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Swollen Roof of Mouth and Nose

For over a month now, I've had a swollen roof of my mouth. It's right behind my teeth. Also, inside my left nostril is swollen and VERY sore. Any ideas on what this could be? I went to the Dr. A month ago and she said she wasn't sure but thought it was just a virus that would go away. Well, it's only gotten worse. My nose had just a little sore when I was at the Dr. And didn't hurt. Now it is pretty swollen on the inside and is tender to the touch.
I did also see a dentist and he said my teeth were fine, but noticed that I had some kind of "rash" on the roof of my mouth. He gave me some mouthwash to use, but it's not helping any.

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I'm going to see an ENT on Thursday. Thanks for all the advice!

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Any time we get a virus it should only last 7-10 days, beyond that go back to the doc. There is something wrong and you need to have it addressed quickly.

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Go get a second opinion NOW! Anything that hurts in a mouth is not good. Any infection can go to the brain and any tumor (benign or otherwise) can spread to vital organs up there including nose, eyes, ears,and brain. This is not a "watchful waiting" situation. Your doc should have scheduled a follow-up exam. I would think twice about going to someone who is that lax about her patient's health. Do not delay getting help. Chances are an antibiotic can cure it, but why wait? Good luck to you.

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Hi J B You need to see your doctor ASAP. It sounds like your mouth has some kind of infection that could turn deadly!!!!

I also would start with the dentist. He may suggest the Ear Nose & Throat doctor for your nose, if it's unrelated to your mouth.

I would definatley go back to the dr. you may need antibiotics or even a ct-scan, to see exacxtly what is going on. Could be sinus? maybe even go to the dentist, maybe you have a abcess somewhere? You need to start to be proactive, if your Dr. still does nothing find another one, you should not have to be in constant pain and take the wait and see approach. It does not have to be something awful, however if it is better to catch it early!!!! I wuld set up appointments with your Dr and dentist see what each one has to say.

Good Luck


I get cold sores inside my nose that are very painful. I just started getting them periodically a couple years ago. The first time I had no clue what it was. I've also had a swollen roof of my mouth too but that was from an abcessed tooth. Unrelated to my nose. I didn't have pain in my tooth because my dentist said that under my filling a dentist years ago put a permanent type numbing medicine in there. Never heard of anything like that before but it explains why I've needed 5 root canals and never had any problems with pain!

May I suggest going to the dentist? You could have some gum problems, or a piece of popcorn stuck there or nothing at all. You might need antibiotics. It seems like it is too long but there are so many things going around maybe you had one thing and got another.Unfortunately you have to kind of rule out a whole bunch of things sometimes. It could be allergies or sinuses or who knows what. Get the doctor to look again, or get another doctor or check out the dentist.
Someone will help you figure it out.

Hi JB,
Please get checked by a dentist. I hope everything goes well for you.

My nostril was really sore on the inside for a long time over the summer and into the fall. I saw my GP and he didn't know what it was. It got so bad that it turned into an open sore and kept bleeding. I went to see an ear, nose & throat dr. He said it was probably a bacterial infection and gave me an antibiotic (pill, not cream). I asked him where it comes from and he said it just happens sometimes from any minor scratch. I was a little skeptical but the antibiotics worked and it got better in a week. Maybe it's something like that that has spread. Either way, don't put it off. Go and get it checked out by a specialist before it gets worse. I hope you feel better soon!

i get those syptoms too, i use a mouth spray called "Camilosan" (extracted from camomille) it tastes like "Boiling hell" but is the only thing i foud to cure this because if i dont use it i get cold fevers and infection...

Go see your dentist. It could very well be a tooth that is starting to abscess. I was getting sores in the roof of my mouth and when I went to the dentist I had a cavity in the front tooth. If a tooth is abscessing the infection can travel into the nasal cavity or in the your ears.
You may not have any pain direct tooth pain because it has move to an area the it more sensitive than your teeth.
That my two cents, see your dentist.


Any time we get a virus it should only last 7-10 days, beyond that go back to the doc. There is something wrong and you need to have it addressed quickly.

i'd see a dentist (or 2) and an ENT or head neck cancer dr if it doesn't go away.

It could be an infected tooth, root canal needed or even, god forbid, oral cancer. I only say that b/c the latter is often found too late and docs usually don't see it. It took my brother years to be diagnosed w/ tongue cancer and now it's stage 4. The lymphnode was what was really swollen for him, but docs also thought just infection or tooth issue.

good luck

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