen on TV shop in the mills mall. It looks really comfy.

Nothing really help me with the pain, although I did have a desk job at the time.

Good Luck!

I had this extremely bad. I didnt know it was common because I never thought to ask anyone about it. I was in a car accident when I was 3 months pregnant. We were t-boned by a redlight runner. I was stuck on a backboard for hours....and I thought that was what caused it. Makes me feel alittle better knowing it was because of being pregnant. Anyway I don't know too much as to what to do about it. I sat down slow and sometimes put pressure on it and it helped. It lasted almost my entire pregnancy. Good luck and hopefully it gets better for you. Oh and as someone else said...DONT take ibuprofen while pregnant. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Well I had that problem when I was pregnant with my daughter and even after her birth because when she was born my tail bone actually broke, which that part is rare. I am pregnant again and I do have that pain just like I did before. I am not sure why this happens but something that you just have to deal with other than taking tylenol or ib profin, ib profin only if you are between 13 and 32 weeks pregnant. Thats all you can really do.

Hi N.,
The tailbone pain or any hipbone, lower back bone pain is caused by the release of relaxin hormone. This hormone is released to soften the bones and ligaments. With your 2nd pregnancy everything happens a bit faster and you feel it much more, because your body has gone through it before. Typically the bruised feeling has to do with that hormone. It is normal, but uncomfortable. Make sure you take in good nutrition and exercise. That will help and won't hurt you or your baby. Painkillers are not so good for baby and sugar, I don't think so, it would make it worse.
Good luck,
certified doula, pregnancy massage, pregnancy fitness


I have never had this problem when I was pregnant but please don't use the heating pad use ice. I go to a chiropractor on a regular basis since I have herniated discs and the only reason to use heat is for sore muscles. The ice helps inflamation.Heat will actually aggravate the problem if it is not a muscule.

Wow, I am having the same thing. Had it with my first, but not until like 30 weeks, and with this pregnancy it started at about 20 weeks. I havent found anything that takes it away, but the heating pad does help. If you find the cure let me know too! I would love to know how to make this totally go away! Hang in there and Happy Holidays! ____@____.com

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